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Samsung Galaxy S4 “Hidden” features

Sterling Keys

Let’s face it, not all features and settings are intuitive when it comes to smartphones, especially if you’re not the most tech savvy person. Personally, I like to explore around all the settings and look for tips online whenever I get a new device because, hey, it’s always cool to find a new use! However, I have friends who have had phones for over two years and still have no idea how to even take a screenshot. So, in honor of some of those people, here are some “hidden” features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 that you might not know about.

galaxy s4 funzioni
Get some more life out of your Galaxy S4 with some of these features. / © Samsung

First smart phone? Try Easy Mode.

Let’s face it, everybody has to start somewhere. If the Galaxy S4 is your first phone, it may seem quite a bit overwhelming when you first get it. Rather than having to call your 12 year old cousin over to explain how to use it, Samsung has integrated an “Easy Mode” into their device.

To enable this mode, simply head to Settings > My Device > Home Screen Mode and you’ll be able to switch between your options (current mode and Easy mode).

 Once enabled, easy mode definitely makes it more simple to use your Galaxy S4. / ©

Easy mode includes a much easier to use interface (which can be also customized), larger icons, and just provides a more intuitive environment for people who are new to using smart devices.

Use your device with gloves

By far one of my favorite options for this device, however, it is turned off by default when you get your S4. As I’m out and about and live in a climate the often requires me to be wearing gloves, it’s always been a pain having to remove my gloves to use my smartphone (…or having to buy special gloves to be able to use this feature).

To turn this setting on, simply head to Settings > My Device > Display > High-Touch Sensitivity > On.

Once enabled, you'll be able to use your S4 touch screen even with gloves on. / ©

Once enabled, this will allow you to use your touchscreen with gloves on your hands. Important to note: thin gloves do work the best, but we’ve had success when using thicker ski gloves.

Adaptive Sound.

Another great feature about the Galaxy S4 is the ability for the device to customize the output of sound to your hearing. This is particularly useful for people who have some hearing issues or just want to be able to tweak the audio profile of their device.

To turn on Adapt Sound, head to Settings > My Device> Sound > Adapt Sound and then follow the prompts.


Once completed, you should notice a difference in the way the audio is outputted on your device and most improvements will be noted when wearing headphones.

Do I need to check my phone?

I find that if I leave my phone down somewhere, I’ll subconsciously have the urge to keep checking it in case I get any alerts that I may have missed. This leads me to picking up my phone, unlocking it, looking at the screen, and then putting it back down. If I’m sitting at the computer typing or doing anything really, this can lead to a bunch of useless checks within a span of an hour. I know. I need help.

The S4 has an interesting feature that that allows the device to vibrate when you pick it up if there are any important notifications that you missed. If you pick it up and nothing happens? Nothing to check!


To turn on this feature, head to Settings > My Device > Motions and Gestures > Motion > Smart Alert and turn it on. Really small feature, but ridiculously useful for someone who is like me.

Let the S4 choose your best photo

When you have the Best Photo mode activated on your S4, it will take 8 shots in quick succession (think of it like the camera taking 8 burst shots) and then suggest what it thinks is the best one. This is great for when you’re taking a photo of a group or another setting where you might have some variables that will cause a shot to come out wonky, such as kids and pets.

To access this mode, open up your camera app and then click the Mode button. From there, just choose the Best Shot option.

And while, sometime the “best” photo that it picks might not be the one you were thinking of, you can still scroll through the other 7 photos that were taken and choose them if need be.

So, have you done some exploring on your Galaxy S4? If so, what’s your favorite “hidden” feature? 

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  • David Lango Jul 18, 2013 Link

    If you're an AT&T customer, you will have seen an over the airwaves update force into the Galaxy S4. In settings, then "more", and in "About Device" if you see the last two characters of the "Build number" still says DL, you're in luck. My build number still says JDQ39.I337UCUAMDL

    If it doesn't say DL at the end and it says M3 or something, you have the lastest OTA update pushed into your handset, and you're out of luck for now, unless someone like Adam Outler discovers another exploit, you will not be able to root your device.

    This article was aimed at people new to their Galaxy S4. My comment is for people who have used custom firmware and know how to flash a phone. I use a "paid for" app named Root Explorer to organize photos into albums, and simply to browse the massive amount of material in all the books and manuals I have stored on the removable micro SD card.

    You can't use Root Explorer unless you have rooted your device. And you can't root the S4 because it has a locked bootloader. I used "Casual" from XDA Developers to get root and a custom recovery so I can have complete control of the S4. I had used Titanium backup to "freeze" the AT&T software update, is why I was unaffected by the latest OTA update.

  • Sterling Keys Jul 19, 2013 Link

    Thanks for the tip David!