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"Ok Google, I've had enough": how to deactivate Assistant

"Ok Google, I've had enough": how to deactivate Assistant

Yes, I agree the Google Assistant can be very useful and has evolved considerably since it first arrived on our phones, but what if it keeps coming up when you don't need it, or you just don't want your phone to be always listening? In this article, you'll find out how you can turn it off and go back to your old life before Google Assistant.

Why is it activated by mistake?

For me personally, I’m particularly annoyed that Google Assistant is activated without me having asked for it. The assistant appears multiple times whenever I unlock my smartphone. If I don’t need it (99% of the time), I have to close it before I can perform the actions I want. This happens because I might have accidentally pressed the Start button on my smartphone, which is set up to open Google Assistant.

Once it’s opened, the assistant captures your voice, analyzes it and performs the action you’ve indicated. You might even have your smartphone in your pocket and activate Google Assistant by accident. If you’re in the middle of a conversation, your device might pick up a fragment of what you've said and think you’re asking a question… and then answer you! This happened to me recently when I was talking to a friend. Suddenly, a voice from my pocket began to speak about the tomb of some Egyptian pharaoh. And believe me, at the time we weren’t in an exciting debate about Egypt.

How to turn off Google Assistant

If something like this has happened to you too and you’re sick of Google Assistant (even though you'll laugh at the more surreal searches), it’s time to turn it off. There are 3 different options that we’ll explain below.

Completely deactivate it

If you choose to disable Google Assistant completely, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google app and select Menu (the three bars)
  2. go to Settings
  3. Google Assistant section click Settings > Phone and disable the Assistant option
deactivate google assistant
Deactivate it and forget about it / © AndroidPIT

Deactivate the support button

In most cases, deactivating the Assistant button will be enough. This way, you’ll no longer be able to access Google Assistant via the start button, which will prevent you from accidentally activating it.

  1. In the Settings menu, select Applications, then Default applications, and then tap Device assistant app. 
  2. Here you can specify which assistant app you want to open when you press the start button. In my case, I could choose between Google and having no supporting app.

This is the least radical option, as you can continue using Assistant whenever you want, but without having to worry about it being activated unintentionally. Note that the exact wording of the path can vary, for example: Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps > Assist and voice input

deactivate google assistant2
The least radical option / © AndroidPIT

Uninstall updates

Google Assistant is a relatively new development, as it didn’t exist in previous versions of Google. If we could go back to those versions, we wouldn’t have the Assistant.

So it can be as easy as that: uninstall the updates and you’re free of Google Assistant. Of course, all the other novelties that you might like will also disappear...

  1. Under Settings > Applications, go to Application manager and search for Google.
  2. When you open the Menu (the three little dots), you’ll see the Uninstall updates option pop up.
deactivate google assistant3
You can also go back to a previous version / © AndroidPIT

What do you think? Does Google Assistant bother you or is just the opposite? Have you had any strange experiences with Google’s trusty sidekick? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Thanks. Good tip

  • Good luck people.




  • I called Vivo regarding this issue. They said that it was a compatibility issue with my bluetooth earphone. They tried it with asus and samsung oreo version and up and same results wherein effin GA keeps popping up even if it was already disabled. And they have no solution for this. I asked them to disable my default google app and they said they can't. Can anyone suggest a brand where I can disable my google app? I really don't need it anyway.

    • Try this...

      • I found that 4 days ago and, since i've nearly pulled all my hair out, tried it...ALAKAZAM! IT WORKED! That pesky little turd hasn't popped up once...even while wearing BT ear buds!

  • I UNINSTALLED GA and it STILL pops up. I followed the steps to disable it, then when that didn't work, I uninstalled the pest. The next thing I tried was updating Google. That worked...for about a week. Now it's back and I'm a heartbeat away from uninstalling Google...or disabling it if I can't uninstall.

  • CMF 2 months ago Link to comment

    I've had enough of GAssist. Even when disabled, it keeps stopping my apps to ask me if I want to turn it on! Gonna have to do the uninstall, but I'm nervous of what that will do to other features that I actually want. :(

  • Hate Google Assistant.
    Never knowingly asked to "assist" me and the first thing it decides to snoop on is communications with Revenue.
    Thanks for the instructions. However I assume Google will steal my info any way. (they are in fact quite evil, imo)

  • jigsaw 2 months ago Link to comment

    Google assistant is a pain. It's supposed to be disabled, yet when a call is ended call assistant pops up in the way

  • Carrie 4 months ago Link to comment

    Thank you for the hints. I have Android, but I wasn't able to fix it quite as you instructed...but it did help guide me towards the answer. For me, I had to go into my phone's settings, tap "Googke services", & from there I could click on "phone" & then disable/turn off assistant. Then also in my phone's settings & then Google services, I clicked on "search, assistant & voice" & then "voice" to delete voice recognition.

