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Jul 17, 2012 3:31:27 PM via Website

Nexus S. I rooted and installed CM7.01. Phone working well, but I had had ICS on the phone before trying to root it. I had it rooted on GB, but used a root that didn't install a custom ROM, so that on update, I got unrooted and buggered on rerooting. CM7 was the most detailed wikis of the process to get the phone fixed.

There are a few things about ICS that I miss, so was thinking of CM7.02 or CM9. All of the info seems to be outdated. One blog from Nov. 2011said final version of CM9 2 months away. I liked the instructions, but didn't trust the link as to version of CM9. I see that CM9 still has "nightlies" so does that mean that the final stable version isn't out yet?

There are also different methods for updating, too. One said use Nandroid, another says Nandroid built into Rom Manager. Dates are close, so no help.
Another says TF file to PC after doing backup. Can't find any file that looks like the pic in the post, however, I copied all the data from the built-in card to the computer, and there is a different file that has the same info. It's under Clockwork Mod.

I also miss the ability to uninstall updates from GB. Apps always put more junk in than I want. Weatherbug's latest update was share with FB.
I don't do FB.

I guess I'm asking for good current updating instructions, and what is the advantage of CM7.02 (stable) over CM9?

One more question - on installing CM7, I got PDAnet. I don't tether, so do I need it on the computer? It isn't on the phone.
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Aug 15, 2012 4:40:15 PM via Website

Current ICS is VERY good. I would choose this this one if I were you.

I have used it on many phones, and it works GREAT.
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Aug 29, 2012 2:57:15 PM via Website

CM9 went stable recently so I don't think there are any reasons to go with CM7