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Best parental control apps to make your device kid-safe

When it comes to security, nothing is left to chance. The Play Store is overflowing with apps of all genres and those designed for parental control are no exception. How do you choose which app to use to secure an Android tablet or smartphone so you can let your child have free - and safe - use of the device? Here’s our selection of the best Android parental control apps!

One thing is for sure: the best form of security is you, the parent, by teaching our children the rules for using a smartphone or tablet and supervising their activities. At least in theory that's the case; we know that in practice, it’s not always as easy as that! In addition to this, depending on the age of our children, it’s hard to always keep tabs on them. The following apps have their varying strengths and weaknesses regarding the desired use.

Kid’s Place

Kid’s Place is one of the best apps that allows you to limit your kids' access to certain apps or functions on your smartphone or tablet. It has various options, such as auto-restarting applications when they have been exited by accident, or blocking the home button. In addition, you can create several profiles that are personalized. All this app is missing is a safe Internet browser and ti would have the full package.

androidpit FR kids place
The interface can be customized according to your and your child’s needs. © AndroidPIT
  • Tested version: 2.7.9
  • File size: 5.47 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 4.0.3
  • Price: 30-day free trial with following membership fees

Norton Family

What could be better for child-proofing our devices than our good friend Norton? The well-known computer antivirus software also helps with security for your children online, and it does a great job. There is a version you can buy however, the free version already offers a lot of options: search engine history, usage times and even supervised use of social media. All these are available on a tablet or smartphone, just like on a computer. However, be warned: the internet filter often asks for adult verification, don’t hesitate to block sites that you want to be blocked. 

The app is interesting but perhaps a little lax if you want more protection. It also requires you to create an account and to pay membership fees at the end of the 30-day free trial.

  • Tested version:
  • File size: 8.75 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 4.0.3
  • Price: 30-day free trial with following membership fees

Kid's Shell

Kid's Shell makes the cut because it does what you tell it to do. It works like Kid’s Place: you open an app when your child wants to use the device, and it will show a personalized interface that they can’t exit. Strangely, to switch to unprotected mode, you just have to solve a math problem. If your child is mathematically minded, this offers no protection for you.

A Pro version provides supplementary options, such as creating folders and limiting usage times.

androidpit FR kids shell
Kid's Shell replaces your usual home screen. © AndroidPIT
  • Tested version: 2.1.8
  • File size: 7.22 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 2.3
  • Price: free with in-app purchases

Xooloo App Kids

Xooloo App Kids is a great parental control app. It is very simple to set up and has many options possible. A few small points: adverts and in-app purchases appear on screen, but you aren’t able to click on them. There is a version available for purchase that offers a secure browser, where all pages have been verified, allowing you to avoid any nasty surprises. It’s a good way of securing your kid’s activities without playing bad cop at the same time.

  • Tested version: 3.1.5
  • File size: 16MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 4.0.3
  • Price: free with in-app purchases

Parental Control

It’s not a typical parental control app but a launcher, like Nova Launcher for example. With this app, you can configure what your child will see when they use the app. If you click on the home button, a warning message will tell you that you cannot change interfaces. The only solution for switching is to enter a 6-digit code that you will have chosen in advance. It’s also possible to configure the apps and the usage time limit of the smartphone.

control parental final
Parental Control. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Tested version: 3.3.4
  • File size: 8.83 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 2.3.3
  • Price: free with in-app purchases

Parentsaround Parental Control

Parentsround Parental Control can also be purchased from the Play Store, however, you have a 30-day free trial that will allow you to try it out before you decide to buy it. The app has the advantage of having multiple platforms: you can use it on a computer, tablet or smartphone and everything is controlled through a synchronized web interface. A small point: the secure browser can be adapted to suit your child’s age.

  • Tested version: 1.4
  • File size: 7.22 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 2.2
  • Price: 30-day free trial with following membership fees

Extra: DinnerTime Plus

With DinnerTime, your children will be seated at the table at dinner time because, with this app, you can take control of their device and turn them off so that they can’t use them during a certain period. You can also create a list of apps that they can’t use during planned breaks.

Through your own smartphone, you can control the breaks by simply pressing the “Take a Break” button. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also supervise their activities in real time and allocate specific times to use certain apps. In summary, this one app controls everything.

androidpit FR dinnertime
No more problems at the dinner table. © AndroidPIT
  • Tested version: 1.4
  • File size: 7.22 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 2.2
  • Price: 30-day free trial with following membership fees

 Do you know of any other apps? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!



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  • I see comments here from 2015, is this the most up to date information?

  • I use ESET Parental Control . It has more features and allows my son to send me a request if some app or URL is blocked directly from app installed in Parent mode in my smartphone. except location tracking I can send him a special message which cannot be ignored until he confirms read button on message lock screen. I tried several apps, but this looks the best one . J.

  • Daisy Jun 2, 2015 Link to comment

    this is a pretty nice update but there is a lack of overall mobile control. I mean features like IM messages tracking you will need it to prevent sexting and cyberbullying.. Plus, I know this article is focused on Android apps but does these also work on iPhones? I know pumpic. com parental control does, any others?

  • I monitor my kids' phone calls and texts using iKeyMonitorand I don't care who calls me nosy or invasive. There are lots of Internet horror stories on the TV and online. They are usually the products of kids not realizing the danger of the virtual world. They made arrangements to meet in real life, posted inappropriate pictures on the internet, etc. They don't even trust their parents even if they get any troubles, instead, they will ask their online buddies for help, who may make use of your innocent children.