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Moto X: It’s here

Sterling Keys

Today, Motorola and Google launched their latest smartphone, the Moto X. After months of speculation and leaks, the Moto X is here and it’s definitely real. While it’s not blowing anything out of the water, it’s a welcome change of pace when it comes to smartphones and will be available to US customers in just a months’ time. 

Hey there Moto X! So nice of you to finally arrive. / ©

Hello Moto

The Moto X, which will be available from a number of carriers in the United States and through Rogers in Canada, boasts a made in America slogan. The phone itself is manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas and Motorola is promising delivery on the device within four days of a customer’s order. Pricing for the device is slated to be more than what we'd expect for a mid-range smartphone: $199 (Us Dollars) for the basic 16GB version and another $50 for a 32GB version. We're now skirting into the same price territory as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5. 


Colors, colors galore

As they hinted in their marketing campaign prior to the release of the device, you will be able to use the Moto Maker custom site to “customize” your phone when you order it. This ranges from picking from over a dozen colors for the phone’s back, customizing the texture of the device, and adding a second color accent along with optional inscribed message. While this does sound amazing, this feature will only be available for customers buying the device through AT&T at launch with other carriers following the trend later on in the year.

moto x release
All the colours you can imagine! Well, just over a dozen that is. / © Motorola/Google/AndroidPIT

The design itself for the device is unique, offering a curved back that not adds to the ergonomic feel of the phone but also allows for a curved battery which according to Motorola, boasts an added 31% of battery capacity for the size.

Touchless controls

As previously thought, the Moto X relies heavily on its touchless control system and reports of initial hands-on test of it show that it has a pretty wide range. The phone itself has three microphones that recognize your voice, after initially setting it up, and is activated by saying the words “Ok Google Now”. From, there you can access most of anything you’d do with your phone via your voice, whether it be looking up a show time for a movie that evening or getting the rating of a local restaurant.

One of the advantages to this is the “always on” feature. According to Motorola and Google, they were able to closely integrate the hardware and software functions of the phone and design a new core system for the Moto X that constantly monitors for its owners voice while not sucking a lot of power.

Technical Specs

Processor Motorola X 8 Mobile Chip
Memory 2 GB RAM
Display 4.7 inch AMOLED, 720p
Camera 10 MP Clear Pixel (Rear), 2 MP 1080p (Front)
OS Android 4.2.2 
Internal Storage 16 GB / 32 GB with two years of 50GB Google Drive
Battery 2200 mAh
Weight and Dimensions 129.3 x 65.3 x 5.6 - 10.4 mm (due to curved back)/130 g
Connectivity WLAN a/b/ac/g/n, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G/LTE
Price Starting at $199

So, the Moto X is here. And we can’t wait to get our hands on one so that we can do a thorough test and review of the product. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to AndroidPIT for the latest information about the Moto X. 

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  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Aug 1, 2013 Link


    You forgot to translate zhe cam part of the table.
    For all who don't understand german
    Vorne = front, hinten =back / Rear

  • Sterling Keys Aug 1, 2013 Link

    Thanks for the correction Philipp! Thought I was saving time by doing that. Guess not. :P

  • James Robinson Aug 2, 2013 Link

    Is the pricing I keep hearing about the price for an upgrade with new contract or for the phone by itself?

  • Sterling Keys Aug 2, 2013 Link

    Hey James. The price we've listed is with a contract. :/