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Best offline Android apps: helping you survive without the internet

Although mobile data and Wi-Fi are easier to come by than ever, there are still times (on holiday, the end of the month) when you're in the e-dark and in need of an app that works offline. In other cases, it might be a matter of privacy. On Android there are loads of great apps that function just as well offline as on. These are the best offline Android apps, now updated with our favorite offline note-taking app.

androidpit Samsung Galaxy Note4 3
No internet? Check out our list of the best offline Android apps. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Best offline weather app: AccuWeather

There is no such thing as a truly offline weather app. Like the other apps on our list, you need to use AccuWeather online at some point.  

However, AccuWeather wins our favor for this list because it provides an accurate 15-day forecast, which means that even if you are without internet for two weeks, you should still have some indication of whether you need a sombrero or a ski mask for your trip outside.

What's more, it does so in an intuitive package which takes just seconds to get to grips with. 

androidpit accuweather app
Get a precise, 15-day forecast from AccuWeather. / © ANDROIDPIT
AccuWeather Install on Google Play

2. Best offline eBook reader app: Amazon Kindle

eBook reader apps make excellent offline apps because they can keep you occupied for hours without needing to reconnect to the internet. Kindle is one of the best, not just because it gives you quick access to thousands of digital books, but also because it comes with all of the options you need for an excellent reading experience.

Buy a book (or pick up a free one), download it to your device, and then you can happily read it without ever connecting it to the internet again. Google Play Books is a similar alternative, but the occasional syncing problems I've experienced means it's my second choice.

androidpit kindl store app
Once you've downloaded an eBook, you can jump in and read it offline. / © ANDROIDPIT
Amazon Kindle Install on Google Play

3. Best offline travel app: TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

TripAdvisor is the rightful king of travel apps. Supported by a thriving community, it offers reviews, photos and feedback from fellow travellers, then ranks attractions and activities based on what those people say.

TripAdvisor used to have dedicated City Guides which could be downloaded externally, but now all of this functionality is baked into the one app, including offline access to reviews, maps and photos of more than 300 cities.

If you’re travelling, you shouldn’t be without TripAdvisor Hotels Flights.

androidpit tripadvisor app
Get TripAdvisor for great offline info while travelling. / © ANDROIDPIT
TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants Install on Google Play

4. Best offline documents app: Google Drive

No, we haven't gone mad. Despite Google Drive being one of the leading cloud storage services in the world (i.e. storing all your files online), it also lets you download files and documents to your device. You can then work on these files offline, and they sync straight back up into the cloud when you get internet again.

To do this, tap the 'i' or Options icon of a file in Google Drive, then tap the switch next to Keep on Device. You can do this to as many files as you like, and Google Drive will let you work on them away from the cloud.

AndroidPIT how to transfer pics 13
Open a file, tap the hamburger (3 dots) icon, then tap 'Download & keep in sync' to store it for offline access. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Best offline app for saving things for later: Pocket

Pocket is one of the most popular offline reading apps on the Play Store. You can use it to download articles, videos, and other content you find online to your device, then read it offline later. You simply click on the share button on the article you want to save and select Pocket to read it later.

It has a beautifully designed interface and is a great way to make sure you don't miss out on content that you didn't manage to finish reading or watching the first time round.

AndroidPIT news pocket
Pocket collates online articles for you to read offline later. / © ANDROIDPIT

Download Pocket from Google Play

6. Best offline dictionary app: Offline Dictionaries

If you're in a foreign country and don't speak the language, it's crucial that you have a means of communicating with locals. Offline Dictionaries is a free Android app that sets itself apart from the others thanks to its large database of synonyms and support for more than 50 languages.

Upon launching the app, you download all the languages you'll want to refer to, then refer to the app freely without having to worry about internet connectivity.

androidpit offline dictionaries app
Download the dictionaries you need for offline use. / © ANDROIDPIT
Offline dictionaries Install on Google Play

7. Best offline translation app: Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the easiest-to-use and most effective translators out there. You can speak or type into Google Translate to get things translated into more than 90 languages.

