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How to download YouTube videos on Android and PC

There’s a reason why YouTube was voted Google’s best app in 2013 – and it’s not all related to funny cat videos! There’s so much great content on YouTube it’s easy to find videos you want to watch again and again. When you come across a particularly fantastic video, you might want to download it so you don’t have to rely on the internet to watch it next time. Here’s how to download a video from YouTube on Android and PC.

AndroidPIT YouTube Download
We'll show you how to download YouTube videos on your Android and PC. / © AndroidPIT/YouTube

On your PC

I’ve used the following method to download plenty of YouTube videos. It’s simple and it works. Just download a tiny program called ClipGrab. It’s a free YouTube video downloader and converter, and it takes up less than 16 MB of space. It also works for other video hosting sites like Vimeo and DailyMotion.

AndroidPIT YouTube ClipGrab
The two things you'll need: ClipGrab on your PC and a YouTube video to download. / © AndroidPIT/ClipGrab

1. Download the ClipGrab program to your PC.
2. Launch the .exe file, and follow the Setup Wizard instructions.

AndroidPIT ClipGrab Search
Once installed, just enter your YouTube search terms in ClipGrab. / © AndroidPIT/ClipGrab

3. Once installed, open the program, and simply type in your YouTube search terms. I’ve used our video on ''how to conserve battery life on your smartphone'' video as an example. Or, if you already have the URL of the video you want, just click the ''Downloads'' tab and enter the URL.

AndroidPIT ClipGrab Options
Once you've selected your video, set your download options and click ''Grab this clip!'' / © AndroidPIT/ClipGrab

4. Choose the download options you want, from the format you wish to save the video in, to the quality of the download.
5. Click''Grab this clip''

ClipGrab will first download, then convert your chosen YouTube video. Easy! / © AndroidPIT/ClipGrab

6. Select a download location and name the video. ClipGrab will download and convert the video. That’s it!

On your Android

Like the previous method, this is how I’ve always downloaded YouTube videos on my Android. I use an app called Videoder – a simple, lightweight app that allows you to search and download YouTube videos direct from your smartphone or tablet.

1. Install Videoder.

AndroidPIT Videoder Search
Videoder's super clean interface is a breeze to navigate. / © AndroidPIT/Videoder

2. Launch the app and hit the “Search” button. You don’t have to have the exact title, I used the same search terms as I did for ClipGrab and got the same results.

AndroidPIT Videoder Download
There's our same results, and the download options for your YouTube video. / © AndroidPIT/Videoder

3. Tap the video you want to download.
4. Select the format and quality of the video to be downloaded.
5. Videoder will download the selected video with your chosen settings.

AndroidPIT Videoder Play
Your video now appears in the Downloaded tab, and gives you several options. / © AndroidPIT/Videoder

6. Once downloaded, your video will appear in the “Downloads” tab of Videoder. From here you can open, share or delete your video. Voila!

Note: Videoder will automatically save your video to an emulated folder on your SD card (you don’t have the option to choose a download path). If you don’t want to access downloaded videos from the Videoder app, you can simply search for the downloaded video in any file manager and copy or move the file to whatever location you prefer.


These are the two methods I use to download YouTube content to my PC and Android. I hope they have been helpful to you. There are many others that work just as well though. Now you can enjoy funny cat videos without the need for an internet connection. And don't forget Loie's previous article about offline viewing in YouTube. (Simply tap the + icon above a YouTube video and select Watch Later!)

Have you used these methods on how to download videos from YouTube on Android? Do you have any other apps or tips to share? 



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  • Tubemate is the best YouTube Downloader for Android in downloading!!

  • Very informative! Thanks for showing clearly how to download Youtube videos. I always use acethinker video downloader to do that, free and works quite well. It's a web-based application, you don't have to download or install anything. Share it here as an alternative.

  • yes i use tubemate on android

  • Nathan Jan 21, 2016 Link to comment

    I don't see why you need to install any software to download the video/audio.. There's only risk you get malware or something slowing your computer down..

    What I do is I just to open the YouTube video in the browser and then add "dlv" in front of youtube so that it reads www.dlvyoutube.com... (m.dlvyoutube.com.. in mobile case)
    Then on that page I select what quality I want and it downloads instantly!

  • The most efficient and professional app on Google Play to download YouTube videos is "Tube Video Manager"

  • Please check this, LastTUBE

    google "lasttube2"

    It can download not only 1080p HD but also 2160p UHD videos.
    Last.fm + Youtube Mashup features, similar artists and top tracks.
    Also it can make custom ringtone from Youtube video.

    Thanks in advance

  • @Kris Carlon great tutorial.

    well, there are plenty of tutorials to download Youtube video. Check my new top best youtube downloader for android app. You can download videos on a device within a few clicks.

  • Please, any friends cant help me how to download video from facebook? Thanks..

  • How to download youtube video easy and simple. Download Youtube video easily and fast.Download any video from youtube also enjoy hd quality video.. Youtube video download tips.
    all guyes to search to video write on youtube "nayeem talukder"

  • Zoe Jul 30, 2014 Link to comment

    Hello, this is what I am stumbling upon recently - Video Downloader Free (Video Grabber), no need to pay any amount, simply download whatever you like in the built-in browser. You are able to get from google play store.

  • Its really a good way to download YouTube video. But i think Freedi is the best way to download and store YouTube videos. It also gives you an option to download it as MP3. ***Admin edit: links are forbidden***

  • Sunny Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    Yes. I just downloaded CatchEmAll downloader It is very fast and No Ads! I just love it.
    This app is also is in Android market(search catchemall) but it does not download youtube video. So I downloaded it from Opera store. ***Admin edit: links are forbidden***

  • Hi used CatchEmAll HD Video downloader in my Lg G2 . It is really faster than other downloader and we can download from any site. ***Admin edit: links are forbidden***

  • There are at least two apps called videoder. one is a front for pornography, the other uses a particularly annoying advertising; it sweeps the entire screen every few second, blinking the display black. Most annoying.

  • Hi, I would like to know how to install adobe flashplayer on my sprint zte V55 table, I've tried but haven't been successfull. Thank you

  • thanks for the knowledge

  • 1.Download "Internet download manager" from cnet.com
    2.Install it.
    3.Open youtube videos or any videos websites.
    4.Click play on youtube video and there will be tab of Internet download manager onside video.
    5.Click on tab and download video.

  • OpenCandy is included with this piece of... uh... software. Funny how he doesn't mention this on his web page, but it's buried deep into the Terms & Conditions that you are required to agree with to use this... um... software. OpenCandy is unwanted Adware.

    I'll pass on this stinker.

    • Hey @John, I may be wrong, but my understanding of OpenCandy (which I didn't actually know was embedded with Videoder until you mentioned it) was that it was simply a "why not install this app too" ad network during the installation process? I certainly haven't been bombarded with app suggestions or anything since using Videoder. Pls correct me if I'm missing something.

      • Do you know that you can download your Favorite youtube videos on your android mobile phone?

        Yes, this app is the Best streaming videos downloader for android mobile phones

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