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Goodbye Chromecast Audio, we will not miss you

Google is certainly not new to the elimination of projects, services and entire product lines. This time it seems to be time to say goodbye to Chromecast Audio and, frankly, I can't say that I'm going to miss it.

The news comes directly from Reddit where a user said he had spoken with the support service of the American search giant about Chromecast Audio. According to the Google employee, the product is now in a discontinued state and no longer in production.

This news is nothing more than the umpteenth confirmation of the end of the life cycle of Google's multimedia dongle dedicated to audio and equipped with Cast functionality. Many had in fact seen that their order had been canceled, probably because of the lack of availability.

chromecast audio hero 1
Chromecast 2 and Audio were presented together. / © AndroidPIT

In the US Google Store the Chromecast Audio is reduced to just $15 and, in many other parts of the world like the UK, it labeled as out of stock. Honestly, the Chromecast Audio technology (both through Google's dongle and integrated in some speakers) has not been very successful since the beginning, targeting a very small niche of people.

It was in fact only with the arrival of the Google Home family that the function was widely used and that it reached its greatest audience. Given the presence of a 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth on Google Home, many users have preferred to connect the new smart speakers of Big G to their audio systems eliminating the need to purchase a Chromecast Audio.

AndroidPIT smart speakers wifi speakers 3415
Most smart speakers have some kind of function for streaming music. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

The hope is, however, that the product has been withdrawn pending a refresh that could be expected for Google I/O in 2019. My personal hope would be to see a second-generation Google Home Mini equipped with a jack socket that could be used both as an input and as an audio device that could replace Chromecast Audio in all respects.

Have you ever used the Cast function with audio only? Do you have a Google Home speaker or a Chromecast fault device in your home?

Via: SmartWorld


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  • I am sad to see the Chromecast Audio go. We use ours every single day with dumb speakers in the house. It is a very low cost solution for enabling music streaming to virtually any speaker.

  • I never really saw much need for the audio dongle. Though as yet I haven't bought into the small speaker/Home devices. I cast my music player to the TV which is connected to my "legacy" speakers or directly to the sound bar.

    I'm not convinced with the push for (in my opinion) inferior speakers in every room. Yes I have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, but don't think I'd need one in the kitchen or bedroom.

    Are these systems sound quality actually better than legacy systems with a amplifier and speakers with larger components? It may be that modern electronic hardware is superior to previous legacy technologies. Are we gaining superior quality and convenience, or are we fooling ourselves in thinking that quality is equivalent to or better at the expense of convenience?

    For me the convenience factor is not a good thing or strong enough for me to use these products, if I need to use Google Assistant for any reason (Search - multimedia - control smart devices) then I have an already expensive device that is more than capable of performing these tasks, if not better... My smartphone.
    Even if I wanted a dedicated device, I'd use my excellent Galaxy Tab S4.

    All these "home" Assistant devices are to generate extra revenue. Rather than a genuine design led change that benefits the users, it's tinkering with existing technologies and repackaging them as the next "must have".
    The really ironic thing is Google and others know that these devices are a "work in progress".i.e each year will bring a slightly "improved" version that is uncompatible with previous generations. Though what they always fail to mention is that they vastly reduced the quality of speakers etc to start with so that they can claim to be improving them each year.

    Progression is not necessarily improvement.

    Peace 🖖

  • I have a Chromecast Audio connected to a Lepai 2020a amp and my Bose AM-5 Acoustimass speakers. Sounds great. I use a Google Home Mini and Google Play Music to send tracks to it. It works beautifully and we use it everyday. Hopefully, they'll replace it with an inexpensive Google Home Mini without the speaker and just microphones and a 3.5mm jack. Turn your high end Stereo in to a Google Home device. I'd buy that.

  • Yup, I have a lot of Chromecast audio. At my home there are 3 speakers connected with Spotify audio and in my car there is 1. I love the product and how I can conveniently without Bluetooth connect older yet really well sounding speakers.

    I don't quite understand how current offerings are a replacement? I also have Google home and mini but those can't connect to better speakers without Bluetooth, but Bluetooth doesn't sync that well simultaneously in my whole house (6 speakers for multiroom listening)

  • Over the holidays, Minis were sold at ridiculously low process or given away for free with other hardware purchases. Of course that have a big boost to the numbers of Assistant users, but I also hope that it's an indication of stock reduction and that the Mini will be getting a refresh later this Spring, maybe at I/O.

  • Yes I use my Chromecast audio everyday works great love it don't use the video on near as often.