info needed on archos 70 AC adapter

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Nov 13, 2010 2:03:28 AM via Website

I flew across the country with my archos 70, which is pretty cool so far, except I left the AC adapter at home in a boneheaded move...

anyone have access to the adapter who could tell me what the voltage, ampergae, and polarity is? It would be greatly appreciated!
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Oct 8, 2012 3:45:23 PM via Website

An AC Power Adapter is an electronic device which produces a specific direct current from the mains with an Alternating Current (AC). Although actually a power supply it is popularly known as an AC Power Adapter or AC Adapter. Laptops along with most other portable devices use Direct Current (DC), this also applies to rechargeable batteries which power laptops. Direct Current has a constant flow of electric charge in one direction and flows from low to high potential. Connecting a laptop to AC is unsuitable and dangerous due to the varying magnitude and direction of the current, which can cause an internal component to fail and even result in fire.

This is a particular design of a power adapter which accepts DC input and output DC voltage required to power a laptop. Instead of a standard plug for a wall socket, these have a specific cable that plugs in the cigarette lighter. The 12V DC supplied through the cigarette lighter socket is converted to provide a different DC voltage. This power adapter can also be used in other vehicles with similar sockets i.e. Vans, trucks and even boats. Air or airplane universal ac adapter work in the same way.
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Dec 3, 2012 1:58:31 PM via Website

Travel Universal Ac Adapter

Universal travel adapter allows one to charge up his/her gears. In different countries different types of converters are used. But the universal ones are made in such a way so that people can use it anywhere, despite of which country you are heading for (100V-250V-50/60Hz). This is probably the reason why the Universal Travel Adapters are so popular. This article will introduce two types of universal adapters and their functionalities. In electronic good selling stores, people will find several types of universal adapters. Some of the newest products among them include "Universal Travel Adapter With USB Port" and "Universal AC
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Dec 12, 2012 5:03:14 PM via Website

There are people who have several laptops in their homes complete with individual chargers for each. Sometimes the long cords and built-in adapters can become troublesome and difficult to handle. In this regard, many people have begun raising questions as to possible solutions to this predicament.