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How to fix ''Google Play authentication is required'' error

The "Google Play authentication is required" error is a surprisingly common problem on Android devices. It makes you realize just how much you rely on Google products for your smartphone activity, especially the Play Store. The good news is that it's a super easy problem to fix. Let us show you how to fix this Google Play authentification error in three easy steps.

androidpit google play store hero 2
The Play Store is your friend, but sometimes your frenemy too. / © AndroidPIT

1. Simply remove your Google account

The error may simply be a sign-in issue, which sometimes occurs when the Play Store is updated. The first trick is to go into your phone's main Settings menu and then Accounts and simply remove the Google account you have registered (the one that's getting the "authentication is required" message). Once you've done this, you can re-add the account and it should work just fine. However, you may need to do this step along with the second step below.

authentification error guide 1
Go into Settings > Accounts. / © ANDROIDPIT
authentification error guide 2
Find the Google Account that's receiving the error message. / © ANDROIDPIT
authentification error guide 3
Then remove that account and re-add it. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Clear data from the Google Play Store

To clear data from the Play Store, you need to go into Settings and then Applications and find the Google Play Store. Tap it and than select Clear data. (You can try just clearing the cache first, if you like, but clearing data will clear the cache as well). If the previous step didn't work for you, you may find that it does if you repeat it after carrying out this step. 

authentification error guide 4
Go into Settings > Applications and select Google Play Store. / © ANDROIDPIT
authentification error guide 5
Tap on Clear Data and confirm when prompted. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Uninstall Play Store updates

Sometimes the problem is not with your credentials but the Play Store itself. Go to the Play Store in Settings > Applications and hit Uninstall updates. This will take you back to the original version of the Play Store that was installed on your device. Then, all you need to do to fix the error is install the latest version of the Google Play Store and sign in once again.

authentification error guide 6
If the problem lies with the Play Store itself, go into its settings and uninstall the updates. / © ANDROIDPIT
authentification error guide 7
Uninstalling Play Store updates will set it back to the version that came on your phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

If you're still having problems after trying all these steps, run through them again in this order, rebooting your phone between the steps: remove Google account, reboot, uninstall updates, install new Play Store, reboot, add account, and so on. Just keep trying until you the error goes away. 

Have you suffered from the "authentication is required'' error in Google Play before? How did you solve it? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Thanks -- insanely well prepared information, thanks. "Clear data" worked in this case. What a relief!
    I have a Nexus 6P, which has proven to be a great improvement over the Samsung it replaced and I enjoy having a "tidy" Android environment, but sure enough the dreaded "login retry" arrived and slowly the apps became so out of date, things got ... ugly. I tried deleting my account (after backup) as my own idea, along with several other "brute force" attempts to shake myself free from this mobius loop and no luck, but the simplest idea proved the best: delete data. After a black screen and a reboot, Google Play Store (what an odd name) revived itself and promptly took on the task to "update all" (which also gave me the opportunity to delete 20+ apps that I just don't trust with access beyond the bare minimum I think could possibly be useful.)
    I still need some tips on finding the offending app(s) that's causing UI pauses and hiccups (the phone is still damn fast, but it clearly has one or more apps interrupting the UI, causing stutters.)

  • I tried all method including to install the latest Google Play Store apk but it still doesn't work... :( Note: I'm using NOX Emulator

    • Just search for the apk from the net, and install it manually. It will even work on a tablet.

      • Many apks on the internet are modified to add some harmful behaviors like steal your information, auto send sms... Do what you want but always know the risk.

  • I was having this problem on an old Motorola Xoom tablet and tried these steps repeatedly and was still getting the same error. The ONLY solution for me was to do a Factory Reset. It's now working wonderfully! It was very much worth going through the Factory Reset process.

  • Moises 2 months ago Link to comment

    Thnx m8! It wurked liek a charm!

  • What worked for me: I went to the phone 'Settings', 'Accounts', 'Google', then I clicked on my email address. There is a list of all apps that Google syncs with. There was a 'Sync error' message on some. However, 'Sync Chrome' was disabled. I found it odd, so I enabled it and synced everything again by selecting 'More', then 'Sync now' or 'Sync all'.

    I went back to the Play Store and the Authentication message was gone :D

  • I have an HTC One Max phone. One of the HTC apps needed to connect to my Google account. After months of not being able to update my apps or access my Gmail, I finally figure it out. So, whatever phone brand you have, like Samsung or LG, try the pre-installed apps from that brand.

  • After doing all these things also authentication fails . Is it necessary to put sim card.

  • It does not work, I flow this step, it also has the authentication error .

  • I am trying an Andriod device after 4 years of using my iphone 5 (worked pefectly 2012-2016 until it felt in the sea), and Now, I get this fucking error in first five minute of using an Andriod device. I am done.

    I recently bought Xiaomi Redmi 3 and I was facing the same problem. The ONLY thing you should do is to download the latest version of Google Play Services Apk and I strongly recommend you to visit the site androidapksfree and search for the latest verison. Hope this will work for you guys :)

    • jas meaja 4 months ago Link to comment

      Hi thanks, this is exactly what i need because above steps are not working for me

    • Mithun 3 months ago Link to comment

      Thank Your Suggestion Worked for me

    • Artemis - you're an angel! I also have Xiaomi Redmi 3 (Pro) and your solution is the only thing that worked. The other solutions suggested here perhaps work on other phones but for mine it just made the bad situation even worse. Worth mentioning that it's important to choose the proper version for your Android version and device type.

    • Keith K 2 months ago Link to comment

      I recently reactivated an old Samsung Galaxy S and had this problem. I tried ALL of the suggestions I found online and this is the ONLY one that worked. Thank you!!

  • H E L L O , i didn't need to remove my google account - i just uninstalled the Google Play Store updates (as of above) and everything worked fine . . . so i suggest trying this first . . . saves the unneccessary hassle of removing your account . . .

  • I'm having the authentication error message as well. I have followed your instructions, as well as everyone else s on this problem. My issue is when I get to Uninstall Updates, unfortunately I don't have that on my screen, therefore I cant complete the fix. Could you please help with this. I am getting really frustrated. I can use the Play Store to download, but when I want to download games that's when the issue occurs. I have a Note 4.

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