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Give Your Android a Makeover with These Stunning Holo-Themed Apps

Authored by: Steven Blum — Apr 9, 2013
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Say hello to Holo. It's finally here to stay.

While the design elements which made Android 4.0 so beautiful have been around since 2011, apps featuring a Holo design took a long time to catch on. Thankfully, they are becoming finally more widespread than their awkward, Gingerbread-looking predecessors. 

This past week, a number of high profile developers – including those behind Tumblr and Twitter –  have updated their apps to reflect Google's latest design language. 

A new blog called Android Niceties chronicles the best-looking Holo-themed apps for Android. The blog allows you to swipe back and forth to see huge, colorful screenshots of some of Android's most beautiful apps.  

It's not just about the space-age font. Holo apps are more likely to use a swipe interface for navigation and pull-down menus instead of homescreens. Some of them are absolutely stunning.

Some of my favorites include Google Keep, Expense Manager, the new Tumblr, Viddy, Google Currents, Weather Eye, Pattrn, and Any.Do.

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But truthfully, there are so many beautiful Android apps that it's really hard to even make a top 40 list. Check out the website for over a hundred beautiful apps as well as links to the Google Play store where you can download them.

Which ones are your favorites?

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