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AVG Acquires DroidSecurity, Maker Of Android Antivirus App

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Nov 11, 2010

Concerns regarding security on the Android platform have been growing in the recent months, and yesterday saw a big step toward a more secure Android experience with the acquisiton of Droid Security, a company that develops antivirus software for the Android platform, by AVG Technologies, a big name in antivirus and internet security industry.

Phandroid notes that Symantec, another big name in antivirus software, has made their own inroads into Android with their Norton brand of antivirus.

AVG's reasoning behind their acquisiton of DroidSecurity is below:

“AVG acquired DroidSecurity to accelerate our delivery of sophisticated mobile security and provide users around the world with the reliable and secure technology they need to confidently mitigate the risks associated with using mobile devices”

Whether or not we, as Android users, are already in need of antivirus software for our devices is debatable, but there is a market for it already. According to the AVG press release, estimates from within DroidSecurity indicate that "over 4.5 million Android mobile devices have downloaded DroidSecurity", which makes for a signifcant user base in which to sell a product.

EuroDroid points out that "AVG think there’s some merit in the product, probably because people are happily paying $9.99 for it."

If you want to read more, head on over to AVG's Newsroom for the rest of the press release.

Other Sources: EuroDroid, Phandroid, TalkAndroid

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Source: AVG Newsroom

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