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Best weather apps and widgets for Android

Loie Favre

Knowing the weather forecast is essential to making sure you don’t head outside in shorts when it’s drizzling, or when it’s like the Sahara Desert and you’ve forgotten to dress light and breezy. Thankfully, there are many great weather apps that you can keep on your Android device so you’ll never be left out in the rain again. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best weather apps and best weather widgets for Android.

weather app teaser
Here are the best weather apps and widgets for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

HD Widgets: best for DIY widget creation

HD Widgets gives you the ultimate freedom: create your own custom weather widget and switch between several weather information services including Accuweather, Weatherbug and Weather Underground so you can get a quick overview of several forecasts rather than relying on just one.

HD Widgets doesn't stop there either: you can add battery info, utility toggles (Wi-Fi, ringer etc) and even choose your preferred weather service, calendar app and clock.

AndroidPIT HD Widgets weather app
HD Widgets is a customizer's paradise. Oh, and it has the weather too. / © ANDROIDPIT

Accuweather: best for serious weather addicts

Accuweather is one of the staples of weather apps on Android. It's usually accurate and filled with great information including the awesome RealFeel index. It comes loaded with graphs, maps, radar and even video weather forecasts for your region. Accuweather packs what you want in a weather app.

AndroidPIT Accuweather weather app
If you never stop thinking about the weather, Accuweather has more than enough info for you. / © ANDROIDPIT

Weatherzone: best for the land Down Under

In Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is right up there with cricket for the things Australians like to keep an eye on all year long. Even with sunshine and light practically all year round, those few days of cloud or rain can really put a damper on your damper, if you know what I mean.

WeatherZone brings the best the BOM has to offer with customizable widgets, weekly forecasts, real-time severe storm warnings, radar and more. It also works outside of Australia.

AndroidPIT Weatherzone weather app
Weatherzone is Oz-focused, but it works all across the globe too./ © ANDROIDPIT

The Weather Channel: best for world weather news

The Weather Channel is the go-to weather app for many Android users with up-to-date and accurate weather information. It includes hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecast options, as well as the usual gamut of weather conditions like wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure. It has a slick interface, featuring a weather-related videos section with clips from around the world.

It’s simple to use and intuitive, though it doesn’t feature all of the necessary info on a single page like some other apps do. We still think it is one of the best weather apps for Android.

androidpit the weather channel
The "Now" weather window (left) is clean, if a little light on detail. / © ANDROIDPIT

Weather Underground: best for getting involved

The self-proclaimed “world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts”, Weather Underground employs the combined services of over 33,000 weather stations to offer localized reports from a widespread weather community.

This is said to produce a more personalized experience, tailored to your real-time location; users can even give updates on how the weather is in their area, rather relying on what other sources are reporting the weather. The interface is highly detailed and shows everything you could ask for on one convenient and useful page.  

androidpit weather underground app
The tick and cross which can be seen on the left screen is to confirm whether or not your local weather is as described - information which will be used to give a more accurate weather overview. / © ANDROIDPIT

Arcus Weather: best at a glance

The Arcus Weather app has a no-frills approach to its interface, which is mostly a dull and grey across its “now”, “hourly” and “daily” pages, but it is very accessible. Arcus features widgets, and weather updates which can be accessed from the notification bar, all supported by a weather algorithm which aggregates a number of sources to provide the most accurate information possible.

Arcus weather’s descriptions are nice and detailed, with statements like “light rain through the week, with temperatures falling to 50 degree fahrenheit on Friday,” making it very useful for providing a quick overview.

androidpit arcus weather app
The Arcus Weather interface is bland, but helpful. / © ANDROIDPIT

1Weather: best widgets and animations

1Weather is one of the best free weather apps for Android, not only because of the immense amount of weather information it is able to share (weather, temperature, wind speed, UV index etc), but also because of its awesome graphics, design and setup. You’ve really got it all: real-time and regularly updated weather forecasts for your home base, but also anywhere in the world.

In addition, you'll get precipitation info, animated sunrise and sunsets, and a 10-day weather forecast, which is quite accurate. On the design side, 1Weather has live weather backgrounds and live animated radars for severe weather, and gives you the option of creating your own background. There are many home screen widgets, which consist of the regular square format as well as three clock formats.

weather1 weather widget
Accurate weather at your fingertips, 1Weather looks good and is reliable.  © 1Weather

WeatherBug: best for extra features

WeatherBug also excels in the design and user interface departement, plus it is able to pin-point the weather forecast not only to your city but to your actual neighbourhood. In addition to forecasts and severe weather warnings, the developers have also incorporated a traffic camera section to avoid jams and the possibility to share photos and albums.

You can customize it to your lifestyle, to know, for example, if you can run to the gym on a specific day, as well as personalize your home screen, language, and save multiple locations.

weatherbug update
WeatherBug has some social features like the option to share pictures, in addition to the usual weather information. Plus live cams show you weather and traffic situations.  © ANDROIDPIT

Yahoo Weather: best for ease of use

Yahoo Weather, a free app for Android, offers a complete package full of all the weather information that you need, and has a user interface with appealing graphics. Though it holds a lot of information, the app never seems cluttered, and the constantly changing backgrounds from Flickr are really refreshing.

