New Style Contents Sharing Application – iFMW for Android OS 2.1 and 2.2 froyo

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Sep 21, 2010 4:36:17 AM via Website

In these days, we can’t live even a minute without communication between other people, smart phone is becoming more and more important communication tool as more mobile applications coming out.
iFMW is one of web based contents sharing application that makes it possible to share and exchange the contents between mobile phones.
Without any connection to any central server, and therefore, without any leaks of your resources, it enables the contents to be shared easily and securely.
It manages the access privileges to the shared contents and helps you to make some special space between your friends, family, and fellows.
Another feature of iFMW is to share any contents to peoples who the self know well.

iFMW provides following functionalities.
First, organizing the resource to share
With iFMW, you can add/delete/modify the resource in your phone. You can assign access right to your followers. Your resource exists on the phone, thus it’s possible to manage the resource even in offline stat.

Second, managing the shared resource
You can browse the resource shared by another users, or save it to your phone for future offline use.
The share notice is arrived automatically.

Third, administrating the users that browse the content
iFMW work with phonebook. If the person in your contact list registers in iFMW, he or she will automatically registered in your contact list.

If you can connect to YouTube, you can see the videos for iFMW. The URL is

iFMW will become more useful solution by adding new functions including phone web site.
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Sep 21, 2010 11:14:25 AM via Website

So only the hoster/sender has to have the app installed, not the receiver? It seems interesting, now I just have to find someone with a smartphone who I want to share my images with.

Also, please keep any posts about apps in the "Let me show you my app..." section of the forums.

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