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5 reasons your Android battery is charging slowly

You know the deal: hot date lined up for tonight, got home late from work, no chance of your battery lasting all night and only 15 minutes to charge. But your battery always seems to take so much longer to charge than everyone else's so you know that won't be enough. So what's the deal? Why is your battery always slow to charge? Here are the main culprits and what you can do about them.

Watching that battery meter slowly increase doesn't have to be so painfully slow. / © AndroidPIT

Your cable sucks

The first offender in any case of slow-charging should always be your USB cable. Just take a look at it: guilty as hell. Considering the awful treatment my USB cables undergo, it's no wonder that it is usually why my phone won't charge faster.

USB cables get bent, twisted, coiled, run over with chair wheels and generally abused: all of these are not very good for maintaining a solid connection and flow-through of power. Be sure to check the ends too: they can very easily get full of fluff.

nexus 5 cable
Yeah. Not good. I'm sure you can tell why this USB cable needs to be replaced. / © ANDROIDPIT

Your power source sucks

The next obvious question is where are you getting your power from? If you have a USB cable plugged into your laptop then your phone is going to charge insanely slowly and you'll deserve it. Likewise Qi wireless charging. While Qi is brilliant technology, that brilliance comes at the cost of speed.

Your best bet is to have your phone plugged direct into mains power at the wall socket. But even this can be problematic, especially if you're in an old building where the wiring might be a little sketchy. If you think this could be the problem, move to another outlet (and then call an electrician).

samrtphone usb laptop
Charging your phone through your computer will slow it down. / © ANDROIDPIT

Your charger sucks

To complete the trifecta, if it's not your power source or your cable, chances are that it's the actual adaptor you're using that is causing your battery to charge slowly. There's a reason every manufacturer provides a specific USB adaptor for each phone they ship.

Switching adaptors between phones can mix-match voltage, wattage, ampage and general powerage. So stick with the adaptor that came with your phone or at the very least take a look at the fine print on it and replace it with another adaptor of the same type.

ZENS Single Wireless Charger 3
Using Qi wireless charging will also take longer than cabled charging. / © ANDROIDPIT

Your phone sucks

Sorry, but it's true. If you're sitting there wondering why your Galaxy S2 takes so long to charge it's because your phone sucks. Newer processors not only support fast charging, but newer phones even come with turbo charging chargers. The Galaxy S6, for example, can get your four hours' worth of usage after just ten minutes plugged in.

Other phones that support fast charging will have a lightning bolt icon on the charger itself), possibly along with turbo charging output figures. Your phone can also become a pocket lint cave too, so check your microUSB port and make sure the little flap in the port isn't bent while you're looking in there. Your battery might just be kaput too, so ask yourself how old it is.

Micro USB
Old phones, fluff in the port or bent connectors can all cause your battery to charge slowly. / © ANDROIDPIT

You suck

It's true - you're the worst thing preventing your phone charging quickly when you can't keep your hands off it. Seriously, if time is of the essence, your best bet is to leave it alone. Mindlessly scrolling through your Insta feed while watching your battery percentage go nowhere is no one's fault but your own.

So leave your phone alone when you charge it, or better yet, turn it off entirely. That's actually the absolute best way to charge a phone quickly: turn it off, plug it into a wall with the original charger and have your socks off when you come back to it. Even after as little as 15 minutes. Now put a nice outfit on - your hot date awaits.

AndroidPIT Swing Copters teaser
Fighting the urge to use your phone while it's charging will help it charge faster. / © ANDROIDPIT

How long does your phone take to charge? How do you usually charge your phone?



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  • Singularly unhelpful.

  • i find this article very amusing. why are people even getting butthurt from an article?

  • I have the same phone as my friend (Reason 4 eliminated), used same power source, charger and cable which he uses (reason 1,2,3 eliminated) and left the phone undisturbed (reason 5 eliminated), still his phone charges quicker than mine. So, actually YOU SUCK for shitting anything on internet.

  • My battery stuck at 3% when i use my charger so i bought universal charger then its OK now

  • This is a joke seriously you guys SUCK

  • Thanks for wasting my time. These are super obvious sources for this issue. Anyone smart enough to google this issue is smart enough to check if the charger or power source is the culprit. Im trying to use google to find an actual solution and smug cunts like you clog up the search results with your completely redundant articles that do nothing to help.

  • I am using lenovo vibex2. Since 6 months. Normally it takes 1.5 hrs to fully charged the battery. But now it takes more than 2.5 hrs and it's stucks at some50 percentages. It's battery is non removable and I found a slight bulging at the back cover.. . . PLEASE HELP ME, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? AND WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    • Teo Pony May 20, 2016 Link to comment

      Yeah...the bulge is really bad. It means the battery could burst at any given moment. And since you said you can't remove it...yeah get a new one.

  • Omg it's called humor people! I'm so tired rofpeople being so easily offended! Grow the hell up.

  • You are offending the public, and I'll have you know my uncle is a lawyer.

  • Wow this page is (suck) why you r mocking people thing

  • I have had my Samsung s4 for just over a year and just put a sd card in now it's taken Al day to change and still only 50%charged can anyone help

  • Another (tricky) one: many phones charge slower when using a 2.1A charger port (tablet), as compared to 1A port. This is counter-intuitive, as the 2.1A port should be able to provide an even higher current than the 1A port.

    The reason is that many phones does not correctly detect that 2.1A charger ports can provide more than 0.5A (500mA) and would fallback to a safe (slow) charge speed, resulting in very slow charging. The signaling for 1A ports is more simple and most phones will understand it. Actually, most of the phones will not use more than 1A anyway.

    Hope this will be considered helpful and ontopic:

  • I love how the S6 Edge Charges so fast And the wireless charger made for the S6 phone's is extremely fast.

    Even with the wireless charger they made for both S6 phone's they charge faster than any phone I've ever had even if it was turned off

    but their right plugging it into the usb charger is faster

  • My galaxy note 3 front and back camera not working from update to 5.0 lollipop

    • I feel you're pain my S5 was trashed after the 5.0 update

      Especially the camera the auto Focus wouldn't work at all heck I just couldn't get it to focus by any means I did several master resets spent hours on the phone with Samsung and Sprint

      Had the Samsung people at Best Buy flash the Software nothing worked

      I couldn't type online because it would suddenly move what I was typing back to the beginning of the sentence or the middle and when you tried to delete something you typed it would start adding jumbled letters instead of deleting them until you hit delete a few dozen times

      I was so happy that the S6 Edge went on sale when it did so I could rid myself of that update nightmare

    • install Lineage OS custom rom on your phone that will fix the problem.

  • I was really happy with my S5 charging - as Moni Mihailov says in these comments, about 2 hours for a full charge (on mains supply with the original charger, of course). However, I've just gone up from Kitikat to Lollipop 5.0.2 and now the charging time is unbelievably slow. What's gone wrong??

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