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Rant for the weekend: please not another Nexus 5 leak!

Loie Favre (translation)

Sometimes at AndroidPIT we get to a point at which we just can’t take it anymore. And finally the the tipping point comes, driving us into utter madness. Sometimes the editors who are pulling out their hair in bunches, steam coming out of their ears, need a moment to write something completely subjective, one-sided and no holds barred. One of these writers who just can’t take it anymore is Andreas, who is a raging bull when it comes to the following topic: the Nexus 5. 

teaser aufreger der woche
© Rolf van Melis/


Everyday we are greeted by the Nexus 5, most of the time in connection to Android 4.4, and I just can’t take it anymore! Each day, new ‘info’ gets published and what is being spewed onto the internet is becoming borderline embarrassing.

The most recent piece of information came from the Team over at GO Launcher EX, who wrote on their Facebook page: ‘Stay tuned tomorrow for Android 4.4 launch!!!’

The Team from Go Launcher, that develops software in Peking, is privy to information about when Google will release Android 4.4? You know what I mean? It’s embarrassing that this Facebook post was actually taken seriously by a few websites.

After about the three hundredth Nexus 5 sham that found its way onto the news streams, I really started to consider publishing a similar announcement in regards to this hot topic on AndroidPIT. The title? ‘Exclusive: Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 KitKat will be unveiled on October 31st.’ And to justify this claim, we could simply say that we received this information from a tipster, whose name we cannot disclose. The last sentence of our announcement: ‘though we remain sceptical about this news, we didn’t want to withhold it from you’. With this tricky move, we would be out of harms way even if the information turned out to be completely bogus.

Where rumors that reak of lies come from

One could now argument that this whole KitKat hullabaloo (the most ridiculous rumors yet here) will finally be over once Google opens up the goodie bag once and for all. But the buzz around this rumor is only the symptom for a graver sickness. I call this the rumor pest and the entire tech world is infected. Many websites basically survive from pouring buckets full of half-baked rumors onto the internet. These rumors are cooked up in the deepest, darkest basements of the usually shiny gadget world, which require wearing large trenchcoats, fedoras and black sunglasses in order to avoid being seen. The most astounding part though, is that no matter how strongly some of these rumors reek of lies, everyone still wants a whiff.

Was there really a hidden meaning here? © KitKat (Google+)

At the moment, tech journalism is basically made up in huge part by mock news and information, causing many other editors out there to become bald as they tear out every last chunk of hair. And the worst part is that there is no real way to avoid this. Since at the end of the day, what is written is always what the mass audience wants to read.

Is it really this easy?

Wait a minute! It isn’t actually quite that easy, it actually never is. The readers, who are usually quite predictable, in the end want to read content that is attractive, this word here having many sides: is the information interesting, well-prepared and enthralling to read?

The deciding factor is in fact that the content, which is ‘only’ just interesting and transported by mock information, is most easily produced, while the amount of effort put in is not. The thing that is missing in this category is the actual rumor and we are living in a time of a non-informative rumor inflation, because the amount of effort is so meagre. This causes the cost-benefit equation for the maker of the announcement to greatly augment. Less effort, maximum revenue, aka clicks.

And it’s so tempting! Just wait until the next Nexus 5 announcement is made and you’ll see. It will be read, regardless of what’s written in it. And believe me, it’s extremely difficult to not be seduced by temptation.

Ok, so let’s get to the point. What really gets me mad, isn’t the million Nexus 5 rumors, but more the fact that here at AndroidPIT we still cover the information no matter how hard we try not to be seduced. We take it all in, including the cheap clicks that it presents us. But we are working on it, we promise.

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  • Jay Chew 11 months ago Link

    Android 4.4 is uses the name Kit Kat. I don't suppose it's 'free' to use after all. In return, Google has to please Nestle/Hershey's by running ads for them. The Android 4.4 KitKat hype Google's created is how it's done. They gonna drag this launch longer than any Android version before. =(

  • Amy R. 11 months ago Link

    Yup, no kiddin..........

  • User picture
    Henrique Rocha 11 months ago Link

    I'm really hoping that the release of the Nexus 5 will have a big impact in the Android 2.3 market share.