I need help deciding/ learning root

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Apr 13, 2011 8:15:07 AM via Website

Hi so i am thinking about rooting my htc evo 4g. Ive had it no for 4 months and been generally happy with it up until recently. So what am i asking of the forum?
Ive found out the hard way that the rooting process is extremely confusing and massive to learn as well the process to learn how to control it safely. What I want to know is:
1. The risks and consequences of rooting besides the warranty being void
2. Define flashing roms and its use
3. Can it be used to update my operating system to Gingerbread and if better, a stable Honeycomb (currently running 2.2 Froyo)
4. If things go wrong can I do a restore just like a ipod jailbreak
5. Finally, I want a "Teacher" on the rooting process, controlling it safely, and what exactly i can do with a rooted evo

I don't ask much from the root, currently all i want is to be able to "ghost" a backup, and mirror the screen to my TV via HDMI, but like i said above im interested in what else i can do with it
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Apr 13, 2011 11:06:19 AM via Website

1. Risks and Consequences- Yes. It can always be dangerous to root. But EVO can be restored to factory settings. For a primer on rooting, check this out:


2. A ROM contains the operating system and often additional software which can be “installed” to your mobile device. Most ROM’s provided by the chefs (people who create cutomized ROM’s) just contain the operating system and additional applications. A ROM can only be flashed to a device that it's made for.

3. Yes it is possible to install Gingerbread on the device. Once you're done rooting it, click on this link for more instructions:


I've never done this before, though, so make sure you first read up on the possible consequences and make sure you trust the download and that it all makes sense before you install.

4. It is possible to restore the 4G factory settings.The link below might help:


5. Rooting the EVO allows you to remove factory apps, have complete freedom over the operating system,, turn your phone into a mobile hotspot for free, run custom roms and create complete backups. I'd say it's worth it.

Hope this helps!

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Apr 13, 2011 4:14:17 PM via Website

Yes you did help, the given info was very much appreciated. i just have one more question though, I have come across a program called unrevoked and unrevoked forever. From what I understand its a temporary root but the latter supposedly makes it permanent ( I think). i would like to know what you know about the forever program. I have the specs page up for the program, but I really don't understand alot of what is being said