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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be a clam shell design and cost $1,000

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be a clam shell design and cost $1,000

Samsung is working on the Galaxy Fold 2 which, in addition to offering a different design than its predecessor, should also be available for a lower price. Here's everything we know about what could be one of the most affordable folding smartphones of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: a new shell design

Following its launch in the USA, the Galaxy Fold was recently made available for purchase on the European market. Samsung's first and intriguing foldable smartphone has had some difficult days but the South Korean brand does not waste time and is preparing to release its successor known under the code name Bloom.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy fold test foto 28
The Samsung Galaxy Fold first generation / © AndroidPIT

The Galaxy Fold 2 should feature a new shell design (suggested by the brand itself during the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 last October) in the style of the Razr 2019 that leaves room for two displays: a main 8.1-inch and a smaller external one dedicated to notifications and other basic information such as battery life and the time.

Samsung seems to have applied for the registration of the trademark Hideaway Hinge, which can be translated as a concealed hinge, at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). This hinge could be the one integrated into the Galaxy Fold 2, even if it is not possible to confirm it at the moment.

Such a design should allow you to put your smartphone in your pocket and enjoy a larger display only when needed. Something that many users seem to want and the enthusiasm around the Motorola Razr 2019 seems to confirm this.

The display, and easily it could be damaged, was one of the main criticism of the first Galaxy Fold. The problem with having a flexible screen is that you have to come up with a solution other than glass. After all, glass doesn't really bend, right? Well, according to a report in Korean media today, glass does bend!

News has surfaced that Samsung has struck a deal with local manufacturer, Dolnsys, to provide a bendable cover glass exclusively for the Galaxy Fold 2. The ultrathin, ultradurable glass panel would solve a lot of the issues that the first Fold has, ultimately causing it to be delayed for several months. The current polyimide (PI) display, supplied by Japanese firm Sumitomo, would therefore be ditched.

Apparently, the structure of glass is not as rigid once you get down to 100 micrometers thin, and Dolnsys is claimed to have developed tempered glass that is just 30 micrometers thick. According to the reports, Samsung is throwing investment at Dolnsys in order to ramp up production so that enough of these screens can be manufactured in time for the release of the Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy Fold 2: when will it launch and at what price?

Before we can enjoy the new Galaxy Fold 2 there will not be too long a wait (unless there's an unexpected delay, of course!). The new South Korean foldable could be released already in early 2020 (the Mobile World Congress could be the right opportunity to make it official on the international market) and to suggest it and the African department of the brand itself that has made public the support page for the foldable known by the code SM-F700F.

Interesting are the indiscretions of the price, decidedly lower than the first generation. According to the Korean Herald, the Galaxy Fold 2 should cost about 1,000,000KRW (Korean Won), which on the international market should result in about $1,000 - essentially half of what the first one cost.

Other than that, little else is known about the Galaxy Fold 2. I wouldn't expect to have to wait much longer than next spring before we see some kind of official reveal from Samsung though. Such is the smartphone market these days, new devices tend to be launched every six months from the big boys, and foldables will probably follow that schedule too once they get up and running.

What do you think about the idea of having bendable glass rather than polyimide on a foldable phone's display? Let us know in the comments below.

The images in this article show the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Via: PhoneArena

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  • That's something new. Will see, hope that Samsung created a really good device

  • its amazing glass i really like it

  • Why did they put on the market a device that was not ready in the first place (and who forked out money to buy it) ? It is not just Samsung but it seems a widespread trend. Consumers pay for the development.

  • storm 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    Have to see how durable it is

  • So this confirms my reluctance to purchase early versions of a totally new product.
    Yes I'm all for tech progression but I'm not going to waste money just to appear relevant.
    The Fold is a great progression but in reality it is version 7 and above that's closer to the desired product.
    I understand that tech manufacturers have always drip fed devices with incremental upgrades. It is seen as a achievement if designers can bring a product to market over a 5 or 10 year timeline.

    Apple and Samsung are masters at making a product stretching.

    Apple though have been exceptionally good with the IPhone, very minimal annual changes branded and tarted up as another must have.

    Samsung has had rounded edge to edge screen technologies for years - they could have easily brought out infinity display years ago, but no each year we get the same device but with a extra few millimetres of viewable screen.

    Gotta keep on buying...


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