Blutooth printing and barcode reading

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Apr 11, 2011 8:51:39 AM via Website

Hi All

I wonder if anyone could please help me with a problem I am having. I am rewriting an app I origionaly developed in J2ME using android. The only thing I am having an issue with is bluetooth. The application reads information from a bluetooth barcode reader and sends data to a bluetooth printer.

Before any data is read or written, I scan for all bluetooth devices, allow the user to select a device and store the devices MAC Address.

Lets start with the barcode reader. Device discovery does not find it. Why? even a Nokia device is able to find the reader I am using.

Discovery finds the printer, but when I try print data to it I get an IOException, unable to start discovery service.

Using J2ME I connected to both devices using: bconn = (StreamConnection)"btspp://" + addr + ":1;authenticate=false;encrypt=false;master=false");

With android I am using the following:

String addr;

BluetoothAdapter bconn=null;

BluetoothDevice btd;

BluetoothSocket btSocket;

private UUID[] uuidSet;

. . .

uuidSet=new UUID[1];


try{ bconn=BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter();



catch(Exception se){

System.out.println("open read Error: " + se);

Log.d("0", "Read Error " + se);


The error occurs at the btSocket.connect line

After battling for a few hours I decided to set up my printer and scanner to a PC with a bluesoleil usb bluetooth device.

When I tried the app (using hyperterminal) everything works.

Does anyone have any suggestions please.

Regards Steve

Just to add - On the scanning side of things I hardcoded a Scanndy scanners MAC Address into my application.
And I got the data. Downside - After I did this I could not get into settings -> Wireless & Networks.

Why Is Bluetooth so complicated on Android devices?

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