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The best apps to customize your phone in your own style

One of the best things about Android is how easy it is to customize, modify and otherwise set up your smartphone or tablet exactly as you want it. With a little know-how and the right apps, you can make your phone truly unique. If you're not sure where to start, our list of the best apps to customize Android will set you on the right path.

Below, we'll show you all the ways you can customize your Android phone. Some methods may require root permissions or a complex procedure suited to the more experienced user, but don't fret. Follow our advice and you'll discover a brand new Android device!

Androidpit Tips and tricks 3
Make your phone one in a million with these tips. / © ANDROIDPIT

Improve the look

Install a launcher

This is the most obvious way to customize your Android, and it's the place you should start. What is a launcher exactly? It's simply the interface with which you launch your apps. If you change launchers, you'll have a new home screen, widgets and app drawer. Above all, launchers often offer customizations and themes that can simplify your life. If you like the style of what you see in the image just below, I can recommend Smart Launcher 3, as it's one of the best personalization apps on Android.

smart launcher 2017
Smart Launcher is easy to use. / © AndroidPIT
Smart Launcher 3 Install on Google Play

If you hesitate between all of the many launchers offered on the Play Store, we can also recommend Nova Launcher, as it's one of the most flexible. Discover more in our selection of the best launchers for Android.

Switch up your icons

Do you find the app icons on your phone boring and ordinary? Change them! It's not difficult or complicated. You just have to install a launcher, as introduced in the section above, beforehand. Then, you just install an icon pack from the Play Store and activate it. There are heaps of them available, and we picked out our favorites in our best icon packs for Android article.

pixels icons pack
Get the old school effect. / © ANDROIDPIT
PixBit - Icon Pack Install on Google Play

After you download your icon pack, instructions on how to activate it usually are provided and take just a few quick steps. And voila, you'll have a perfectly unique smartphone.

Improve your notifications

Does your phone have an LED notification light? In our article on how to change the color of LED notifications on Android, we show you a unique app you won't be able to live without once you've tried it. 

Light Manager - LED Settings Install on Google Play

Add widgets to your lock screen

How many times per day do you unlock your phone? The answer is too many. Instead of having to waste time unlocking your phone to check the weather, WhatsApp, your calendar, etc, why not just put them on your lock screen as widgets? It's easy, practical and will save you time. Here is a list of the best lock screen apps and widgets available.

AndroidPIT best android widgets 1
Weather widgets are the most prevalent. / © ANDROIDPIT

Xposed Framework

If you want to go one step further than just modifying the appearance of your phone, the Xposed Framework allows you to select (and remove) any features or modules that come pre-installed on your phone that you never use. 

While it might sound like you need root access, you don't - but you should make sure you have a recent backup of your phone stored somewhere else before you start, as the Xposed Framework does warn you that it can 'soft brick' devices by sending them into a boot loop. 

However, if you're interested to tinker around with Android a little more than usual, Xposed Framework will certainly let you do that. There are different versions to install, depending on which build of Android you're running though, so make sure you get the right one. Many Oreo phones aren't supported at the moment either. 

AndroidPIT Moto X 2014 xposed frameworkXposed reveals the inner workings of your Android so you can customize features. / © AndroidPIT

Other customization solutions

Accessories and gadgets to stand out from the crowd

Personalizing your smartphone with accessories is also another way to make your Android phone uniquely you. Rather than focusing solely on the aesthetic side, we will show you some accessories make your phone more fun and functional. Do not miss these fun Android-compatible gadgets that could be perfect gifts for yourself or your friends!

Androidpit Gadjets 4
Gadgets are a great way to extend the fun and functionality of your device. / © ANDROIDPIT

Add new features

Android customization also involves adding new and useful features. Some come along with the latest version of Android, Oreo, while others come from Google or other brand manufacturers only for specific devices. Some of these features are now available on any device though, thanks to some tricks.

Performance matters

If you've followed some of the tips and tricks above, then your smartphone is probably looking great right now. But how is it running? Let's not forget about performance optimization. With a few tips, you can make it run faster and more smoothly. You can even make your battery last longer.

