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Best USB battery packs and portable chargers

Update: Best USB Type-C battery pack

Carrying an external battery or portable power pack is the best way to avoid running out of power and being left with a dead phone, so we've compiled this roundup of the best portable chargers available. Whether you need to charge your phone multiple times during a weekend away or just want to top it up before the commute home, you'll find something to suit your charging needs.

Best USB Type-C battery pack

USB Type-C is found on more and more Android smartphones now, like the Google Pixel, and our best external battery recommendation in this category goes to the Anker PowerCore+ 20100.

Lowest price: Google Pixel

Best price

This one is our favorite because it charges fast, has a large capacity and is sturdier than its closest competitors. At around $50, it's not the cheapest charger on the list, but this isn't an outrageous price for something with a capacity of 20,100 mAh.

This amount of stored power will easily charge your Android device several times over, and it can even charge multiple USB Type-C devices at the same time! For those who are looking for standard Micro-USB charging, there's another Anker battery pack in this list too, which is ideal for a weekend away.

What's more, the PowerCore+ 20,100 features 10 LED lights on the face which display its current charge level rather effectively (some batteries only have a single on/off LED).

androidpit anker hero 2
Anker has the goods for USB Type-C charging. / © Anker

Best portable charger for your wallet

Yes, credit card-size batteries do exist, but the TravelCard's style and performance ensure it's our current number one for your wallet. The TravelCard charger's dimensions come in at around 3.1 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches and it weighs just 57 grams. Its incredible sleekness – it's about three credit cards thick and only a little longer – means it's perfectly capable of fitting in a normal-sized wallet.

The TravelCard comes with cables built into its body to guarantee a compact feel and its 1,500 mAh of power will fill most modern smartphone batteries by around 30-40 percent.

It’s not especially fast to load your device – largely due to limitations caused by its size and heat transfer – and it’s also expensive for the capacity it holds. What you are paying a premium for here is the convenience.

It’s a good idea, well-presented, and could help you out when you're in a tight spot. Find it at their site via the link below.

androidpit travelcard one hero
The TravelCard is small enough to fit inside a wallet. / © TravelCard

Best external battery for your pocket

We recommend the Limefuel Blast L25X as the best pocket-sized portable charger. It measures just 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches and weighs only 2.3 oz – about the same as lip balm.

The Limefuel Blast L25X holds 2,500 mAh of power, which is not quite enough to fully charge most modern handsets but it's enough to give it a quick boost. The Blast L25X's price and portability make it a great value, no-hassle charging solution.


androidpit limefuel blast l25x
For the best pocket-friendly battery pack, go with Limefuel.  / © Limefuel

Best external charger for your bag

The EasyAcc 6000 mAh is slightly larger than the Limefuel option above, both in battery capacity and physical size, but it's still reasonably portable and slightly cheaper. We recommend the EasyAcc 6000 mAh if you want a portable power source that can fully charge your device with juice to spare, and don't mind sacrificing a little ease when it comes to portability. 

It’s a cleverly designed external battery, featuring a built-in USB cable, which is neatly concealed in the side of the device, and it can charge two units at once. It's well-regarded and well-priced, and you can check it out at the Amazon link below.

androidpit easyacc 6000 power bank
The EasyAcc's 6,000 mAh capacity will charge most devices more than once. / © EasyAcc

Best external battery for a weekend trip

For a weekend trip, we recommend the Anker PowerCore 15600. Anker is a veteran of portable power solutions, and the PowerCore 15600 combines a high energy capacity with lightning fast charge times and a durable build.

The Anker PowerCore 15600 can charge two devices at once and is still small enough to carry in a bag. With enough power to charge the Galaxy S7 four times over (five times, in theory), this should be your go-to power bank when you're going to be away from a power outlet for a number of days.

The PowerCore 15600 used to cost more, but it's a crazy good value at its current price of $19.99.

androidpit anker powercore 15600 hero
The Anker PowerCore 15600 is little more expensive but gives a lot more juice. / © Anker

What's your favorite portable battery pack? Have any brands gone beyond expectations or let you down? Let us know in the comments.


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  • joost 2 months ago Link to comment

    So, all phones get thinner and thinner by a tenth of a millimeter... and as a price for that we have to carry an extra power pack. I so like the world we are living in...!
    (Not to forget the extra silicone drop-protection we all put around or phones, doubling the thickness of the original phone)

  • Alaxhoo 2 months ago Link to comment

    The highest rated

  • Portable power packs will soon start to be released by major manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei, I am sure. They are currently ignoring the market for portable power packs as they want to pretend that their batteries are so good that users won't even think of losing charge. Which is false of course. Once the fact that users aren't going to be fooled becomes clear to them, they're going to start making battery packs. Battery packs are going to become as much of a standard accessory as earphones.

  • With all this modern technogly we suppose to have, no one yet as solve the problem that nearly everyone is worried about when using your phone or tablet,, the BATTERY, Samsung did there Best when they offered the Removable battery option which was a super idea, but just because Apple never offered this, Samsung thought copying the iPhones an remove the removable battery they would gain iPhone users to there phones, Plastic battery covers were easier to remove but again the Android phone makers had to copy Apple again and offered solid backs so no battery could be removed, but instead of helping consumers with there batterylife on there phones when your paying so much for a phone or Tablet is totally disgusting, power banks might o. K for women with there handbags, but not good for men, bought some powerbank case for the S6 or S7 edge but makes your phone to bulky in your pockets, Samsung now after the Note 7 saga should think about bringing back the Removable Battery option to please future Note 8 users

  • Dean L. 2 months ago Link to comment

    I have four but they're all only USB which is universal. I usually carry at least two with one being an Anker that is able to power a tablet and which also provides many charges for a phone.

  • Actually, for the price, this one is far more superior. It is indeed not as well known of a brand as most but, you're not always getting top notch quality for the name brands... This beast lives up to the test and gets close to the actual mAH vs most that falsely advertise....

    Poweradd Pilot X7 20,000mAh

    It's only 23.99 on amazon.

  • The highest rated, reviewed and bought portable charger at the moment is by far the Anker Astro Mini.

    Currently on discount here: /product/anker-astro-mini-3200mah-external-battery-with-poweriq-technology-black/

  • In other words, whenever the sac is full, the pump empties it. ... by either external sources or rechargeable batteries located in the motor controller. ... These accessories include wearable accessories to facilitate mobility, surgical implant tools.

  • When the low battery problem in android's phone will be solved , how are these companies going to survive ?

  • Pretty cool. I personally think ChargeTech’s portable power outlet is a better product because it has higher 27,000mAh battery capacity, cheaper, soft touch satin finish, ships immediately via, and they even have a new 48,000mAh version with 2 AC outlets and 250W of power launching soon.

  • Personally if I didn´t have one already I would buy this:
    RAVPower 20100mAh External Battery; Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB-C/Type-C Port -

  • Mark
    • Mod
    9 months ago Link to comment

    The best battery back up is a phone with a replaceable battery, spare batteries and an external charger. I have 3 spares for my Note 4 never have to worry about battery life. It is also mush lighter than a brick AKA a battery bank.

  • Still hoping for a future with stronger battery life on smartphones in general...

    Still, good article! Saving this.

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