These key features are available offline, so long as you download the languages you're looking to translate between. You can save your translations as well, so you can refer back to them later.

androidpit google translate update tap to translate 3
Downloaded the necessary languages before leaving for vacation. / © ANDROIDPIT
Google Translate Install on Google Play

8. Best offline map app: Google Maps

Using the old version of Google Maps offline was a little awkward, but since its most recent update, this functionality is better than ever. It's easy to download a by visiting the Offline areas tab in the settings menu. From there you can download full city maps, including Google's excellent navigation system, for use without internet.

The best part of all, any maps downloaded in your offline areas will be automatically removed after 30 days, so there's no need to worry about unused apps taking up storage space unnecessarily. 

AndroidPIT best gps navigation apps 0023
Go to Settings > Offline areas and download some maps for offline use. / © ANDROIDPIT
Maps - Navigation & Transit Install on Google Play

9. Best offline music app: Spotify

Not only does the Spotify app give you access to millions of tracks, but you can set it to sync your playlists in the background, meaning all your music is automatically available when you’re offline. What’s more, it’s easy to assign all of that music to a microSD card if you don’t want it taking up space in your phone’s internal storage.

The premium subscription to Spotify will cost you US$9.99 per month, but it's one of the coolest services around. There's nothing better than saving a couple of albums to your device while using the airport cafe Wi-Fi just before a flight.

AndroidPIT spotify 1 4
Just tap the Available offline slider in your Songs folder and the tracks will download to your device. / © ANDROIDPIT
Spotify Music Install on Google Play

10. Best offline podcast app: Pocket Casts

You may associate podcasts with online streaming, but you can also download all your favorite podcasts, giving you endless hours of listening pleasure. Pocket Casts is one of the best apps for doing this, letting you search for hundreds of thousands of podcasts across the internet, then downloading them to your device.

Pocket Casts allows you to automate downloads from your subscriptions so that, once you've decided what you want to be listening to, episodes will be downloaded in the background whenever you have access to Wi-Fi (or mobile data, if you're OK with that).  

Developer ShiftyJelly is clearly very smart – it's created an efficient, intuitive app which does everything you could ask for.

AndroidPIT pocket casts 3
Pocket Casts can automatically download episodes for offline listening. / © ANDROIDPIT
Pocket Casts Install on Google Play

11. Best offline note-taking app

The closest you can get to a trusty pen-and-paper duo on Android is a good offline note-taking app. There are plenty out there; indeed, we have a dedicated best note-taking apps list, but my personal favorite is Monospace. It's a wonderful, minimalist tool that offers very basic functionality at a very high level. There are text-formatting options like bold and italics, but otherwise it's very bareboned.

androidpit monospace app
Monospace is a great, simple and attractive offline note-taking app. / © ANDROIDPIT
Monospace - Writing and Notes Install on Google Play

What other Android apps are good to use offline? What do you think are the best ones? Share your top picks in the comments.


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  • Here is very good also offline maps

  • Who and another used Kiwix ?

  • Warren JB 5 months ago Link to comment

    Tried using Google Maps for the first time on my new Note 4, today. I was a bit stumped when it refused to work because it was offline. I'd just switched from a Windows phone with HERE Maps as the default map app, which worked just fine offline, and I started to miss it a little.
    I guess I can go fiddle with Google Maps settings now, but at the time, being a cheap bugger on pay-as-you-go and in a hurry, it was a touch inconvenient.

  • mogran 5 months ago Link to comment

    Doing God's work covering this

  • Greg CIJ 6 months ago Link to comment

    Accuweather offline?. When you reboot the phone (or if the app gets killed due to low memory) all weather data is lost and need a connection to get the data.

    • Thats it!! I dont know why he put Accuwheather in that list. I use Weather Timeline. It do works offline.

  • babubabu 7 months ago Link to comment

    Offline podcast is also a better way to spend the time on travel and vacation. My must-have point is numerous free audio and video radio podcast in the Featured tab, or browse Top Charts to see what's hot right now. So that I can add favorite radio and podcast to personal stations that stay up to date when new episodes become available. I personally installed CastBox APP from Google Play onto my phone and download many podcast episodes before I start the travel. I usually enjoy free music and stupid questions and jokes during the flight.