What are your favorite apps to customize your smartphone? Do you think you'll use any of our suggestions yourself? Let us know in the comments.



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  • AayK 2 months ago Link to comment

    Is there any app that customizes iPhone too??

  • Dean L. 2 months ago Link to comment

    Nova launcher is what I like to use but recently I'm trying out the Microsoft launcher. It's got some features I like, but I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it just yet. But then again I can switch between them whenever I want to. That's the beauty of Android.

  •   30

    Nova launcher, Swiftly switch, and KWGT widgets..
    primarily to ditch the persistant search bar and get some design consistency in app drawer.
    nowadays it's as much about easy personalized functionality, so a side bar launcher with navigation,apps and shortcuts swiped from side works well for me,
    i use different devices and OEM's for work and personal, and I like having a consistent UI..
    as much as you can when swapping between Moto and Samsung.

    if you take away customisable widgets and launchers from android I'd be using an iPhone...

  • Everybody has their favorite launcher and what they do with it, I'd only point out the big advantage of being able to standardize the interface of different devices: having a phone with different branded upstairs and downstairs tablets I use identical setups to avoid fumbling around with different GUIs. As to peripherals, while selfie sticks might (or not) be passe', it's good to have a mounting bracket to fix a phone to a camera tripod. (Protective cases to me are a functional necessity as well as a customizing thing.)

  • I really like the Nova launcher. iOS wasn't as customizable as Android. That's the main reason I switched from iOS to Android.

  • i think arrow is better than nova launcher. some simple apps to personalize the android phone. . . :) .. just check it out

  • I love Lightning Launcher. You can customize almost everything (really) and share your themes. Some learning curve involved but it also runs on older phones.

    There are some interesting themes out there.
    Best one is called 'zunish' I think (can be found on playstore). Microsoft ZuneHD experience for Android if you want, also including media player, rss news feeds and weather widget without external apps

  • KLWP still the best app to use to customise and create your own themes as you like it.


    • It will take time for xposed im afraid. Look on XDA news, they posted an update for how long it will take for xposed to come to nougat. If you can't live without xposed then get a marshmallow ROM or you'll have to be patient. Trust me, its not the developers fault, it will take a lot of time that he is dedicating. Please research this before making an ignorant comment against the developer.

  • Just love change the looks of my Galaxy phones,Tried different launchers but now use Atom Laucher,which is so easy to set up,Always used ClockQ Premium which is easy to set up for Date,Time and shows battery level but then set up by just touch the clock it turns my wi-fi on or off after installing Quick Wi-Fi,Got Toolwiz photos as well which is so good for Changing Wallpapers,CoolBright is the one i use to change how bright i want my screen to look so my battery does drain having the screen to Bright,Screen Filter is app i like to save battery life as it dims the screen and saves power before i press the Screen on/off button,just wish Google would make Application creators include the Exit Function on every Applications,to help consumers stop worrying about there Battery Life

  • Andria D. 11 months ago Link to comment

    One of the best articles I've read here, EVER. I'm addicted to customizing any computer-type interface I use; I even got into web design because I just can't resist tweaking the CSS. :-D I'm also saddened to read in the other comments that Xposed Framework really does require rooting, because apparently that will not be an option in my Zmax Pro. Oh well... next phone. :-) More interface-customization articles, please!

  • Really cool apps but I think you forgot greenify

    • Jerry's W. 11 months ago Link to comment

      greenify does not alter the looks so there for its useless to mention here. greenify saves battery behind the screens.

  • Unfortunately you do need root privileges for closed to work with all recent versions of Android.

  • I just started using custom launchers, i installed approx 3-4 different launchers but have found only "Launcher 8" the best.
    you can download thousands of the themes in this just one launcher. very simple to modify and customize as per your interest. I just installed only three themes and I change those themes time to time and my phone look fresh every time.

    Krishna Ahire

  • Xposed framework needs root access... Please fix the mistake!!!

  • Caroline Dec 31, 2014 Link to comment

    I really like UR launcher, it has cool live wallpapers!

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