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How to fix the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped error

Authored by: Loie Favre — 9 months ago

From the Nexus 5 to the Galaxy S4, there is one problem that often arises on your phone which is a real pain and that’s when you suddenly receive an error message saying "the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped" or "com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly". Regardless of which device you use, this is actually quite a simple thing to fix. Here are the most effective solutions on how to fix the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped error.

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How to fix the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped error. © ANDROIDPIT

Clear cache for the app in question

If you notice that the error message pops up repeatedly when you try to launch a particular app, then chances are that it is the cause of the problem. You can go to Settings > Apps and find the app in question. From here you can clear the cache and see if the problem persists. If that still doesn't help you can clear the data for the app, but this means you will lose any app data (passwords, game progress, chats etc), so you might want to back up your app data first.

If that still doesn't help, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This was the solution for the com.process.gapps has stopped error when everyone made the jump to Android KitKat: it was just an issue with SwiftKey. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling SwiftKey cleared it right up.

AndroidPIT SwiftKey Uninstall
After clearing the app cache and data, try uninstalling and reinstalling for the fix. © ANDROIDPIT

Disable Download Manager

Other than clearing the cache and the data for a particular app or even uninstalling your recently downloaded apps, there’s another quick way to get a solution, especially if you don't which app is causing the issue. First you will go into the settings of your Android smartphone or tablet. This can be reached either through the pull down notifications bar or in the app drawer.

Once in here, find and tap on Application Manager, Applications or Apps (depending on what it’s called on your device), found under the device subcategory of the main Settings page. When you land in the Applications Manager, swipe right to left to get to ‘All’ applications and then look for Download Manager and tap it to open (this is the app with the Android as a logo).

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The first option is easy, but wouldn't be apparent for a first time user. © AndroidPIT

The app info for Downloads (on my Galaxy S3) and Download Manager is a bit different than other apps, because the uninstall button is replaced with a disable button. To fix the com.google.process.gapps has stopped error, you simply need to press disable and then enable it once again.

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Another solution for your gapps error problems. © AndroidPIT

Reset app preferences

Another option would be to go to the Settings and then Applications Manager and again swipe to ‘All’ apps. This time however, you will press on the soft menu key or the on-screen menu key on the bottom left of your device (or the action overflow menu button on-screen in the top right, depending on your device). Here you will select ‘Reset app preferences’ which will bring the settings of all apps back to square one.

How often do you see this error message? Did these tips help fix the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped error?

Loie Favre found her way to her present passion for Android and smartphone technology after experiencing an epiphany when she held her Galaxy Note 2. From that point onwards, you can find her with her nose buried in countless Android apps and different smartphone models, and thanking her lucky stars that she gets to work at something she loves.


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  • Thina pelita 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    Not working on my samsung note 8...
    Any other solution?

  • Hinekirunga Tiopira 1 month ago Link to comment

    I cannot download the Google play store app..can anybody help me please??
    Can't sign in to Google account..it says " can't establish a reliable connection to the server"
    Android device may not be provisioned for data services..
    can someone please help????

  • Nathan Jarred Gavieres 1 month ago Link to comment

    Please, how to fix this problem without resetting apps to start? I am not sure if it will reset all of your apps

  • CHIRAG PANCHOLI 1 month ago Link to comment

    I have my Micromax A 100, which I rooted, and now Is showing this errors continuously, which is embarrassing. Not even the IT Geeks are able to solve them and they said that it's impossible to revert back to the default settings. Can you solve the issue?

  • Louise Strauss 2 months ago Link to comment

    Thank you Have sorted out the Google process problem thanks to your advice Awesome dude :)

  • Tori Lasley 3 months ago Link to comment

    My phone is a Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ring, and for whatever reason, i go to fix this error and my phone /repeatedly/ restarts and won't let me access the settings to fix it without restarting first. Someone help-?

  • Poonam 3 months ago Link to comment

    None of above suggestions worked for me, actually along with this irritating error my phone was not able to sync with my google account, play store & google apps can't be opened and there was no chance of updating google play service via other route. Factory reset last option worked for me though I lost my whole data. But I learned something,(I am lollipop android user) never ever update your Google apps(You may need to uninstall updates later on) or if you do so, update google play services also, In my case, updates went automatically without automatically updating google play services and problem occurred and I was clueless and frustrated.

  • TAGL 3 months ago Link to comment

    Galaxy Note 3 running OS Lolipop

    That pesky dialogue box was reappearing at an alarmingly fast rate, it rendered my device almost unusable! I tried all suggested steps to no avail, it even had my telecom provider techies stumped; then I tried one simple task;

    Delete personal data (not that I was worried about losing any, after all it is only browsing stuff. If I'd performed a Factory Reset I would have had to restore all of my backed-up files etc.)

    It worked for me, so far so good!

    Hope others find this useful too

    • Vivienne Mercier 2 months ago Link to comment

      Where, exactly, do I find these settings? I have an Android ZTE, a refurbished model that I bought through Tracfone as it's all I can afford. I get these error messages every few seconds now and NOTHING I have tried is working. I'm ready to smash the damned thing with a hammer and go without a phone entirely, since I can barely use it anyway.

    • Trinanjan Dutta 1 month ago Link to comment

      Didn't you lose all your contacts when you did this?

    • Ajit Krishna 4 weeks ago Link to comment

      Thanks, it worked. I did what you said on internet, which doesn't even matter in the least as I use chrome.

  • Steve 5 months ago Link to comment

    None of the things worked ..... help!!! damn annoying, even the Samsung live chat support do not know how to fix it??? they asked to reset factory setting. done and still same error pop up ....

  • Kari Elizabeth 5 months ago Link to comment

    None of this is working!!! The error message is keeping me from doing anything with my phone!! Im getting really frustrated and I dont understand why none of this is fixing my problem! It came out of nowhere!

    • Steve Weaver Crawford 5 months ago Link to comment

      Same thing has just happened to my wifes phone :(

    • Steve Weaver Crawford 5 months ago Link to comment

      I got my wifes phone back in order. For me, the solution was to Uninstall Updates for the Google Play services application. Other solutions around the web said to disable or clear the cache for this application, but neither of those things worked for me (I couldn't disable it at all, clearing cache did nothing).

      Repeating, my solution was to "Uninstall updates" for the 'Google Play services' application, then run the updates again. I had also signed out of the Google account on the phone, but I'm not sure if that was necessary

      • Steve 5 months ago Link to comment

        Not working with Samsung S3

      • Vivienne Mercier 2 months ago Link to comment

        I did this and it made the errors even MORE frequent. Nothing is working! Can anyone help me out, or do I have to buy a new phone? I can't afford a new one.

    • Sayeed Hussain 4 months ago Link to comment

      Keep tapping.till you get frustrated.. and if it still doesn't work, u are not frustrated.. continue pressing Ok.. and hope that should resolve. Worked for me.

  • Hollie Norfleet Hatley 6 months ago Link to comment

    None of the above have worked for me and I've tried 1000 times since every trusted forum gives the same advice. I am not able to re enter my Google account either. I am so frustrated!

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