Officesuite Pro, Documents To Go, or Quick Office Pro?

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Oct 15, 2012 2:23:49 PM via Website

Hi guys!

So I'm in the market for a new Office-like Android app, and I wanted to ask you guys which one you prefer?

There are 3 that I'm considering: Officesuite Pro, Documents To Go, and Quick Office Pro. I mostly use Kingston Office, as it's free, but have heard that the paid variants have lots of advantages over Kingston. I have used Documents to Go before on a friends device, and it seems pretty solid. What's important for me is that it also looks good on tablets, as I use my Transformer Prime a lot at work.

Is anyone familiar enough with these apps to give me a few pros and cons? I basically need to know:

  1. Features that you like
  2. Features that you don't like or features that aren't included that you wish were
  3. How stable the app is
  4. How fast and responsive the app is (example, Officesuite Pro can get laggy when you try to X)
  5. Which formats it does and doesn't work with
  6. Your reasoning for choosing one over the other

So far, I have my eye most on Officesuite Pro, and I could naturally try all 3 out and get refunds on the apps I don't like. But if you guys can offer any suggestions, I'm sure it could help out quite a few people.

Which one do you like most?