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How to clean up your Android device: cache, history, files and more

Cleaning up your Android device can be just as annoying as doing spring cleaning at home. As opposed to doing housework, which usually cannot be done with the touch of a button, you can install a ton of free Android apps on your device that will get the job done for you. Set it up for automatic clean-ups and you are good to go. Now there’s nothing left to do other than enjoy your smartphone (finally!). 

androidpit clean phone
© AndroidPIT

1-Click Cleaner

1-Click Cleaner will get rid of the clutter found in the your phone, such as search and browser history. It cleans up the cache, sorts through calls and messages, scans documents and cleans and releases storage space. With all the unnecessary temporary files removed, your device will keep on running smoothly, thanks to one click! Install 1-Click Cleaner for free.

androidpit one click cleaner
© OPDA team

App Cache Cleaner

Clearing the cache on your device and for individual apps won't necessarily speed up your device, because the cache is used to launch apps faster, but it can clear up some memory. What if you never had to manually go into each app to clear the cache? I hope your answer is yes please! Ok, so my excitement about this app aside, you really can just tap once to clear all cached files to free up internal memory. There’s an auto-clean function that will launch the process at app launch, and you can even set up regular intervals of cleanups, among some other great features.

androidpit cache cleaner
App Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean Install on Google Play

Startup Manager

A developer friend of mine once said ‘Friends don’t let friends use task killers’’ and we agree, which is why there are no radical task killers on this list. What Startup Manager does is to disable (or enable) items at system boot, meaning when you turn your device on. The app works for both tablets and smartphones. Startup Manager will monitor system startup entries in the background, disables any undesired apps or processes and provides you with a startup entry manager feature. I would be careful when disabling an app because it may cause something to malfunction, like your morning alarm for example, so disable with care.

androidpit startup manager
Startup Manager (Free) Install on Google Play

History Eraser

This app is again a ‘one-tap wonder’ that will free up internal storage all while clearing browser history, call logs, texts, Google search history, clipboard data, app cache files, download history etc.

androidpit history eraser
History Eraser - Privacy Clean Install on Google Play


This last mentioned app won’t do anything to your device’s memory, but allow you to monitor which files and directories are using up a lot of space on your storage card, by displaying them in a diagram depicting their size in relation to other items. If you are someone who works better when visualizing an issue, this could help you better understand and later solve some of your memory problem.

androidpit disk usage
© Ivan Volosyuk
DiskUsage Install on Google Play

Also find out how to properly delete Google Chrome browsing history on Android or PC.

Did you try any of these? What apps do you use or procedures do you do to clear up Android storage?


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