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Motorola Moto G Android update (1st, 2nd and 3rd gen): latest news

Update: Moto G (2nd gen) receives Marshmallow in India

Authored by: Chris Marshall — 2 months ago

The first two generations of the Motorola Moto G have been upgraded to Android Lollipop, and the Moto G 3rd and 2nd gen are due to receive Android Marshmallow. An official roll-out has begun in India, while soak tests have taken place in other countries. Find out the latest Moto G Android update news, including the major carriers' progress with the current rollout, below.

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motorola moto g 2015 screen hero
The Moto G (3rd gen) came with Android Lollipop, but Marshmallow is due soon. / © ANDROIDPIT

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Moto G (3rd gen) Android update news

Moto G (3nd gen)

Android 5.0 Android 5.0.1 Android 5.0.2 Android 5.1 Android 5.1.1 Android Marshmallow
Verizon - - - - Yes No
T-Mobile - - - - Yes No
AT&T - - - - Yes No
Sprint - - - - Yes No

The Moto G (3rd gen) came with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop pre-installed It has been confirmed that it will receive Android Marshmallow, but the timescale for the rollout is still unknown.

In November, one Moto G (3rd gen) owner took to Google+ to flaunt his participation in a Marshmallow soak test. The initiation of a soak test means Motorola is moving swiftly along with its development of the software update, and, depending on the success of the test, Moto G (3rd gen) users can expect to receive Marshmallow in a few months.

Moto G (2nd gen) Android update news

Moto G (2nd gen)

Android 5.0 Android 5.0.1 Android 5.0.2 Android 5.1 Android 5.1.1 Android Marshmallow
Verizon - - - - Yes No
T-Mobile - - - - Yes No
AT&T - - - - Yes No
Sprint - - - - Yes No

The Android 5.1.1 update to the Moto G (2nd gen) is rolling out over-the-air. The update is primarily focused on fixing security issues, namely the Stagefright security flaw. Head to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and see if your Moto G (2nd gen) is ready for the latest update.

Moto G (2nd Gen) Android Marshmallow update

The Moto G (2nd gen) Android 6.0 Marshmallow update has begun rolling out to 3G and LTE-enabled devices in India, where soak tests were conducted several weeks previously.

Soak tests also took place in Brazil, but there is no word on an official rollout there just yet, nor anywhere else in the world. We'll let you know when the update receives a wider release.

Moto g moto g 2014 comparativo 8
The Moto G 2nd gen will get Marshmallow, but it's unlikely that the first generation device will. / © ANDROIDPIT

Moto G (1st gen) Android update news

Moto G (1st gen)

Android 4.4.4 Android 5.0 Android 5.0.1 Android 5.0.2 Android 5.1 Android 5.1.1 Android Marshmallow
Verizon Yes No No No No No No
T-Mobile - - - Yes No No No
AT&T No No No No No No
Sprint - - - - Yes No

Updates to the original Moto G have been sporadic and unreliable. Many carriers have not updated the software beyond Android KitKat. If you have an unlocked device you can get an update to Android 5.1 directly from Motorola at the link below.

Moto G (1st gen) Android Marshmallow update

The Moto G 1st gen is almost certain not to receive Android Marshmallow. We will let you know if we hear otherwise.

Moto g moto g 2014 comparativo 6
Some carriers have not updated the original Moto G since Android KitKat. / © ANDROIDPIT

How do you like Lollipop on your Moto G? Are you participating in the Marshmallow soak test? Let us know the state-of-play for your device in the comments below.

Chris is a graduate in English and Philosophy and habitual tamperer with technology. A recent convert to Android, through the marvel of the Samsung Galaxy S6, he looks to share the fruits of this technological honeymoon through AndroidPIT.


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  • Since upgraded to marshmallow on my motoroIa G 2 gen I am unable to transfer apps to the SD card so now stuck on internal storage. On lollipop it was easy to move them, so unhappy with this upgrade

    • That's because Marshmallow no longer treats the SD card in the same way. It prefers to use the SD card as extension of the internal memory. However, to do that, the card has to be reformatted. If you don't do the reformat, Apps already on the SD card can still be run from there but you can't move new ones to the card.

  • I wish I had read the comments here before I updated. I too, was sick of the "notice" and finally updated my moto 2nd gen. The update drained my mother's data allowance on her internet, drained my battery and left me with no way to go into the apps and shut down those pesky "running" apps that I never use. I can usually go almost 2 days before having to recharge my phone. I watched the battery drain in 8 hours today. It also wiped out my wallpaper photo and replaced it with the factory screen. At least I still have my contacts and photos. I did panic because I had no photos for about 5 minutes and suddenly they appeared. I wish I could roll this thing back. I used to be able to go in and roll back an update on programs but I guess I'm stuck with this mess. If anyone figures out a way to uninstall this "pile", please let me know.

  • I updated my phone and they said that I have no photos on my phone or music but I had 183 photos.

  • I have moto g1st and still stuck in 5.1 . want soak test for Marshmallow for my phone.

