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How to fix ''camera failed'' problem on Galaxy S4

Anthony Muzonzini

If you receive the message: “Warning: Camera Failed” on your Galaxy S4 it may seem like it is a big issue but it really isn’t and only requires a simple solution. It is more of a software problem than a hardware issue. Try a simple troubleshooting step before going to anything really major. Here's how to fix the Galaxy S4 ''camera failed'' problem. 

samsung galaxy s4 camera johannes
We have a fix for the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera problem / © AndroidPIT

Clear camera cache and data

From the home screen go to menu then settings. From settings go to the application manager then swipe twice to the left to choose the all tab. Scroll to the camera and tap it, then tap the force close button, the clear cache button and the clear data button. Note that your preferences and settings may have been deleted when you do this. After you are done with all this, reboot your phone and then check if the camera is working

Failings of the camera may have to do with cached data that has been corrupted. Tapping the force close button will stop the app from running and then clearing the cache and the data will delete the files that are used by the camera when its app is launched and this will also delete any preferences and settings that you have set. This procedure will only affect the camera app.

Factory Reset

If the above procedure doesn’t work, then you should try this out if you cannot live without using your phone’s camera. Before you do anything else though, you may want to make a backup of everything important in your phone before you proceed with this.

First you have to tap the menu button from the home screen. The choose settings and go to the accounts tab.  Tap reset then tap factory data reset and then select delete all.

This should delete all of the settings and data that can be reached by Android. There are certain folders and partitions that can’t be deleted by doing this. You can delete those using the procedure next.

Wipe Cache Partition

In case the problem is not solved after this try this procedure.

Turn your phone off. After this, press and hold the volume up, home and power buttons until your phone vibrates. Then let go of the power button but keep on holding the volume up and home buttons until the Android System recovery screen pops up. Press the volume down button to choose the “wipe cache partition” option. Press the power key to select it.

This empties the contents of the cache partition. The files that could not be deleted by doing a factory reset are now deleted. Hopefully this should solve your problem.

What do you think of these solutions? Did they work for you? Please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.

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  • Marijke Jansen van Rensburg 6 days ago Link

    I tried all 3 and nothing has worked.

  • Anshul Gupta 2 weeks ago Link

    Thank u so much.. It worked for me in the first attempt itself.. I had been facing this problem for a long time now.. Wish i could have seen this earlier.. Thank u once again..

  • Kristen Blair 4 weeks ago Link

    I tried all the above and nothing has worked. since doing the FDR, the camera will work for maybe 2 minutes then give me the camera failed error again. The front camera freezes the phone completely. This has nothing to do with memory or a SD as I have tried all the above with and without.
    I spoke with Samsung and the rep gave me the same options. She had only heard of this issue one other time and the problem was never resolved

  • Jacky Robichaud 1 month ago Link

    My camera freezes every time I open it now. I can no longer view my gallery either , just shows Grey boxes. I have restarted phone, wiped cache, restored to factory settings and still have the same problems. The phone even started crashing every 30 seconds before I did the restore... what's next?

  • Harsh Agrawal 2 months ago Link

    It worked for me.
    The first one itself worked... :)

  • Olga Pil 2 months ago Link

    I tried all three options. The first option helps for a limited time, usually for one camera use. Then, the "camera failed" message is back, and I have to do the whole routing again. Needless to say, it is extremely annoying. The later two options did not make any difference at all :(

  • dbain 5 months ago Link

    Awesome. Step one fixed it. Very happy.

  • Brett Cartmill 7 months ago Link

    My S4 says camera fail even after factory reset/cache format and camera replacement. Phone shop says the only thing I can try is android 4.4.2. any more suggestions?

  • Mihai Ivan 9 months ago Link

    Clean cache worked like a charm

  • Stefanov Zdr 10 months ago Link

    If this steps not help you, you must replace your camera.
    Video tutorial:

  • Saem Sarguroh 11 months ago Link

    If your battery is miscallibrated then you can even try callibrating it to see if it helps you

  • Anthony Muzonzini 11 months ago Link

    here is a link we wrote about galaxy s4 problems with android 4.4.2. that may explain why you have been having problems.

    also Here is a link to an article that will help with battery drain