  • Google Maps is great, but it lacks full offline ability. Google Maps will cache your route so if you go through some dead zones, but will not reroute you if you are offline. Navigating some menus you can offline a section of a map, but the content expires after a set amount of time, is only one area, you have to do it ahead of time, and you cannot search for a destination or point of interest (POI) while offline. This is where GPS navigation software that can function completely offline is necessary.

    I have tried every major GPS navigation system for Android, and have settled on CoPilot GPS and Here. My favorite is CoPilot GPS, with Here coming in second. I paid $5 for CoPilot GPS Premium when they had a memorial day sale, and I know there is a free version, but even for the full retail $10 it is completely worth it. Many people may not be aware but GPS is a passive technology requiring no internet connection, as the device only receives information and does not transmit anything back. You can even use these safely on a plane (yes, even in Airplane mode) to see your location and speed. The entire US and Canada maps & POIs is 2.4gb (other countries are an additional reasonable cost), but you can download individual sections if you prefer. Here's map data tends to be twice as big, but the amount of data appears to be about the same, as the amount of POI data on both us unadvertised. CoPilotGps has many advantages such as a great POI browser, ability to see POIs on the active map as well as along your route (something Here and Google Maps does not have). In both, most POIs even have phone numbers.

    CoPilot GPS also has a fantastic voice navigation system which is so well done you could navigate easily on its voice prompts alone. Two advantages Here has is that it is free, and you can even navigate inside of shopping centers and airports level by level. My concern with Here is its future outlook & viability as Microsoft did not buy this part of Nokia, and Nokia recently sold Here to Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG. If you can afford the space, I recommend having both installed.

    • I agree with you Jason, another similar navigation technology is 'maps.Me' it's a nice offline app on Google store..... however the file size is too large around 500 MB but works like a charm :)

      • Kal Lo 5 months ago Link to comment

        Yes, Google map offline using is not okay for some countries when lets us download everywhere.

    • is awesome

    • I agree that Google maps lacks in offline features, but I use another app for that. I use OsmAnd ( You can download one or more open street map maps and that's it (an SD card is helpfull, but I've got a Nexus 5 with just 8GB and it works for just the Netherlands). I haven't tried any other apps, but I can say that OsmAnd is a good one!

  • The Kindle app is quite good as between Amazon's proprietary DRM format, *.MOBI and PDFs, but unfortunately in Canada does not support the OverDrive public library lending system - for that you need the OverDrive Android app, which works fine. The public library also provides mainstream magazines offline via Zinio, which went from terribly crashy to stable and good app last fall. I've found it useful to keep a second ereader (Moon+ Pro) for file formats Kindle won't support (I keep all my ebook files in sync together via a Dropbox folder, even including the self-synching Kindle stuff.)

    I agree with other comments about severe offline limitations of Google Maps. I've adopted OSMAnd, which also got a nice GUI facelift with v. 2.x last fall - the learning curve is too steep for me to bother with Here, but it certainly gets a lot of good comments.

    Update re Note Taking app: the best I've found is GNotes (Appest), which works well offline and on the fly, but also has the serious advantage of online sync and a good browser interface that works on PCs. The weekly shopping list is a collaborative project best done with online flyers on a big screen and synched across devices. GNotes is the bee's knees.

  • How can I update my whatsapp

    • www_whatsapp_com_android

      use dot . in place of _ and type that in ur Internet browser and download tha latest watsapp update.

  • Dean L. 8 months ago Link to comment

    So on this updated list I use the kindle app, Google Drive, Spotify, and have used pocket in the past (but will need to check out the updated version). As far as Google maps, I have not used it in offline mode after hearing about some of its limitations and having experienced some navigation shortcomings in the online mode I don't have confidence in the offline mode.

    But I'll have to check out some of the other apps listed in this article.

  • Thanks, this article was really helpful.

  • I am using Offline Dictionaries. it's a free Android app that sets itself apart from the others thanks to its large database of synonyms and support for more than 50 languages.


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