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How to log out of Facebook Messenger

A while back, Facebook forcefully decided Facebook Messenger had to stand apart from Facebook. Oddly, the app doesn’t have a logout button like the original Facebook app: once you're in, you're in for life, and lots of people aren't happy about that. That's why today, we’ll show you the roundabout way to logout of Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook Messenger doesn't let you log out. But we can show you how. / © ANDROIDPIT

To log out of Facebook Messenger, you need to go into the Settings of your Android device.

  • Close the app if you have it open, and get rid of it from your recent apps list, otherwise this trick won’t work.
  • In Settings, scroll down to the Apps or Application Manager, and scroll down until you see Messenger.
  • Tap on this, and Clear data.

Now when you go back to tap on Messenger in your app drawer, you should see that it won't log you in automatically. That said, your profile name will be there, so you can just tap on it to start Messenger, without needing to sign in.

If you want to completely log out, so that your name doesn’t even show up, then you need to sign out of the Facebook app as well, since Messenger is now completely integrated. If someone else wants to use your phone to check their Facebook messages, they just need to tap Switch Account to sign into their own account.

how to log out
You can't sign out of Messenger from the app. You need to go into Settings on your device. © ANDROIDPIT

This workaround method is a bit annoying, but it’s the only way that you can do it for now. And Facebook don't seem keen to change the situation. If you are annoyed by Facebook in general, you might want to consider giving it the boot and trying one of our best Facebook alternatives.

What do you think of Facebook's decision to make Messenger a separate app? Does it annoy you that there's no log-out button? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Logging from the Facebook messenger application is quite tricky, the user can not easily logout from it, here you will some bets tips to logout from the Facebook go through this blog

  • i wish i could just click log out like i can with my Facebook profile.

  • Another way to access your messages without installing messenger is to go to the browser settings, I use chrome. Check the box that says view desktop version. Its annoying but not as annoying as messenger.

  • AJP 4 months ago Link to comment

    Thanks, for those who can't find the clear data button, it is inside the storage option.

  • I HATE THAT THERE IS NO LOG OUT and that fb on my phone makes u get messenger!! Also HATE that it tells people when u were last active !
    This article doesn't work for me cuz there is no "clear data" option in my application mgr apps, just "force stop"

  • De Roxen 7 months ago Link to comment

    Very Simple
    TRICK 1
    1. Open in browser______
    2. Than go to account setting
    3. Than Security Setting
    4. Than where are you loged in
    5. Than Log out all sessions

  • Actually a simple trick is to go to the switch account panel and then retype the accou t info that is logged in and this somehow helped me to log out :)

  • I went to settings then apps find messenger click force stop and it will stop it until you click on messenger app and it will reconnect back on. They should log out with your Facebook it is so annoying

  • It sucks! i logged in my mom's phone and it keeps sending my account's notifications to her phone even tho i switched it to her account.. mine won't disappear until i delete de app!

    • d.o 7 months ago Link to comment

      same thing happened to me!! I logged in on my mom's phone and it keeps sending notifications to her phone.
      how did you fix it??

  • Thanx!

  • It's ok for me when using separate app face and messenger. But I wish that when logout facebook app, the messenger also logout.

  • I've gotten a very simple way sign out of messenger completely.
    Go to your facebook account Go to account settings,general settings,and change your password when it's done,check "log me out of other devices" . And now you are out of messenger, you can now log in with any account you want to log in with

  • I got a better trick for all type of messanger. andriod, iOS or any operating system. Just open facebook in app or any browser. Go to setting>Select Security Setting>See Active sessions 0r Where u loged in or like that> Open it> you will get your current sessions. you search messanger.> When you find it Click on End Session, Or Remove or Click (the options are different for different browsers but all have same function). when u would have done this. You have loged in your messanger successfully. To check open messanger again. you will get message. log in session has expired, plz re login. You can also use this trick to log out your account remotely from any system if you have left loged in. Give Me feed back if you like

  • I don't like Messenger as a separate app. I am not annoyed of not having any logout option as this option isn't available on Whatsapp too. The thing I hate about Messenger is that when switching from the Facebook app to Messenger it is much laggy. Rhe switching process needs to be smooth.

  • bj folk Nov 12, 2015 Link to comment

    I just downloaded Mess yesterday and I somehow punched enough stuff and it logged out... on my Note 5 here's the secrets: go to your home screen, a round Mess icon should be visible somewhere (for one touch fast entrance back into the Mess), this icon moves around if you press down on it, but when I pressed down long enuf, a "remove" button appears below, then drag the icon down to the remove and Mess shuts down. It was just like removing an app shortcut! I checked the status in running apps and it was off. This may not work for other makes and models, but is worth a try!

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