    As for weird experiences, I sure did have em!! I had only *partially* completely the process of having google assistant learn my voice (like, I hadn't even gotten to the point of training it yet before I got nervous about privacy issues & stopped the process...& honestly, I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't even read what I might've been agreeing to, which also made me nervous). The next night, I only had been using FB, on a private tab, which I closed before I went to bed.

    The next morning, I woke up, turned on my phone, & my browser was open to a Wiki page about FB. Because I hadn't done that, I hit the back button to see what might've caused it. A google search for FB showed. Hit back button again. Two seemingly non-sensical letters showed in another google search. Hit back button again. A porn site came up--& I never visit or search for porn sites!! Fearing a virus, I stopped hitting the back button.

    Also, google's official instructions on their site as to how to delete one's google assistant is to go to accountgoogle.com...But when I did that, I was brought to a page that tried to force me to accept some prize! & it wasn't just a 3rd party "pop-up"...I use Firefox in private mode to avoid such
    things. I found instructions somewhere else on Google, but when I try to get to the appropriate page (I think "privacy"), it gets 1/2-way through loading & then forwards me instead to a completely unhelpful page (I think security)...All very very fishy, if you ask me! Google has lost all my trust & respect now!!

    • Carrie 4 months ago Link to comment

      I just realized what might've caused the strange web history that showed up on my phone that time I woke up the day after I got partially (I thought) through the process of agreeing to have voice-activated google assistant. Even though I never said "OK Google" (which still makes the incident super scarey), when I laid down in bed (silently, by myself), I had the TV on (in sleep mode, set for 2 hours), with Court TV on...& it was showing a case about a man in FL (really) who's being tried for murdering his brother & parents, after his father supposedly kicked him out of the house because he broke his rule of not continuing to contact the cam girl/porn, which/who he had a serious addiction/obsession with...to the point that he stole $160,000 from his parents & $40,000 from his brother. During the surviving brother's (who didn't live with the parents) testimony, he mentioned that the father referred to the family members by their initials, so maybe that's why the two letters showed up in the google search. Obviously, their constant talk about the defendent's porn obsession explains the porn site in my browser history. Not sure why google looked up FB, though. Super duper creepy that my phone/google was obviously listening for who knows how many hours, though, without my saying "Hey google" & after I closed my browser & even closed my screen, though!!!

  • mzmaz 5 months ago Link to comment

    please....please....please....tell me how to get rid of GA before I delete Google for good. Cant do a thing with headphones on because it constantly pops up. Instructions given don't work (android tab) I feel I'm going mad!!!

  • What is "the Google app"?! I so do NOT want an app to satisfy my "Google" needs" (I have no need for THAT). Also, the app named "Google" does not have this kind of setting (Android 9).

  • Matt F 6 months ago Link to comment

    When my headphones are plugged in, Google Assistant interrupted every 5-10 minutes to ask if I needed anything. I deactivated it.
    Now, it makes the volume fluctuate and a window at the bottom of the screen is there to "Turn On."
    This is obscenely frustrating. I want it gone. Off my phone. This will be THE MAJOR consideration when choosing my next phone.
    Do not install or activate ANYTHING without my permission.

    • The bloody thing began doing this on my tablet now also and proved do annoying that I had to search again for how to disable the thing on my tablet, leading me here. So much for Google's original tenet of "Don't be evil". They've turned into the same ilk as Micro$oft. 😠

    • kat 5 months ago Link to comment

      I'm having this same issue. I really feel like I've done everything to try and get rid of it but it won't stop bothering me even though GA is not activated on this phone and I've restricted the permissions.

      Someone PLEASE help

    • I agree wholeheartedly! The same thing happens to me and it drives me insane! Hopefully this last fix, or rather, 2 fixes will correct the problem so I do not have to resort to simply removing Google from my phone. I am curious though Mart who you are telling not to "install or activate ANYTHING without my permission." Who else but you would be doing this?

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