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Samsung 5.5-Inch Flexible Display Headed For CES 2013

Edwin Kee

Samsung has been dealing with flexible displays for some time now, or at least, toying with the idea of releasing such technology into the mass market, but they might have made an important inroad with their subsidiary, Samsung Display showcasing a couple of flexible displays at CES 2013 next month. The first of these two flexible displays will target smartphone users, sporting a rather generous 5.5-inches of viewing real estate at 1280 × 720 HD resolution, while the other would be a massive 55-incher for television use.


Now, many of you would be thinking, just what do flexible displays have to do with Android? Everything! You have Android-powered smartphones and tablets, and if Samsung Display perfects this technology, we could be looking at a revolutionary change of the mobile phone industry in terms of design and use. Remember the Nokia 3210 that proved to be iconic in its time as it was the first model without them pesky antennas? Think of how your smartphone use would change if it came with a flexible display.

Samsung maintains that these flexible displays can be bent, but if you were wondering whether you could be an electronic ninja by rolling them up like scrolls, think again - that is just impossible (at this juncture). Perhaps Samsung will tell all at CES 2013, which is happening a mere three weeks plus away, and would there be a prototype device to wow the crowd?

What you see at CES 2013 will just be a component instead of a finished product that is ready to rock and roll in the mass market. Something tells us that the folks at the Samsung Display booth there will need to get ready plenty of cloth to rub those flexible screens free of thumbprints.


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  • suhail sarwari Dec 20, 2012 Link


  • Edwin Kee Dec 20, 2012 Link

    Yes Suhail, that's what we think, too. Hopefully the power requirements and refresh rate would be decent enough for intense gaming.

  • clouds Dec 20, 2012 Link

    Samsung is using a cutting edge technology and I'm just wondering, what if it works out for them, does that mean that Apple will have to pay them in order to implement the technology? Well, I hope so. It's time for greedy Apple to drink from its own medicine! :-P

  • Rutger Dec 20, 2012 Link

    But as usual Apple will buy a small company that has done almost the same thing, "look what we invented!", patent, sue Samsung, Cry-baby.

    We all know how Apple works.

    BUT: I think this is awesome! I really hope this will boost Samsung even more!

  • Imran Dec 20, 2012 Link

    what it can deliver to me more?/???

  • chinu Dec 20, 2012 Link

    It's really awesome. I wanna see it first with SGS 4

  • Patrick R. Dec 20, 2012 Link

    I am thinking a phone that twists and flexes so you can sit on it in case you are like me who loves to jam my note into my back pocket.

  • Juan Carlos Walls Dec 26, 2012 Link

    Edwin, it will be AMOLED so that means much less power requirements than an LCD screen since every single subpixel lights up individually instead of having a back white light the size of the entire screen at full brightness. It is the same technology used in the Galaxys but flexible. It will mean the end of broken screens by accidentally dropped phones and also things like a wristband screen. I can even imagine a 10.1 inch screen that rolls like a scroll to form a 7 inch screen (half the size) or maybe even fold in four to form a 5 inch screen but I don't know if this last is possible, probably not since folding in four means a very hard bending in the middle. But folding in two I think it would be possible and thats enough to have a Galaxy note 2 and a galaxy note 7 in the same device.

  • CJ Brown Dec 26, 2012 Link

    We'll see how I feel about a flexible screen when I attend C.E.S. 2013 (& then hop on over to AVN 2013 to check out the porn toys) ...

    C J

  • James Allison Dec 28, 2012 Link

    I word love too that.