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LG G4 Android update: latest news

Update: LG G4 to get Android Nougat 7.0 in Q3 2017

The LG G4 skipped Android 5.1.1, but was quick out of the gate with Android Marshmallow. LG has now decided to reverse it's earlier decision not to offer the device with Android Nougat 7.0 and will being rolling it out as of Q3 this year, starting in South Korea. Find out what you need to know about LG G4 Android updates below, along with previous coverage on updates to protect against Stagefright.

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LG G4 Android Nougat 7.0 update

LG will begin rolling out LG G4 and LG V10 devices with the Android 7.0 OS update later this year, according to Yonhap News Agency. This update will occur in Q3 2017 for LG G4 phones sold in South Korea but a separate schedule will be announced for consumers in the rest of the world later. We'll update this page as soon as we have more news - stay tuned!

LG G4 Android Marshmallow update

Marshmallow has started to be released in the US. Sprint was the first carrier to get the update out, followed by US Cellular in mid-January. Head to Settings > About phone > Software updates to see if your device is ready to receive the update.

XDA Developer autoprime posted the stock Android Marshmallow firmware in October. If you're considering using the ROM, be aware that it is for the LG G4 H815, the international version of the device. Make sure you follow the instructions very carefully to avoid damaging your device.

As always with ROMs, we advise caution. Unless you know what you're doing, it's probably best to just wait a little while longer until LG rolls out its official version of  Marshmallow, which should be any day now.

lg g4 g3 front
LG has begun rolling out the Android Marshmallow update to the G4. / © ANDROIDPIT

AT&T LG G4 Android update

AT&T hasn't rolled out the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update yet but it did issue an update that protects its devices against Stagefright though it didn't appear to contain any other system upgrades. It arrived OTA (over-the-air), so head to Settings > About phone > Software update page to see if your device is ready for the download. 

If it's not, don't fret, these updates tend to roll out in stages, so yours should be just around the corner. 

T-Mobile LG G4 Android update

T-Mobile issued an update to the LG G4 back in August 2016, which brought the software up to Android 5.1 / Software H81110n. The download came in at 353 MB and safeguarded the device against Stagefright. While the update to Android Marshmallow is available through some carriers, T-Mobile isn't one of these yet.

androidpit lg g4 homescreen
LG has its own user interface, which it sticks in front of the stock Android interface. / © AndroidPIT

Verizon LG G4 Android update

Verizon delivered a small update to the LG G4 at the end of June 2016 (firmware version VS98611A), which offered some improved calling features, but it has yet to send out the Stagefright patch OTA. We will update this page when we learn more. Verizon also doesn't offer the update to Android Marshmallow 6.0 yet.

Sprint LG G4 Android update

Sprint has started to issue the update to Marshmallow in the US. The update prior to that arrived on16 September 2016 and had build number LS991ZV6. It was a minor update and didn't contain a fix for the Stagefright vulnerability. 

Are you excited to get Android Marshmallow on your LG G4? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • I am not happy with the updated at all Google Play service hasn't worked since the day of the installation

  • I have LG V10 like to know when marshmallow comes in and can u also have led light notifications too

  • S. Cannon Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

    I got the Marshmallow update pushed onto my phone by Verizon in the middle of the night last night after declining to install it yesterday. Since it's been installed, I have discovered that ESFile Explorer Pro can no longer access either my internal memory or my external SD card. Since this is my main mode of file manipulation, I'm less than pleased that I suddenly have almost 150 GB of my own files and no easy access to them. Also, almost every app that I've tried to use has FC.. I discovered that one of the "features" of this OS is that now in order to clean your cache files, you have to do so manually thru the app manager in app at a time. But since most of my apps no longer work, maybe cache buildup will cease to be an issue. Phone is also extremely laggy...the keyboard is literally two or three words behind whatever I'm typing - badly enough that this is being done on my Kindle Fire rather than my phone. So unless they address some of these issues, my phone has just gone from being my constantly used device for everything to being...a phone. Yippee.

