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Moto G (2013) Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update: latest news

Authored by: Kris Carlon — 4 months ago

The Moto G (2013) owners are enjoying the benefits of the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, but Motorola isn't resting on its laurels: the latest news has final builds of Android 5.0.2 appearing over-the-air (OTA) in Italy. See below for all of the latest Moto G Android update news.

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The Moto G (2013) receives Android 5.0 Lollipop update. / © AndroidPIT

Moto G 2013 Android M update

The Moto G 2013 Android M update is not yet available. Android M is expected to launch globally in Q3, 2015. We will let you know when we learn more.

Moto G 2013 Android 5.0 Lollipop update

Update: The Moto G (2103) Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update has started to appear in the UK at last. As always, an update from Motola Update Services teased the rollout a few days before the OTA went live. If you've got a Moto G (2013) and want to see if the update is waiting for you, go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and do the button mash.

AndroidPIT Moto G 2013 Android 5 0 2 lollipop update
This is what's waiting for you on the Moto G (2013): Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. / © GSM Arena

If you're still waiting on the initial Android 5.0 update to arrive, make sure you have the latest version of the Motorola Update Services app. The roll out, which will happen in stages, first hit India with firmware number 220.21.16.

If this update notification prompt doesn't appear on its own, you can check if it is available yourself by going into the settings, then choosing About Phone, System updates, selecting ''Yes, I’m in" and then ''install now''.

The update will bring Material Design to the Moto G's user interface, packed with new animations, notifications, features (like battery saver), Moto app updates (like Motorola Assist), and the possibility to create multiple user profiles for phone sharing, among many other new things.

Moto g moto g 2014 comparativo 6
The original Moto G has now joined the new Moto G on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. / © ANDROIDPIT

Moto G 2013 Android KitKat update

Among the list of changes that Android 4.4.4 KitKat should deliver, the Motorola Support website lists improvements to the power profile, as well as several stability, framework and security fixes including an update to OpenSSL (remember Heartbleed?).

Moto G owners will also have the ability to pause video recording with a new pause button in the viewfinder image. The dialer also has a new layout and set of colors to match the rest of Android KitKat user interface, and lastly, you can now install the new Motorola Alert app, which is available from the Play Store, which will provide you with alerts from your contacts in an emergency (or vice versa).

Motorola is doing a great job of delivering timely Android updates. / © ANDROIDPIT

Ensure that your phone is charged to 50% and that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. Tap on the notice to update notification and follow the prompts, or you can check in the settings of your phone under the ‘’About phone’’ category, then ‘’System Updates’’, ‘’Download’’ and finally ‘’Install’’. The version you will then see on your phone is 210.12.40.

Now that the Android 4.4.4 update has arrived, the next update would be Android 5.0 Lollipop, though it could take some time for this to come to the unlocked 2013 Moto G. 

Have you received the Android 4.4.4 KitKat OTA update yet for your US unlocked Moto G (2013)? Have you noticed any improvements?

Kris Carlon comes to the AndroidPIT Editorial Team via a lengthy period spent traveling and relying on technology to keep him in touch with the outside world. He joined the Android community while resurfacing in civilization back in 2010 and has never looked back, using technology to replace his actual presence in other people's lives ever since. He can usually be found juggling three phones at once and poring over G+ posts, Reddit and RSS feeds.


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  • Mohamed Gamal 1 month ago Link to comment

    When android M will be up for Mobile Moto G 2013 ?

  • Adryanna Liam 2 months ago Link to comment

    I still have 4.4.2 KitKat on my moto g 2013 and iv had my phone for about a year now. Dose anyone know when I can get 4.4.4? I have Motorola's update services updated to the latest version and still nothing.

  • Cameron McMillan 4 months ago Link to comment

    Don't do it.... Its an appallingly upgrade. It looks bad and everything either takes longer or is harder to use eg. it takes 2 swipes to unlock now instead of 1, same with app notifications, used to be easy now its painful! The performance of my phone has gone down as well. All my apps are crashing and its super slow and I'm struggling to even answer calls. I'm trying to roll back to the old version as we speak

  • jheartney 4 months ago Link to comment

    Just got the Motorola Update Services update on my Moto G LTE. I'm guessing this means Lollipop is just around the corner. Woo hoo! Only 5 months since they announced it on the Motorola blog.

  • Camilo Ramírez 4 months ago Link to comment

    U know? This is a crappy update. My sister has a moto g 1st gen. And updated to the 5.0.2 version of lollipop. After doing this the device stopped recognizing the camera. All other settings like mics, screen and other important hardware are working normally, but camera is still missing. You can hear the click that the camera makes when trying to launch, but screen is completely black and then, out of the blue, a pop up window displays and shows "camera error, please reset camera''. Did everything, clear cache, stop and launch again this app, uninstalled updates and then installed them again and still not working at all. Still waiting for Motorola Care to send me an e-mail with a probable solution... Let's hope that, whatever they advise me to do,works for making this camera work again...

  • Phillip Duran 4 months ago Link to comment

    still waiting for lollipop update for Moto G first generation For build number 210.12.41.

  • Stuart Hegan 4 months ago Link to comment

    Update - Stumbled across what they changed! Looks like Motorola have made accessing the menus a 2 stage affair now. In desperation I tried to use the Emergency Call keypad to phone somebody and then noticed it was behaving like the PIN unlock and sure enough that's what it was, so they changed when you access it i.e not the first screen you encounter, you have to swipe first and then choose if you want to unlock (?) and they also changed the appearance without it being obvious. Compared to colleagues PIN unlocks on other phones and surprise surprise it tells you its a PIN unlock screen whereas this one doesn't. Thankful it was not as serious as feared but really wonder who makes some of these design decisions. Son has a 2nd Gen Moto G and he is not sold on the update either as has experienced some flaky behaviour......

  • Stuart Hegan 4 months ago Link to comment

    BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!! I loaded the software on my 1st generation Moto G and now all I have is a camera! Went on to the Motorola Website who had no clue. No apps, no menus, no settings. Only a camera. They just couldn't comprehend what the problem was despite me spelling it out to them. They had absolutely no idea. It is obvious they haven't come across this before. In the end they suggested a factory reset, which they would have to do externally because I have no menus. This was disasterous and I urge utmost caution before anyone else tries it, because Motorola really have no clue how to fix it without screwing up your phone.

  • Glostermeteor 4 months ago Link to comment

    What about the Moto G 4g?

  • Wallambok K Dkhar 7 months ago Link to comment

    Has anyone got the Moto G 2 Lollipop update?

  • Paul Warner 7 months ago Link to comment

    Just hope its Android 5.0.1 not the 5.0.0 that's been giving problems..

  • CJ Brown 7 months ago Link to comment

    And once again 1st gen Moto X unlocked owners are getting thee shaft from Motorola / Google (come the f' on already) !!

  • ali 7 months ago Link to comment

    these are misinformations about update.only soap test update is released on selective customers which u can say as beta testing.

    • Guy Temple 4 months ago Link to comment

      Could b right, I'm signed up and I have had it since Monday and the only bug is that it freezes and I just turn my screen off an on

  • arsenal 7 months ago Link to comment

    same here i didnt got the update ...... :(
    has anyone from india got lollipop update yet .......????

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