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5 awesome music player apps for Android
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5 awesome music player apps for Android

When Apple-to-Android converts tell us about why they switched, the words 'iTunes' and 'oppression' always crop up. The way you consume music on Android is virtually unrestricted, and there are a huge number of music player apps to choose from. Some of you may have your own music collection and don't want to stream anything. Here are our favourite music player apps for Android.

1. Phonograph

For my money, this is the best looking music player available. Phonograph nails Material Design and the UI is silky smooth. You can change the primary and accent colors, letting you add a little personality to the app. There's nothing too flashy here, it just executes everything perfectly. I've honestly not encountered a single problem since I started using it, and does it all with that clam beauty that Android excels at.

androidpit best music players phonograph
Phonograph: about as close to perfection as a music player comes. / © AndroidPIT

2. Shuttle Music Player

Probably the best-looking music app on Android, Shuttle has a good line-up of features, including a six-band equalizer, and automatic downloads for artwork and lyrics. Shuttle also uses Last.fm scrobbling, which will work out which songs you listen to the most over time, and help tailor playlists to your liking.

If you splash out US$1.75 / £1.10 for the paid version, you get more themes, folder browsing, and even Chromecast support.

androidpit shuttle music player
Shuttle looks great, and offers a good array of features including scrobbling and Chromecast support. / © SimpleCity

3. jetAudio Music Player

This is one of the better music players on Android, mainly because of its strong host of tweaks and effects you can add when listening to your music. Plugins include the AM3D Audio Enhancer and Bongiovi DPS, which enhances sound processing in a way that true audio enthusiasts will appreciate.

Pay £3.29 / US$4.99 for the Plus version, and you get a whole load of widgets, viewing options, pitch shifting and much more, making this possibly the most tinkery music player out there.

4. Poweramp

As one of the most popular music players for Android, Poweramp is a safe bet for your musical needs. Album art and lyrics can be integrated into the player, and it provides an impressive 10-band equalizer to help tweak your sound output. You can even save your EQ presets, allowing you to set up specific ones for specific headphones. 

Poweramp is a great app with lots of customization features / © AndroidPIT

5. Google Play Music

Finally, if you want a good all-rounder that streams music too, Google Play Music offers access to a huge online catalog of music. You can stream it if you have a subscription, but the app can also play the music stored in your smartphone library. Google Play Music syncs with your Google account, so your playlists and songs are accessible across multiple devices.

Google Play Music also offers customized recommendations based on your current listening habits and music library.

google play music
Google Play Music is the best all-rounder for both streaming and storing your collection / © AndroidPIT

What's your favorite music player for Android? Which features do you find most important? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Spotify is a nice choice as it allows users to free access to its whole music player. And I can use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download them for offline listening. So I'd like to use Spotify app on my device to listen to music and playlists with ease.

  • Zaxx 3 months ago Link to comment

    Jet Pro & PowerAmp are the best. Btw...Jet is $3.99 not 4.99. Rock on!

  • I don't keep much music downloaded to my phone, so the only one I use anymore is Google Play.

  • Jetaudio is my favorite music player and Onkyo HF Player is next.

  • You realy should try AIMP. This is very oldschool player. Looks like good old WinAmp for Android.

  • obol2 May 13, 2018 Link to comment

    You forgot to include Retro Music Player

  • were all these players available for free? Suggest me one which offers more feature in free version itself

  • PlayerPro as been the Best Music Application i have used since joining Android,so easy to set up and use,plus there best offer it does offer a"Exit" button so you know its not running in the background and not battery draining my phones

  • PlayerPro is by far the best. The devs are always making updates with the latest Android features: Android AUTO (I use it in my Car), Chromecast, Nougat/Oreo notifications, material design, 10 band eq and more.

  • Do not install Poweramp if you're running Android 8.1. some of the features are not working and the developer won't fix them until his version 3.0 is done.

  • I've been using Impulse Music Player. I mostly listen to music while driving, this player makes it a breeze. I can skip songs without even looking at my phone. It completely works on gestures.
    Also it has ton of options like crossfade, gapless playback, etc for someone who is a music freak but they don't matter much to normal user like me. All in all this is the best music player I've used on android so far.

  • Audials-pro

  • Take a look at Musicolet Music Player.
    It is the lightest music player with tons of features. It is completely free. No ads. No in-app purchase. Yet it gives all the necessary features and quality sound offered by the paid app.

  • if u want a new music player with beautiful interface yet friendly to use, u can try WinBow music player

    it contains separate top 20 and last 20 played tracks so u can play them easily again and again, also u can see artist images and many more

  • Really, you should review Stellio music player app

  • Deezer

  • Deeper

  • Stellio music player is best for me

  • The best quality for music player is, to my opinion, sound quality. Seems obvious but often forgotten.
    I was for years with Dfx Audio. Thanks to comments here, I discover Neutron and I immediately uninstalled my paid Dfx Audio Enhancer.
    This is the most complete and sophisticated Audio player I ever used. Just look at features on Google store.
    But with a very ergonomic design. You can access quite every feature from the first page without having to Swype or click like a mad.
    Free and complete for five days
    , then it's 6$. Which is not expensive when, like me, you listen to music on a smartphone (Note 5) from 6 am to 12 pm. A real gem to try absolutely.

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