lenovo P780 & bluetooth problem

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Feb 14, 2014 9:11:39 PM via Website

I'm havig the strangest problem with my new smartphone: in some areas (central Israel), after dialing a phone call with car bluetooth speaker device, I “fall off” the network and after few seconds the phone reconnects. It' terribly anoying especially since it hardly happen in the northren part of Israel.

When I make the same call (same destination from same location) with the phone without the car kit, there is no problem.

Sometimes the same problem appears when I try to dial, before it rings in the destination.

Other problem, probably related to it is the sound quality- many times the other side claim he can hardly hear me.

When receiving calls, there are no problems (or, at least, very rare)

I tried several attamps to find the problem but can't find a clue of how to solve it, how to focus the issue and not even what is the source of the problem.

My provider claims that since I reconnect almost immidiatly (and didn't have this issue in an old device) shows that the problem is with the device and not with the network.

Tests done:
As pointed out it happens only in some areas and not everywhere
I tried several car bluetooth kits, the problem remains
Using an old device (Galaxy S)- there is no problem
Tried SIM card of another provider- no problem
Tried to change Modem software- didn't help

My configuration
Device: Lenovo P780
Android 4.2.1

Ideas? Hints?
Other places where I might find answeres?

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Feb 21, 2014 11:02:47 AM via Website

It seems like this issue is at the vendor end because as you said that if you use the different SIM card on your mobile phone than you're device works perfectly normal, but the problem occurs with you're current vendor. Until or unless the problem sorted out from the vendor you will experience the same. I don't think there is anything you can work out with, but still i can suggest you and application cell tracker use it to check the signal strength you are getting and check from where you are getting the strongest reception and then try checking if it still drop, and if still problem persist than...... i am also confused what to do because i've never ran onto situation like this before.