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How to make your phone display even darker (and why you should)

The smartphone displays that we spend so much time looking at aren't always good for us. It's well documented that the unnatural light they produce can have a negative effect on our sleep cycle, for example. One way to reduce these effects is to reduce the screen brightness, but your phone's standard settings will only let you dim it so far. There is a way to make your smartphone display even darker on Android, however – read on to find out how.

androidpit lux lite hero
It is possible to reduce your display brightness below the lowest standard setting. / © ANDROIDPIT / Vito Cassisi

The easiest way to drop your screen brightness below the standard minimum, is to download a brightness app from the Play Store. One good example of such an app is Lux. Lux has a free and a paid version, both of which allow you to reduce your smartphone screen brightness below the normal threshold.

Lux Lite Install on Google Play

How to dim your screen below the minimum brightness

Download Lux Lite via the link above and, upon installation, follow the instructions to give it 'usage data access'. Tap the app icon, and you will be able to adjust your display brightness to a far greater extent than was previously possible. 

androidpit lux screenshot 5
Lux can dramatically reduce your smartphone brightness. / © ANDROIDPIT

The midpoint on Lux's brightness scale is 0 percent, which is basically the same as your smartphone's standard lowest setting. Lux lets you dim the screen far beyond this point, and also offers a number of settings for automating its brightness during the day or in certain conditions.

As well as being better for your sleep cycle, a darker display also consumes less power than a bright one, so dimming your phone's screen will be good for battery life too.  

andoridpit lux lite screenshot 7
Lux is a comprehensive app with a lot of customizable settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

What's your favorite app for reducing brightness on Android? Let us know in the comments. 



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  • I use the Twilight app to adjust color and brightness auto adjusted with sunrise and sunset.

  • You're leaving out the most important - and eye-saving, sleep-preserving - feature of Lux: Night Mode. You can tap an icon in your notifications or set it to turn on automatically, and it fades the harmful blue light and provides a melatonin-friendly soft warm glow that doesn't interfere with reading.

  • I recently updated my Samsung 4 note 's software and accidentally accepted that all my information be stored on the drive . Problem is I am now having notifications for just about everything thus Facebook , emails , whatsapp , messages , applications updates and they keep beeping if I do not read them or acknowledge thEm. How can I undo this as my phone is now a nuisance ? Thanks

  • Awesome thinking.

  • Acezar T. Oct 18, 2015 Link to comment

    Thank you so much for this info. Just downloaded Lux and I loved it. Android Central used to be my first fave site for anything android but now it's AndroidPit. You rock guys.

  • Aswin Oct 15, 2015 Link to comment

    I rarely put my brightness above minimum on my Nexus 5. The auto mode takes care of it (brighter in bright day light, darker in shade). For dime mode I use Screen filter. Very handy when at the cinema. A lot of similar apps exist.

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