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Oct 4, 2011 8:28:21 PM via Website

hello i wm new to this forum i was wondering if any one can help me i tryed to download the new gallaxy firmware to my samsung exhibit but i did not root my phone, i know it was stupid, but was is done is done well i used odin3 to do this and now when i turn on my phone its a white screen or its nothing. i can still get my phone in download mode but i am wondering if i can reset the phone some how with out going in recovery mode becoause i am not able to do so or if i can download samsung exhibit firmware some were so i can use odin3 to repair it. when i use odin 3 it pass it and resets it but then it wont reboot it so it finishes the download. my windows says the usb has failed please hlpe me someone thanks
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Nov 4, 2011 6:04:21 AM via Website

i've got an exhibit sgh-t759 firmware version 2.3.3 and imei unknown,how can i restore imei on this phone.
thank u
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Nov 7, 2011 2:53:45 PM via Website

Well you can't lose the number so there is no need to 'restore' you imei number.

If you want to find it out, it is either writen on the inside of your battery compartment or enter *#06# into your key pad.

Hope that helps
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Jan 10, 2012 2:50:15 PM via Website

Hello i was wonderin if any custom roms or recovery roms were made for samsung exhibit yet thanks
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Mar 24, 2012 1:54:59 AM via Website

Anyone know about an Exhibit 4g 3?