Attention To Any Developer Team Posting About Their New App!

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Aug 27, 2010 11:40:43 AM via Website

The "Let me show you my app..." section of the forums is the only place for you, as the app's developer, or as a member of the app's development team, to post an announcement/explanation/update of your app. There are only a few guidelines that we, the AndroidPIT team, ask you to follow:

Firstly, the app you are posting has to be free, or have a free/lite version of the app available and presented in the thread as well.

Second, please only make one thread about your app. When an update for the app is released, announce it in your previous thread.

Thirdly, screenshots of the app are highly recommended when you promote you app here, as it will bring more attention. Pictures are almost always nice to look at, and give a community member an idea of what to expect.

Finally, make sure you are willing to take constructive feedback about your app. It is my belief that through working together, we can continue to make the Android community (and its apps) better than any other platform.

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Aug 28, 2010 7:51:52 AM via Website

Thanks Douglas! Just curious, but why only free apps? Is there a particular reason to not allow people to ask for feedback for a paid app? I agree that if your gonna ask for feedback about your app, you should have a free app for us to try. But then again why discriminate? I also agree that apps should not just mooch advertisement in the forums, but should pay for a test report if they're just trying to advertise. I can see why you would ask for free apps only in that case.

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Aug 30, 2010 11:42:03 AM via Website

The "mooching" of advertisement and spamming is a big reason for the requirement of a free app. If people come in here and see that they can spam advertisements for their paid app to get more money, then AndroidPIT might start attracting way more spammers than it does already. Myself and our other English moderator, justJay, try to stay on top of the spammers and unauthorized advertisers as much as possible.

In addition, AndroidPIT is a community, but it is also a business, and businesses need income to survive. We want developers who are interested in advertising their paid app here to request a test report from our testing team. However, we try to support individuals with free apps (as well as paid-apps) to have a place to come to and get feedback/support.

In addition, your theories are also part of the reasoning behind the decision.

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