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Jul 24, 2018, 2:39:49 PM via Website

Hey all,

Sharing a design brief with everyone. Its an assignment form my graphic design course and I need to discuss this brief with 2 industry professionals. I would really appreciate the help.
"Quick-N-Tasty Pizza is a new pizza company that makes, bakes and delivers pizza in your state capital city. The company is a direct competitor of Dominoes and Pizza Hut. The point of difference with Quick-N-Tasty, is that they have 3 sizes of pizza – small, medium and large and they predominately target students. Each day of the week, they have a different special for students only. For example – Monday’s special for students is “1 medium Margherita pizza + garlic bread + drink for $16”. Quick-N-Tasty Pizza would like you to develop a new mobile device app. This app is aimed at college students who can choose and order pizza directly from their mobile device. Once you have made your first order, you can save a profile, and even a copy of your student card so ordering next time is easier and you also receive updates of student specials as they occur. "

What do you understand from it? What is the main purpose of the project? What should be the technical requirements for this app, in terms of delivery platform, screen resolution?


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Jul 25, 2018, 4:14:50 AM via Website

If Quick-N-Tasty Pizza has already have a web application for its orders management & customers management and it just needs to develop a mobile app for users to place an order, as an assignment from your graphic design course, I think the main purpose for you is to help programmer design the app UI. The UI should be user-friendly & amazing. (smug)(laughing)

What a minimalist app on Google Play -
Download size < 0.07 MB. Blog -

Mavra Ibrar

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Jul 25, 2018, 5:15:19 AM via Website

Thanks James!

Could you please also tell me your occupation/role? I need to mention that in my assignment if you don't mind :)

James Watson