Need help choosing a tablet as a Christmas gift.

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Nov 6, 2013 2:50:50 AM via Website

Hi, My Mom would like tablet for Christmas. Iv done some searching but I'm overwhelmed by all the choices and all the jelly bean icecream dragon galaxy duo - that's jargon to me, I don't want to buy something that turns out to be junk and there's not a specific one she wants except that it needs to be an Android tablet that comes with the Google play/Android store I think and the larger the better.... As far as a price range... Iv seen them upwards of 500 dollars - don't really have that to spend this year but I don't mind spending a bit if I know I'm getting something nice that will be useful for awhile. I also have some gift cards Iv saved on so if I could find one on there it might help but it isn't necessary - I'm more concerned with buying something decent. Any specific product suggestions? What do I need to look for or stay away from? I'm lost! :*)
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Nov 7, 2013 12:20:10 AM via Website

A nexus 7 would be a good choice. It is cheap while be extremely smooth.
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Nov 7, 2013 3:57:10 AM via Website

My friend bought one from China last week ,it was very cheap ,up to now ,it's look good .
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Nov 7, 2013 12:39:55 PM via Website

Hi @Lily, it would be hard to recommend any tablet other than a Nexus 7 in all honesty. For starters it's one of the cheapest tablets you can buy (starts at $229), has some of the best hardware available and is the most future-proof tablet you can get because it is Google's own and thus always gets the newest updates first. It also has no rubbish on it that a lot of other manufacturers stuff their tablets with, so you'll have plenty of space to fill it with your mum's preferred apps. It's super light, super fast and everything we've seen of it we like. Of course, if money is no option there's some good Samsung tablets too, but for the cost/benefit ratio I think a Nexus 7 is the undisputed king. Unless your mum is really into air gestures, stylus support, eyeball tracking blah blah blah.

PS The Nexus 7 also has free shipping at the moment! You can pick one up in the Google Play Store in the Devices section.

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Nov 12, 2013 8:18:36 PM via Website

Thanks everyone. Oh, the Nexus 7 sounds perfect at 229.00 too, Id buy it right now but my Mom has decided she wants a 10-inch....

I just ordered her the android phone she wanted so I may split the cost of a tablet with some family members. I know shes willing to settle for something cheap given everyone's budget and has told another family member she wants a Visual Land 10" Tablet - she found them on the walmart website. All around 150.00. Sounds great budget wise but I'm concerned about the quality - hard to imagine it's great..? Any suggestions?

I'm trying to do my own research as well, reading reviews and such but I appreciate a nudge in the right direction.