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[Update] Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware: How to get it on your S3.

Edwin Kee
s3 422

For those of you who love to remain on the cutting edge of technology, I am quite sure that you have had your fair share of good times with the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was first released until now, where you decided to ditch it for the recently revealed Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, there are plenty of other folks who feel that the Galaxy S3 is still good enough for use as their everyday smartphone. Heck, they would feel justified in their convictions with this latest nugget of information - that a leaked build of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has just been released.

This leaked build of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 is certainly an interesting creature, since it makes things all the harder to distinguish the older flagship from the newer model. Thanks to the good people over at SamMobile who managed to grab hold of a test firmware build, they did take their time by going through what this Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean build carries, and not surprisingly, majority of the features on this new build are already available on the newer Galaxy S4 right from the get go - including an updated version of S Voice, additional lock screen options/unlock effects, a bunch of new display modes, a redesigned settings interface, and voice control among others.

Not only that, the good people over at SamMobile have also decided to throw together a video walkthrough of the build that you can view below, where you will be able to check out an expanded changelog alongside a slew of software screenshots by hitting the source link. So far, we have heard that the firmware works just fine without any hiccups, so early adopters and those who love taking risks in life might want to give it a go if you are impatient enough to wait for the carrier approval process. 

There has been word going around that this Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is for the Exynos version however, so it might not quite work for those of you living Stateside - just yet. Anyone else care to share their experience?

[Update] 22.05.2013: How to get Android 4.2.2 on your Samsung Galaxy S3

Link to video

This isn't the official Samsung update, since this version is obviously not complete and is still in its test phase. Nonetheless, you can already install it onto your device.

Please note:

  • Flashing this firmware will augment your flash count
  • there is no modem found within this package, therefore the modem will remain the same one that you had before flashing
  • this is a pre-released version and not the official version

Flashing Instructions

1. Download this file

2. Decompress the file I9300XXUFME3_i9300OJKFME1_HOME.tar.md5. You will then obtain the firmware here.

3. Open Odin 3.04 (you'll find it in the package)

Choose the file in tar.md5, in Odin 3.04 / © AndroidPIT

4. Restart your phone in download mode (press on home + power + volume down), then validate with volume up.

5. Connect your smartphone to your computer and wait for the top left window on Odin to turn blue.

Allow Windows to correctly recognize your Galaxy S3 and then install the drivers when it is appropriate to do so (in one or two minutes) / © AndroidPIT

6. Add the folder with the Rom (I9300XXUFME3_i9300OJKFME1_HOME.tar.md5 ) in the PDA line.

7. Verify that the ''re-partition'' line isn't checked.

8. Click on start and wait a few minutes.

9. Once Odin shows the words PASS!, that means that the process is complete!

Samsung's main concern now seems to be that the the S4, which hardly differs from the Galaxy S3 on the outside, has now lost a little more of its originality. If you consider that its strength is its many extra features, potential buyers can now simply opt to get a marked-down S3.

The Galaxy S4's well-known configurations menu... / © AndroidPIT
Android 4.2.2 and the Galaxy S4's functions on the S3. / © AndroidPIT

How the new update worked for us

The firmware update is stable and the network works! So far we haven't noticed any lags. Some unrelated applications were also tacked onto the update, but they were easy to uninstall. The Galaxy S4's functions are indeed there. Like we mentioned before, this is just a pre-released version and if you want need your smartphone for professional reasons or the like, we recommend you wait for the official Android 4.2.2 update to be released by Samsung. More news on that to come!

What would you do? Would you still opt to get the new Galaxy S4 or would you simply update your Galaxy S3 with some S4 features.

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  • Yusuf Fishir May 20, 2013 Link

    This post doesnt really have anything to do with the S3, but on my S4, running JB 4.2.2, when I multi tap on the android version in about phone, it brings up all the floating jelly beans. Not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but every now and then, a floating candy cane appears when you multi tap. I doubt it, but maybe its hinting that the next Android version is actually called Kandy Kane? Lol it's been bugging me, only reason I brought it up I guess.

  • Carpediemsnuts May 21, 2013 Link

    Bless your cotton socks, millions of Android users are softly patting you on the head.....there there......there there......

  • Dvoraak May 22, 2013 Link

    Heavy bluetooth users should think hard before updating to 4.2.2. It doesn't operate as smoothly. I'm saying this after flashing MANY 4.2.2 ROMs on my S3 and now seeing some of the same traits on my new nonrooted S4. Bluetooth works on 4.2.2 but not quite the same or as well as it does on 4.1.2 or 4.1.1.

  • Gio A. May 22, 2013 Link

    You know in every article I've read about the S3 and S4 it always comes down too their looks. It is always stated that they look the same but after putting them side by side together I have to say that I completely disagree. You can definetly tell the two apart. From the rear to the sides and even the front with its wraped around metal looking (but stil plastic) rim. It has a completely different feeling and look to it even doew the style is the same. I have to say that I kind of like the S4's style more and would go for that if I had to choose between the two only by style. but hey that's my two cents.

  • chromeboi May 22, 2013 Link

    will this update work on the gti9305??

  • User picture
    Loie Favre May 24, 2013 Link

    @chromeboi: the answer is a clear no! No Rom for i9300 will work on i9305. It doesn't have the same modem and therefore, if you try, you will break your phone.

  • GK1234 Jun 4, 2013 Link

    Hi, I have the Korean version of Samsung S3 - SGV 210K. Can you please point me to the 4.2.2 Android compatible for my phone if you know of any? Help will be much appreciated!

  • Benjamin Button Jun 13, 2013 Link

    I have flashed the leaked version of android 4.2.2. To my gs3 .The only issue that I had with it is that I lost my 4g. I went back to 4.1.2 .

  • Geoff Stewart Jun 17, 2013 Link

    OK,so I've done a few updates before.I carried out this one to the letter.However as it seemed to keep freezing the phone I decided to back out and do a system reset.Now when I switch on the phone I come up with a Redscreen that says hotmobile. Then it boots into a screen that seems to be in Hebrew, or Arabic(not sure on that).I've tried to reset to base, still boots up the same. I have tried downloading my providers(Telstra) firmware, still the same result. Whilst I'm not a geek, I'm also not a noob and as I said I followed instructions to the letter. Have I been hacked maybe? Any help will be very welcome.

    Seems you can click on the box in the centre of the screen and convert language to English, still leaves some hyroglyphics though. Think I'll wait.

  • Yalmar Dolman Jun 27, 2013 Link

    Its nice. But how can i get the old firmware back on it?

  • John Madsen Jul 19, 2013 Link

    how long does this update take i have been waiting for nearly 2 hours and it has stopped on hidden.img and has been sitting here for now going on 4 hours what gives

  • John Kovatch Jul 22, 2013 Link

    Odin continues to show FAIL instead of PASS. Any suggestions? Am I missing a file or driver? Thanks!

  • mike c Jul 26, 2013 Link

    has anyone successfully installed this? i'd like to know how to remove the useless software that came with it..