Why Should I Root My Perfectly Acceptable Phone?

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Jun 9, 2011 2:38:58 PM via Website

Reading all about people who've rooted their devices it almost sounds like it's this earth-shattering experience that completely alters the way you view your cell phone forever. People seem to be so obsessed with rooting, even going to the lengths of pestering companies on Facebook to unlock their bootloader and boycotting HTC at the slightest hint that perhaps the company is releasing a phone that (gasp!) isn't rootable. The obsession with rooting baffles me. The fervor around it is almost messianic.

Someone please, please tell me what all the fuss is about. I have an HTC Desire HD. I really like it. I really don't think rooting it will change my life forever. It already has a bunch of features I love and enjoy. I don't need to tether my device. I'm fine with the pre-installed apps, and they don't take up too much space. So far, I've been able to download everything I want without rooting the phone. So why should I do it? Can someone give me a *good* reason? A good reason is not saying, vaguely, "customization" or "cynaogenmod." A real reason will explain the tangible, measurable benefits.

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Jun 15, 2011 8:34:54 PM via App

Not everybody feels the same, but I rooted my droid x primarily for wifi tethering. I did not want to pay an additional 30 dollars a month. And what you may see as not a big deal, such as flashing custom roms like you mentioned, may be a big deal to others. I have received a significant speed increase due to flashing the rubix focused rom and this to me is a big deal. Like I said not everybody feels the same way just my opinion.
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Jul 7, 2011 2:58:42 AM via Website

I have an unlocked HTC Desire (Carphone Warehouse's phones in the UK generally tend to be unlocked), and it allows me to use it as a WiFi hotspot/tether for other devices. I can install non-Android Market apps if I want. So, what would I gain from rooting it?
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Jul 8, 2011 11:10:53 AM via Website


If you want root access then you'll have to do something to your system - unlocked simply means that the bootloader is unlocked, allowing you to flash unsigned roms. The standard android rom from HTC does not include the software you need to run as root, but it doesn't try to stop you either. Which means that rooting an unlocked HTC desire is a pretty simple exercise, and can be done using the standard tools.
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Jul 13, 2011 11:33:44 PM via Website

I think my phone is perfectly fine performance wise. I have the Samsung Droid charge. I joined this website just to answer this question. I watched a review on youtube on my phone about a guy who gummycharged the phone (rooted). He says that he gets about 6 hours of usage. which is about the same as my unrooted charge. He says that it seems smoother. Mine's still just as smooth (unrooted). I think the reason he made a video is to profit through the rom that is being given out through donations. These are things i just see. I know nothing about droid and the apps and the jargon of it. I'm just like the guy who made this thread. The main reason I would truly root my phone is to save battery life and that's it. I think they should make a brightness app that would make the phone dimmer than most apps on the android market. I think this would save battery a lot. Bottom line I'm still waiting for a someone to truly give me a reason to why i should root my phone. I hoped this helped android addict.

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Aug 30, 2011 8:01:30 AM via Website

well i guess Increase memory, Increase performance, No-cost WiFi tethering
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Aug 31, 2011 1:34:17 AM via App

To root or not to root... this is one of those debates that always seems somewhat pointless to some degree. For most.. rooting is probably unnecessary. But for some of us.. it's fun to push the envelope and to squeeze every ounce of performance gain we can out of our beloved Android devices.

Another reason to to prolong the life of your Android device. Most Android devices only get one or two updates then its forgotten forever by your cellular network. By rooting; you can install "a ported Rom" (which is the operating system of a newer Android device).. so it's like getting a newer device.

And it has already been said, but worth repeating: Tethering! I already pay $30 extra dollars to have unlimited data.. but I also have an Android Tablet.. the 10" ASUS Eee Transformer Tab (which by the way is better then any Android experience to date). So being able to broadcast a WiFi signal from my HTC Droid Incredible's Data plan to my Tablet not only make sense.. it saves me 3000 cents or so a month. :-)

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Sep 26, 2011 4:07:06 PM via App

I am surprised to not see the most important reason even mentioned. You cannot have a true backup without rooting. I bought My Backup Pro, a very good backup app. After a crash I could recover apps, but I needed to reinstall if I wanted market updates. Passwords and settings were not saved. It took me days to recover.
Now with Titanium I do not have to worry about recovery. Even My Backup Pro does a much better job on a rooted phone. Rooting is required for a complete backup.
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Sep 26, 2011 4:14:43 PM via Website

How does rooting allow the programs to better back up your system? Can they just make a copy of the complete install state and then load it back on to the phone? Or do they just save the apps but none of the associated files?

