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Which side are you on when it comes to screen rotation?
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Which side are you on when it comes to screen rotation?

Android comes with many interesting and useful functions, which can be more or less helpful depending on how you use your phone. But there is one function that has divided Android users: automatic screen rotation. While this function is really handy for some users, others just can't stand it. 

Admittedly, I'm in the camp of people who don't like the automatic screen rotation feature. I leave it permanently deactivated on my Android device but occasionally, I might lend my phone to a friend to show them a video or photos from my last holiday, and when I get my phone back, I find the screen madly and unexpectedly rotating and flipping round at 90° or 180°.

Many people find this functio particularly useful for looking at photos without needing to zoom or to type messages out more quickly with a bigger keyboard.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge tips and tricks
Automatic screen rotation or not? © ANDROIDPIT

Sometimes I use both hands to type on the keyboard but I don't leave the automatic screen rotation switched on. I must admit that, very rarely, I have activated the function to look at videos or play games but for the most part, I leave my phone in vertical rotation to avoid this irritating flip-flopping every time I unlock my phone.

The moment that I was most infuriated was when I was lounging on my couch trying to read my emails and check Facebook

AndroidPIT Scott surviving 2
Stop spinning! © ANDROIDPIT

I tried leaving this function activated for 24 hours but ultimately, I simply could find a convincing enough reason to change my old habit and leave it on. The moment that I was most infuriated was when I was lounging on my couch trying to read my emails and check Facebook, and it was just impossible to do so with the automatic screen rotation switched on. I could have just lay on my back and that would have solved the problem, but I probably would have got arm cramps after a while.

So what about you? Do you leave this feature activated or deactivated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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    Deactivated Account Jul 21, 2017 Link to comment

    I like autorotation and keep it enabled, if I need to lock rotation, which is very rare for me, it's just a quick pull on the notification/quick settings shade away.

  • I keep mine on portrait, but use tasker just for those apps that I use in landscape giving me complete control

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Jul 19, 2017 Link to comment

    deactivated mostly.. especially on smartphones which I mostly use in portrait.

  • It's not clear in the poll above what ticking means? That you like auto rotate or agree with the statement? FWIW, I like autorotate.

  • I don't know what type of device you have, but I've always found screen rotation on my Samsung Galaxy phones (S3, S5, S6, S7 Tab S2) to operate perfectly.

    Yes the majority of usage is done in Portrait mode, but if I want to watch a video or look at a photo I prefer Landscape mode.
    Having the automatic rotation activated means that I can easily slip between the two modes, I very rarely have had the device switch between viewing modes when it shouldn't, though my father has a relatively cheap Smartphone and tablet which can flip when you don't want it to.

    I suppose it's one of those things that's personal to everyone.

    Peace 🖖🏼

  • I leave it on & fight with it. I like to rotate the screen if I am typing a long text or email.

  • Always desactivated but sometimes I use it to see videos on web. For photos, I prefer to rotate the photo itself with rotation tool so I don't have to always turn on the auto rotation.

    Deactivated Account

  • It always annoys me so much when I forget to turn if off.

    Deactivated Account

  • Jos Jul 19, 2017 Link to comment

    I leave it on most of the time. Occasionally I turn it off in bed.

  • One of the best applications on phones,and always you auto rotating on,its very good when you want to view videos on your phone's, and with screens getting bigger watching videos on my S8 plus is just amazing

  • I use both and both annoy me lol

  • I always leave it turning off. I used to using phone in vertical rotation except watching videos. So with the automatic rotation on, I will be crazy every time I lay down on the bed to play my phone. I have to hold the phone in a strange direction or angle to keep it in vertical for me to watch the screen!

    Deactivated Account

  • First world problems...

    Deactivated AccountRick

  • I used to leave it on, mostly for viewing websites more easily, but found it annoying at times. My rotation function broke last week, however (must have dropped my phone one too many times), and I haven't missed it.