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The best smartphones with replaceable batteries

Smartphones with removable batteries are a controversial topic. Many readers want this feature to return to more flagship devices. But so many Android devices don't feature this and it doesn't look like there will be more on the horizon. But never fear, here is a list of the best smartphones with removable batteries.

Top pick: Galaxy Note 4

This is an older device (2014) but it's still our pick for the best smartphone with a removable battery. More of a phablet, this stylus-holstered bad boy still packs a punch even compared to some of its Samsung contemporaries. And now that two generations have been unveiled, you can get it at a low price.

When we compare the display of the Note 4 to some of the newer devices on the market it still looks good, and in some cases, better. The 5.7-inch AMOLED screen comes with a 1440 x 2560 resolution (518 ppi) and does it ever look crisp. It delivers some rich colors and vivid detail.

The removable battery is 3,220 mAh and performed well in our benchmarks. And that battery needs to be big to handle the Snapdragon 805 backed up with 3 GB RAM. And I personally still love the design of the Galaxy Note 4 with its good balance of metal and plastic.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the best Android device with a removable battery
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androidpit samsung galaxy note 4 21
The display of the Galaxy Note 4 is sharp, even for today's standards. / © ANDROIDPIT

The newest: LG G5

The newest device on this list is the LG G5, released earlier this year and unveiled at MWC. It certainly packs a ton of features but is still more of a niche device. It has modular expandability that only really appeals to more heavy smartphone users and not the casual buyer.

But don't let this dissuade you from buying the LG G5, even if you aren't the kind of buyer who needs extra modular abilities. It comes with some impressive specs like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 backed up with 4 GB RAM and 23 GB internal memory. And it comes with Android Marshmallow right out of the box.

The biggest drawback for the LG G5 is the price. It started around $800, and while the prices have changed, the device is still pricey. That's due to how new it is and the fact that there isn't a successor yet from LG. Unless you need the benefits of its 554 ppi display or the modules, I would choose one of the other devices on this list.

AndroidPIT lg g5 friends 0370
A solid design for the modular device. / © ANDROIDPIT

The cheapest: Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 is a bargain for its current price to performance ratio. The performance and battery life are still very good and the device takes decent pictures. Getting this smartphone, even today, is a smart idea. This 2014 released device still packs enough power for everyday use.

While the design of the Galaxy S5 is a bit homely, it still is about as ergonomic as it gets. And even if you do manage to drop it you probably will still be okay because of its plastic body. And while the screen has the lowest resolution on this list (432 ppi), it's still enough for your daily needs.

The removable 2,800 mAh battery will keep you going for a long time. And you can get a replacement for very little money (less than $10).

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 02
This older device is still good enough for everyday use. / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you have any more smartphones with removable batteries you like? Let us know in the comments.


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  • tmax2000 3 months ago Link to comment

    Yep have my note 4 great phone and an LG g5 that's excelled all I need

  • Let me make it easy for you. Samsung Note 4 & S5, LG G3, G4, G5 V10. Done.

  • My family and I have and still love 2 S5s and my Note 4, a friend and his son inlaw both have V10s. I am curious about the V20. I wish that someone else would compete with a stylus.

  • Madars G 3 months ago Link to comment

    i disagree, samsung s5 was one big peace of shit. S6 was good phone, but with removable battery. i will say good phone is lg g4 and lg v10

  • Abhyuday 3 months ago Link to comment

    where the hell is the v10?

  • I have the LG V10 and it's the best phone I ever had. When I got it it also came with a extra battery and a 200 gb card. I don't understand why it's not on this list.

  • Bought the S5 (SM-G900F) last year in January. Don't have any regrets about my choice. Device is extremely fast, no lag in any games I play, battery lasts forever (yesterday replaced it as old was starting to lose charge and shut down when it said it had juice left), rooted with lots of xposed modules enabled + greenify. My advice to anyone having lag or short lasting battery life is to immediately install the Greenify app on his rooted phone. Did wonders for me, phone fast as ever, battery lasts forever ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

    • Madars G 3 months ago Link to comment

      why you are a lier. samsung s5 isn't fast in gameplay. it gets extremely hot when you play a games

      • Did you have Greenify installed on your S5? Did you run 10 apps at once and expect flawless gameplay? I'm just sharing my own experience, and i said it doesn't lag in the games i play, not that it can run anything ...

  • The Note 4 is definitely the best. Still going to rule for another 2 or 3yrs...

    • You really have to have one and learn to use it to get incredible usefulness out of the NOTE4. The Iphone is a great phone, but the Note 4 is the MOST flexible, useful phone ever made...And don't give me that CRAP about wireless charging. You have to put it down while charging, wireless or not...Wireless charging my ass...Just pop in another battery, up to 10,000 mha.!!!

  • I dropped my phone in the swimming pool. Retrieved it soon as possible, tried to dry it out with blow dryer???did I ruin it? I placed it in a bag of rice also.... Is it possible to get my picture off even though it is not working??? thanks, Sharon

  • Mark 3 months ago Link to comment

    Currently I agree the Note 4 is the best phone with a removable battery. It is still one of the best phones on the market today. Yes you can get phones with better bench marks. For over all functionality nothing beats the Note 4. I think that will change with the new LG V20, due out soon.

  • You will enjoy the LG G4 until it boot loops on you. Been there... Done that. Do your research on it first.

  • The LG G4 is probably the best phone overall. It's 3,000 mah battery delivers great all day battery life & is easily removable. The 5.5 inch screen is a little smaller than the Galaxy Note 4's which makes it a bit easier to handle.

  • S5 Plus (sm-G901F) still does the job! Root it, install from XDA, search for Project Skynet or just use Greenify-app (root) and do not worry for your battery any more. :-)

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