  • My LG G4 started running hot all the time and the battery lasted 2 hours instead of 12 when I updated to Marshmallow. I was going crazy looking for solutions, and looking in the Battery Usage section didn't help. What I did was, I installed an app called "OS Monitor", which shows you what apps are using what % of the CPU. I found that "Accuweather" was using 20% of the CPU all the time ("Battery Usage" did not show this app consuming any battery %). I uninstalled "Accuweather" and now my phone is back to normal, working like a charm like before. Hope this helps someone!

  • I'm in UK and just had another ota update to fix battery and something to do with Google battery a lot better now

  • Danielle Williams 1 week ago Link to comment
    Thank you for ruining my phone. Verizon won't take it back and I am stuck paying full price for a phone that I now loathe. I have always used iphones, I finally switched, loved my phone and in one "update" features like call blocking

    Exactly. You nailed it what a horrible product. Wakes me up every night to tell me battery is full while OnCall and set to PRIORITY ONLY - means nothing. Ex wife rings through all the time especially in bluetooth headphones while working out. Verizon wiped phone - zero progress, lg was horrible never buy LG phones ever. This is a child's toy not professional grade.

  • ok so i was on my phone today and all of a sudden it shut off and in the upper left hand corner. it isnt coming back on and i dont like it. i have tried to turn it on but it still wont i think it is because i didnt update my phone, but idk. if that is the case i need to know how to do that on the computer without using my phone that wont turn on. if anyone has any advice i would gladly appreciate you commenting back. this might not even have anything to do with what yall where talking about but i am desperate. please help me.

  • Thank you for ruining my phone. Verizon won't take it back and I am stuck paying full price for a phone that I now loathe. I have always used iphones, I finally switched, loved my phone and in one "update" features like call blocking were removed my battery is always dying and I hate this phone. I will NEVER IN LIFE buy another LG product again. Back to Apple I go, peace dickholes

  • Where did the wifi calling feature go? I cannot find it on my g4 now that i have upgraded to android 6.0.

  • Up until I downloaded Marshmallow I liked the G4 better than my Note 4. But, after the download to 6.0, I am no longer loving it: the battery life is 50% of what it was, and after 30 minutes the G4 overheats and shuts down. Question: is it possible to go back to 5.1 without losing everything? How do I do it?

    • yes you can, I used 6.0 for just one day and roll back to Lollipop 5.1 as the battery on the new update was not great at all, I was so regretting it and was at the point of using my Iphone 5, my phone dies so quick . So I went on the net and found this link and It has worked for me and I hope it can help some LG owner with their phone issue, follow the link and just read the instruction carefully..

      Hope this helps you out..

  • Edward C. Jan 15, 2016 Link to comment

    I agree with you. I have LG G4 Dual (LG-H818N) and I'm having problems with Mobile Data. Cannot access the settings at all. Anyone has solutions?

  • Just had to get my g4 replaced due to it getting stuck on the LG boot screen, it was bricked for 3 days.... Dont update until they fix this issue.

  • I've got the LG G4 H815 and LG Bridge is telling me no update available for my phone. Any ideas?

  • I wish I had never updated my LG G4 to Marshmallow. Two main problem I have now are:

    1. Battery performance. I used to charge my battery every 48 hours. After the Marshmallow update, I'm now having to charge my G4 every 8 or so hours. My usage hasn't changed at all, so this is definitely a Marshmallow bug.

    2. Bluetooth has become unreliable and now crashes when I try to pair it with my car. Using hands free in my car is an important function that I cannot do without (I paid a lot of money for the option to be installed in my car). Now, when my G4 tries to pair with my car, a pop-up appears saying "The bluetooth service has stopped working". This happens ad infinitum (in a loop).

    Really poor show LG. You've released one of the finest phones on the market, and then completely ruined it by rushing Marshmallow out the door.

    • Battery life on Android M is horrible. In 20 minutes with light usage (Chrome Instagram) i am on 68 percent. LG rushed Android M. Dont update to it

    • Edward C. Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

      I agree with you. I have LG G4 Dual and I'm having problems with Mobile Data. Cannot access the settings at all. Anyone has solutions?

  • I just got the US update for Marshmallow, It cause my phone to crash and all my phone does it show up the the LG screen and then shut off. I can't even factory reset my phone.

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