Recent AdMob Users?

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Oct 2, 2012 1:47:35 PM via Website

I'm getting eager to see what, if any results I might get from using a PPC service to promote my new game, Zombonic. Right now it's almost impossible to find it on Google Play, so some kind of exposure is essential. I decided to have a go at creating an AdMob campaign and then realised it could take an undisclosed number of days to be approved.

So I read around to see what other developer's experiences were with it and found the feedback to be mixed. Some people were stating that their ads took just one day to approve, while others were saying it took two weeks! Others were claiming their ads sat in the "pending approval" state indefinately and some were given no reason as to why their ads had been rejected by AdMob. Furthermore, they're meant to be a hard bunch to contact if something goes wrong!

So I guess I'm wondering how recent users have found the service in the last month or two. Did you get it up and running without any hiccups? Did you notice any significant increase to installs? If you really don't like AdMob then who do you prefer?

I'm also a bit confused about the campaign duration in AdMob. If it can take "several days" to approve an ad then why does it allow me to start the campaign on the current day? If I allocate to spend $15 per day but that $15 isn't used because the ad has not been approved yet, do the allocations for those days remain in my credit or does it get sucked into a black hole? And what if I set the campaign to run from Monday to Friday but the ad isn't approved until the Friday? Can I extend the ad duration post approval or even re-deploy it without having to wait for re-approval from AdMob?

I'm a bit of a noob at all of this stuff!

Cheers :)

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