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The S-Pen is getting its own camera for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

First comes the Galaxy S10, then a few months later the new Galaxy Note. That's the tradition at Samsung. There will also be a new S-Pen in the Note, of course. The stylus has long been more than just a pen, and it will become even more useful in the future - with its own camera.

A patent application shows how Samsung envisages the next generation of the S-Pen. According to the concept, a camera lens will be located at the rear end of the pen, where a push button is currently located. The system is operated via the familiar button on the side of the S-Pen. A little further down in the new S-Pen, which we expect to see for the first time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, is the necessary board with the electronics, which of course has to be extremely small.

samsung galaxy note 10 s pen
The patent application for the new S-Pen / © Patently Mobile

Camera in S-Pen brings Galaxy Note 10 optical zoom

The camera isn't just some kind of gimmick, Samsung has come up with something special for it. The Korean company apparently wants to use the length of the pen to make optical zoom with the camera possible. For space reasons, this is hardly possible with a smartphone that is only a few millimeters thick. With the S-Pen the Galaxy Note 10 could get a camera with a real optical zoom.

However, as with all such patent applications, caution is required because the existence of the application does not mean that the manufacturer will actually use the technology. It is possible that the new S-Pen will appear in the summer together with the Galaxy Note 10, but don't be too surprised if it doesn't.

The S-Pen becomes more and more important

The S-Pen has been part of Samsung's flagship phablet since the very first Galaxy Note and is indispensable for fans of the smartphone series. Over the years, Samsung has continually added new features to the pen, both in terms of hardware and software. The pen in the Galaxy Note has thus become a truly unique selling point that other manufacturers cannot offer - not a bad thing in times of interchangeable smartphone designs.

Do you like the idea of a camera inside the S-Pen and would you like to see it in the Galaxy Note 10?


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  • No notch an a camera built into the s-pen. Sounds good to me. Samsung always diving deep into a new innovation!

    • Pat 1 week ago Link to comment

      I've always said that I'm going to keep my Note 4 until it becomes more expensive to fix it than to replace it because of the removable battery, the ability to add sd cards and also because I don't want to spend $1000 to $1200 dollars on a new phone while my Note 4 still has more features than I'll ever use. However, a camera in the s-pen might at least make me think about changing my mind. I would need to know more about how it works though as well as how much it will increase the cost of the phone, and will it be included on the Note 10, not be available until the Note 11, or just be another feature they're experimenting with that will never show up.