  • I have downloaded and installed Android 6 in Motorola G(2nd gen) two days back and it works alright. Probing the new features, is in progress. Of course sky is the limit for progress Thanks Android, Encore!

  • Nair 2 months ago Link to comment

    My Motorola G2 has got system updated. But now its not working. It stuck at initial screen.. Can any one help please?

  • Updated my Moto G 3rd gen today, seems good so far, but needs tweaking on the layout of share /edit/info/bin buttons on photos as they now almost overlap my phones 3 back/home/close/open tabs buttons at the bottom. Which is making using them a pain in the behind.

  • yesterday i have updated it gives sudden shock that no contacts and history available. even after updated it is not showing call history ,not able to import contacts from google/ even other formates

  • Finally got marshmallow in moto g (2nd Generation). Very happy with it.

  • apps are not installing in moto g2nd gen

  • I recently updated my moto g gen-1 with this new android update, a change I resisted for quite a few months, but the update notification came on so much that it annoyed me into updating. Now, like so many on here, I hate my phone, a phone I loved before the update. My wifi is crap now. It loses connection every couple of minutes forcing me to reconnect manually every time. Because of this, I used up all my data because I didn't realize at first that my wifi was disconnecting constantly. I am just going to go get a new phone, because I don't want to reset to factory settings and lose everything. If that is going to happen I might as well replace it. I have had it for a year and a half anyway. But yeah, if you have a moto g resist the update. Its not worth it!

  • 1

    Since update, every time I awaken the screen, I get my phone contacts with most recent call! I have to close this to get to my home screen. After I'm done with whatever task I wanted done, I must close the phone contacts. What a pain! I've already accidentally called people because I didn't know I touched their name. Very annoying. Cannot figure out what to do to change this. Went to store and got no results - just an "oh well deal with it - that's what was programmed." NOT satisfactory solution!!

  • This is the worst update ever. My phone is running super slow and it makes my phone crash. Not only that, but it won't send my messages which is a huge inconvenience. It makes me want to get a new phone, like an Iphone.

  • I have moto g1st and I want to participate in Marshmllow soak test.

  • Motorola Moto G 1st Generation Lollipop and Marsh mellow:

    The Motorola Moto G has Lollipop and Marsh mellow updates (just not released by motorola)

    If you want to download and install marshmellow on your 1st gen device go here: (I can't post links just go to google cyanogenmod falcon) (cyanogenmod 13.0 is marshmellow)

    Motorola Moto G 2nd Generation Lollipop and Marsh mellow:

    Same as 1st Gen, except the device is Titan

    Motorola Moto G 3rd Generaton 5.1 Lollipop:

    The Moto G 3rd Gen. doesn't have a marsh mellow update by motorola or cyanogenmod check cyanogenmod device osprey for updates by cyanogenmod: check on your phone for updates by motorola

  • Lisa Cave 4 months ago Link to comment

    Just did the update yesterday to my first generation phone, and I have to ask: Did they update with a virus???? First, I had difficulties getting it started, then I noticed how incredibly s-l-o-w it moved from screen to screen, function to function, then when typing a text, it took ages to allow me to get to the next letter, two days to send a simple text, I couldn't get my emails, and couldn't receive calls. The phone was rendered USELESS! Finally, called Motorola and some wonderful man named Michael in the Philippines (with the patience of a saint) spent TWO hours trying to figure out what we could do before we decided to reset the phone back to factory settings. And that is when I started becoming hysterical about losing all my pictures. Thankfully, Michael was able to resolve that problem as well. Honestly, Motorola, if you had told me that this was a possibility that it could happen, I'd have never clicked on the upgrade. I'm beyond furious at this point.

    • T.Doom 1 month ago Link to comment

      Hi Lisa, how did you resolve the problem with the photos?

      I've just installed the OTA update to Marshmallow on my 2nd Gen Moto G, and I noticed that EVERYTHING in my Camera Roll is GONE! I did enabled the setting to save all photos to SD card but when I checked the Gallery after the update it says Camera Roll is empty. I then used a File Manager to check the file system and only the things under the DCIM folder are gone! Photos and Videos outside the DCIM folder are still there.

      I then removed the SD card and placed it in my PC and I was still able to read it, which confirmed that I did NOT choose the "Internal Storage" option that would've reformatted the SD card. Likewise, the PC shows that only the files under the DCIM folder are gone; Everything else outside of the folder remains intact.

      I'm so frustrated right now that there's was no warning about this potential loss of data. As a last resort I'm thinking of using a file recovery program on the PC to see if I can still recover the photos on the SD card.

  • I have the moto g 1st generation and this new lollipop update totally ruined my phone. My phone sucks now. I can't do anything because everything freezes and crashes or don't respond. I never had this problem before the stupid update. I'm going to have to get a new phone now because this one is useless now unless you fix it or give the old version back. I have Verizon and this phone has been amazing up until the stupid update. I wish I would have never accepted the update. Y'all should offer the old version back because this has totally ruined my phone. I have to send Motorola like a million reports a day cuz nothing wants to work. Very dissatisfied!!!!

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