I've never really done much with back-up before so any info. would be really helpful.

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Apr 16, 2012 6:42:13 PM via App

Aaron Tilton
How does rooting allow the programs to better back up your system? Can they just make a copy of the complete install state and then load it back on to the phone? Or do they just save the apps but none of the associated files?

I've never really done much with back-up before so any info. would be really helpful.


ok if your rooted you can back up everything as the back up utility now has access to the entire phone and can make a complete disc image so everything including apps and app data and your personal files are backed up.in unrooted it cannot do that which is like the guy said in the post above yours the best reason for rooting
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Apr 17, 2012 3:14:57 PM via Website

I have rooted every Android device I have ever owned (over 10) and heres why I feel its worth it:

-overclocking your processor to increase performance and optimize battery life
-ability to back up your entire system, not just apps
-ability to install custom ROMS with performance enhancements and removed bloatware
-to run stock Android instead of having to use a skin and to have the CHOICE of using a skin or not
-not having to wait for official Android updates (I had Ice Cream Sandwich on my old Sensation MONTHS before official release)

Those are just a FEW reasons. To me, rooting demonstrates fully what Android is truly capable of.
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Feb 13, 2013 6:10:36 AM via Website

Well here is my reason. I am pretty new to smart phones. I just bought a Samsung galaxy exhibit 2 a week ago from T mobile. So I get the phone right and install a few games and maybe 3 other apps. Then I notice my phone start lagging. When I unlock my phone it freezes for a few seconds. So I'm like what the hell. I find the memory display screen and notice that my ram is at 310/356. I then look at all the processes running. Nearly 20 apps running services and most of them I haven't ever even opened yet. So I tried doing what I would do on my Desktop computer. Delete some apps right? Then I come to find that half of these pre-installed apps cant be uninstalled or stopped. The ones I can stop, start right up again. So that is the main reason I started looking into rooting once I heard about it. Now maybe you have a phone that isn't crippled by a measly 512 MB of RAM and you can afford to have unwanted apps wasting memory but think about it. You paid for said amount of ram or cpu speed in your phone. Why wouldn't you want to take full advantage of it. I know that with my computer at home I want to get as much out of it as I can. I mean its like buying a Ferrari that has 1000 pounds of garbage tied to it slowing it down and the dealer says " no you cant take that off or it will void your warranty. Wouldn't that piss you off? Also, most people that are electronic freaks (like me ) are also control freaks. They want to have full control of there electronics. I am like this with my PC and as far as I am concerned this phone is just a miniature computer. Of course there are many other reasons I am sure to root but I bet these reasons I named are probobly the number one reasons people root. Hope this helps explain it. :)
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Feb 21, 2013 8:04:55 AM via App

I'm for rooting for one primary reason: it's mine! I bought it and don't particularly like that my carrier restricts what I can install on it and where I can obtain it.
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Feb 22, 2013 7:22:35 PM via Website

I've rooted all my phones(Xperia X10, Xperia arc, HTC One X) without any unrecoverable issues. The first two were rooted to improve performance, memory management and battery life, but the only real reason to root the hox was to use ad-free. Though I did install a custom 4.2.2 rom...


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Feb 27, 2013 5:15:44 PM via Website

I started rooting since carrier included apps that continuously ran or tried to run even if I didn't subscribe.
Now that Google is adding more and more services I don't want or use - either disable or remove. I haven't done the update to 4.2.2 and won't. I use none of those services.

I just got the Nexus 4, it's rooted and I'm looking for a custom ROM. I don't want or need eyecandy and extras, but if there is a ROM that would put all your apps in a sidebar that you could access with just one icon, I'd love it. I mean apps, not stuff like mail, etc.

I use Android mainly because of the apps available and Play. I don't want an Iphone and that's the only other system that would have anything I'd want.

I also have a Nexus S which is rooted and running CM9.1. I didn't update as I really didn't see anything in JB that I thought necessary.

I used a Sony Clie PDA for years and got spoiled. I'm not into social media or media in general, but the apps I need and use are all available.
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Apr 24, 2013 9:35:22 PM via App

yes i want
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Apr 24, 2013 9:36:35 PM via App

yes no problem