[APP][4.0.3+] Riilo is in Beta, feedback is greatly appreciated

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Nov 29, 2013 9:36:51 AM via Website

Hello ladies and gents,

We have developed Riilo, an app which (we hope) will create a new way of interaction between individuals. The idea is to allow anybody, to reach any location on Earth, and interact with people from that specific place.

For example, Riilo allows anyone, no matter where they are, to talk to people who are in Times Square, New York, or who pass by Times Square.

Similarly, Riilo enables one to interact with local people and find useful information, just by asking. For example, if one wonders whether the local groceries store still has a particular product, he/she can just ask people who are at the store right now.

We are in the very beginning and we need feedback on the concept, as well as the app itself. It would be greatly appreciated, if you joined Riilo Beta Community on Google Plus (just search Riilo Beta on g+). Once joined, please follow instructions on how to download the app from Google Play.

Our little app is quite easy to use too; here is how it goes:

1. The user on the left (with nexus 5) taps the map at the Eiffel Tower and writes a post
2. People from around the Eiffel Tower can see the post
3. Somebody from around that location (the user with HTC on X, in the pic below) will reply to the post

This is how Riilo aims to bring the world closer together, by giving individuals the power to reach the entire World!

Looking forward to your feedback :D

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Dec 10, 2013 9:33:29 PM via Website

I have now published Riilo on Google Play. You can just search for Riilo in Google Play and you should find it there.

Feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

If you like the concept and you think the app is worth it, maybe you can +1 the app on Google Play or perhaps even leave a nice review :)

Many thanks!