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Mar 2, 2016, 4:57:02 PM via Website

Live Backtrack is the best solution when you need to have
your backing tracks play on a Live Concert or Rehearsal.


Some of the problems Live Backtrack can solve for your when Playing Live:

  • No need to drag along a PC.
    Your tablet can easily handle it with all the features you need
    using this multi-track playback tool.

  • Quickly sound check and adjust your backing tracks at the venue.

  • Setup a playlist of songs that you want to play sequentially.

  • BIG and BRIGHT buttons you can tap to play the
    current song and load the next one.

  • Share the backing track with the audience on one channel,
    send the click track to the other channel so only you can hear it.

  • Unlike an mp3 player, "Live Backtrack", stops playback when songs reach the end and
    lets you decide when the next song begins playing!

Live Backtrack : Multi-track can also help you when rehearsing with your band:

  • One of the band members is missing? No problem, just load his
    instrument track, and enter Live Mode.

  • Rehearse your songs one after the other with ease, with a press of a button.



  • Lag FREE playback.
  • Playback stops automatically when the song reaches the end.
  • YOU decide when the next song begins playing!
  • Live Mode: Play songs sequentially with just a tap!
  • Big Buttons! No need to fight small buttons anymore.
  • Playlist: Setup multi-track arrangements that you can play sequentially.
  • Multi-Track: Make volume and Panning adjustments on the fly!
  • Built in Tutorial and Tips to play Live.


Setting up:

  • Copy your backing tracks or instrument WAV files to your android Music folder.
  • Split your song tracks into folders on your SD card so you can easily find them.
  • Use only WAV files, for best sound quality and lag free performance.

Start the "Live Backtrack : Multitracks" app on your tablet or smart phone:

  • You can now load your backing tracks onto the mixer.
  • Set the Song Title, and save.
  • Repeat to create your playlist.


Playing Live:

  • With your playlist created, you’re ready! Load your first song and enter Live Mode.
  • Tap Play to start the current song.
  • Tap Next to load the next song on the playlist when you're ready.
  • Repeat!


More information:

  • Live Backtrack : Multitrack, features a built-in Help section, so
    you can always find information on the app controls, usage and tips.


Live Backtrack : Multitrack, is the easy solution to play live: Get it now, for FREE!

Christy byrne

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