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Jun 22, 2013 10:04:35 PM via Website

Hey DevFolk,

As a fellow app dev enthusiast and someone who geeks it out with the Android platform all the time, I am happy to introduce a small piece of sdk I wrote for learning abt the app user a little better and keeping in touch with them easily. Before I give a low down, I just wanted to put out a few points about the motivation behind this project - All apps are user interest centric but the app stores/phones really do not offer a seamless way to track about usage, reaching out or just learning who the user is. I had the same problem - (beta) launching an app was fun, first fifteen days of fame was exciting but it flatlined after that.. quite a bummer.

So, I just wrote an SDK to gather users' context and placed hooks to send in some notifications based on simple triggers devs can setup. Thanks to Heroku, the server shebang was simplified and integrated into the SDK - transparent to the dev. I had some early dev friends with small-med size games in the app stores who tried it and liked it too! So, made it a little generic with a one time sign up key and app profile for anyone to register. I do not have any kind of strict pricing or anything in place - just looking for more feedback and ways to simplify app personalization.

So, feel free to try it out at the following site:


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