Google Nexus 5 — How to replace Nexus 5 battery

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Kris Carlon
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Jun 11, 2014 11:25:35 AM via Website

Even though the Nexus 5 has a non-removable battery cover, you can still replace the battery yourself.

All you need to do is buy a replacement battery from a reputable source. You can buy replacement battery ''kits'' that also include a tool for removing the cover, but you can also use a highly sophisticated tool called a plectrum (or guitar pick). Once you have your battery cover removed, you need to remove the back plate and carefully remove the battery connectors underneath, followed by the battery itself (which will be stuck down).

Pop in the new one, replace the connectors and back plate and put the battery cover back on.

Check out this article on how to manually replace the non-removable Nexus 5 battery for a step by step breakdown (and check out the awesome video which inspired the article).

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