[APP] Tetrd - USB Tethering & Reverse Tethering (NoRoot)

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Jan 11, 2020, 2:06:47 PM via Website

Hi guys! I made a USB tethering and reverse tethering app that doesn't require root. It also doesn't require you to enable USB debugging (except on Windows, I'll try to fix that in a future release). It uses USB accessory mode which can make it faster than apps that use ADB.

This allows you to share your device's wifi or mobile internet connection with your PC. You can use this if your carrier or data plan doesn't allow you to enable the built-in tethering feature of your device. Or if you have unlimited data plan, but your carrier caps your hotspot/tethering usage to a certain amount, say 7GB.

Reverse Tethering
This feature allows you to share your PC's internet connection with your device. I use this to reduce lag when playing online games because my room has an unstable wifi signal and my PC is already connected to the internet via an ethernet cable. You can also use this if you're in a place where your PC has access to wired internet and there's no wifi available.
Note: Some apps only check for wifi or cellular connectivity, thus will not work when reverse tethering.

When tethering or reverse tethering, your PC along with all connected devices will be in the same network. This means a device can communicate with your PC and other connected devices. This is useful if you want to transfer files from one device to another or if you want to access a server (e.g. HTTP server) on your PC from your device.
Note: ICMP is currently not supported so the ping command will not work when tethering or reverse tethering.

Additional Features
• No root required
• No USB debugging required (except on Windows)
• Fast link speed (200Mbps+ on some devices)
• IPv6 support (may not work on some devices)
• Up to five devices can be connected
• Configurable network settings

You can get the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robskie.tether


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Jan 23, 2020, 4:22:56 PM via Website

Version 1.0.1 is now available! These are the changes to the mobile app and desktop server.

Android app
• Fixed a bug that causes the app to crash when rotated.
• Updated guide page to make it easier for new users to set up the app.

Server app
• Fixed an issue that causes the server to close when a VPN client is running on the user's computer. With this, users can now share their VPN connection to their devices when reverse tethering.
• Fixed a bug on Debian Linux that prevents the server from opening.