Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc — I'm back

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Mar 2, 2012 9:19:06 PM via Website

I've had a few issues with my Arc, mainly self inflicted. I changed my fascia, which was relatively easy. But at the same time I did manage to damage my WiFi antenna and some sort of pre-amp for the speaker... This is now 80% resolved, though waiting for a lower pcb to resolve the speaker issue. Anyhoo, any questions regarding Arc, Arc S, rooting, life etc. can be directed my way. Can't guarantee resolution, especially re the last topic, but that's life...


Mar 5, 2012 12:57:07 PM via Website

I could teach you a few more words, but I don't think you'd repeat them :O I discovered them when I not only damaged my speaker amp, but also my wifi antenna...


Mar 5, 2012 3:37:52 PM via Website

I got a replacement fascia from HK, as I had a crack above and below my light sensor(it's quite common, a stress fracture due to the Arc's design), managed to remove the original one quite easily but when removing the lower pcb(behind the 3 buttons) I presumed that a small, black square was a clip to hold it in place and pinched it. It was the amp, or something, for the speaker. Als,o the wifi has lost about 25% sensitivity but I dunno if that's a side issue of the lower pcb, though I'm ordering a replacement pcb(c£14)so once I've received that I'll be able to tell...