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Samsung Gear S2 update: latest news

Samsung has released an update for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch which brings some fresh features and interface design tweaks. The update is rolling out and should be arriving on your Gear S2 very soon. Read below for the latest Samsung Gear S2 update news. 

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The Gear S2 runs the Samsung-build Tizen operating system, not Android Wear as many other smartwatches do. This new update for the Gear S2 adds a new watch face called 'My Photo', social networking sharing and automatic measurement functionality for sleeping. It also provides sunrise and sunset information in its world clock. 

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 47
The latest Gear S2 update is out. / © ANDROIDPIT

This software update's file size is 61.1 MB. The Gear S2 classic firmware version is R732XXU2DPFB and the Gear S2 Sport firmware version is R730XXU2DPFB. Other features in this update include activity sharing on social, brand new S Voice commands, a new app and widget for your contacts, plus other features.

Have you got the Samsung Gear S2? Tell us in the comments what you think of the latest software update. 


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  • I purchased a classic platinum on line from the U.S and I was informed by Samsung Australia that I will not receive certain apps, ie. samsung pay, because the watches are country specific. Has anyone else heard this? I was under the impression you could buy the watch anywhere and it would always be compatible like the apple phones and watches are.

  • Tried to install the update for the 10th time today. Install fails at 15% consistently. I have the sport version. Has anyone successfully installed this 61mg update?

  • Updated a month ago. The new software has rendered the alarm function on my watch completely and utterly useless. Missed alarms. No recurring alarm function. I have gone from loving the S2 to looking for an alternative.

  • ljhaye 10 months ago Link to comment

    This is why android wear is a failure. Google's wearable ambitions are not in concert with those of their OEM's. The other OEM's are watching Samsung's success closely as they have the number two smart watch according to consumer reports. With android wear stuck in the "Other" category. Matter of fact all of Samsung's Tizen wearables consistently get prominent articles on various ANDROID websites.

    Think about it, Tizen hardware articles on Android websites you don't see that many articles about iOS hardware. Google is making their own smart watches so android doesn't lose out on the emerging wearables trend because more and more android OEM's are starting to abandon the android wear platform.

  • Aaron King 10 months ago Link to comment

    I bought my gear on Thursday and there was an update then but none of this mentioned stuff although i can use a photo as a watchface

  • An Droid 10 months ago Link to comment

    I bought a Korean model online in 2015, and got this update yesterday. No disadvantages with that decision yet.

  • I had a update on Friday but no sign off the above so still waiting in Australia

  • My Gear S2 had some update today, but it wasn't all this stuff.


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