There are many sizes and kinds of widgets for your home screen, plus you’ll often get notifications in your status bar. It has all an average user would need without going overboard with any over-the-top professional features, though the only thing that could be improved on is location precision.

androidpit yahoo weather
Yahoo Weather uses background images from the huge image database Flickr, which gives the app a really nice look. © ANDROIDPIT

GO Weather: best free version of a paid app

GO Weather offers reliable weather information, nicely displayed on a well-made user interface. In comparison to some other apps, weather updates happen a lot more frequently, and in addition to weather predictions, you’ll also get information on such things as sunrise and sunset, chances of precipitation, wind speeds and more. GO Launcher also comes with a live wallpaper which displays the various weather scenarios, plus it has a few widgets to choose between as well.

There’s a free and a paid version of Go Weather Ex, but for those who don’t want to pay, you’ll have to put up with some in-app ads, plus you won’t have access to further weather details and additional content, like themes. Nonetheless, the weather information on the free version is just as accurate.

androidpit go weather
Go Weather has a nice variety of widgets to decorate your home screen. © ANDROIDPIT

Google Now: best for simplicity

Google Now has a lot to offer in the form of cards which you can customize to show information that you need, when you need it. One of these is a weather card, which shows the daily forecast for your current location, work location and travel destinations. The display is very Google, simple, minimalistic, and informative. Plus you get information such as wind speeds, and the chance of rain.

Another available card is for public alerts, which gets you emergency information that comes right from the National Weather Services and the U.S Geological Survey. You can get Google Now as long as you have a Google account, and the Google Search app installed on your Android device. Tap on the Google Search app, tap on the search box, or swipe from the bottom up and this will bring you to Google Now.

androidpit google now
Google now!  © ANDROIDPIT

BBC Weather: best app for minimalists

With my foreigner’s preconception that it always rains in England, it makes sense for the BBC to have a really effective and accurate weather app. This one doesn't muddle around with a flashy interface and keeps it clear and simple bearing only the essentials. It includes hourly forecasts, location search and favorites, pressure, visibility and humidity information and extra details on pollen, pollution, UV and sunrise/set times.

Coming in both landscape and portrait mode, it supports 7 and 10 inch tablets and provides a lock screen widget for devices running Android 4.2 and later. Some other functions include NFC sharing, text to speech and sharing via social networks. Install BBC Weather.

androidpit bbc weather

eWeather HD, Radar HD, Alerts: best for weather in real-time

This next app isn’t free, however paying a little bit of money in the Android world goes a long way, especially if you consider the number of excellent free apps that exist. eWeather HD is a step up from a basic weather app and includes animated radars on Google maps to show you weather conditions happening in real time.

By taking their data from known weather providers, like US weather, they are able to give some super accurate forecasts. There’s also a few widgets to choose from.

eWeather! / © Elecont Software

Eye in the Sky Weather: best minimalist widget

Eye in the Sky Weather is a very clear and clean app in its design. The widgets are available in four different sizes, from a minimalist view up to a five-day prediction. With a tap of the finger on the current day’s forecast, it opens up more information including wind speed, air pressure, humidity, current and forecasted temperature, and a prediction for the next five days.

A nice little addition is the icon set within the app, boasting 14 different icons. The predictive accuracy of forecast is within a few degrees of the “real” temperature, but with anything weather related, it’s a lot of guessing and predictions.

Clean, sleek, and minimalistic. / © AndroidPIT

Android Weather & Clock Widget: best for widget customization

The free weather app Android Weather Widget & Clock comes with five beautiful widgets, which can be adjusted based on what type of information you want displayed. If you are not interested, for example, on knowing the humidity, you can easily just uncheck it in the Widget Settings. 

You can also share the weather information with friends and contacts, which could be useful for planned events outside. The widgets are presented in an uncluttered look with realistic symbols and also enable you to save multiple locations at one time.

android weather widget
A nice design with many options. What more could you want? © Android Weather Widget & Clock

Weather Network Widget: best for ski bums

A popular app due to its user base, the Weather Network Widget comes with widgets in three different sizes. For more information, such as wanting to see a week long forecast, you can tap on the widget and bring up all the extra information including a rainfall radar and whatnot. 

Particularly useful is the ability to get ski reports from Canadian and American ski resorts as well as watch weather via video from within the app. While it's not as polished as some of the other widgets displayed above, it gets the information across and comes with a ton of detailed information should you need it. 

Simple, but definitely lacks the polish of the other widgets. / © Google Play

Which app would you say is the best weather app for Android?

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  • Weather Foreseer 2 days ago Link

    Weather Foreseer is a Android weather Widget with new unique features that are introduced for the first time in a weather widget.
    I would appreciate if you would include it with your review :)

  • CJ Brown 1 week ago Link

    I use Weather Bug (use to use AccuWeather til that app stopped working properly for me). Its nice Google has weather feature in its Google Now , if you use Yahoo Mail ? Yahoo Weather is ported to it (and opens quickly) and is worth dowmload of the app extension.

  • makalove 1 week ago Link

    I've been a long time user of Weather and Clock Widget, but it has been broken even after several recent updates: it won't update the weather and the list of providers is reduced to one, which is greyed out. I came here to see what other app to try, but am discouraged by the inclusion of this nonfunctional app in your list. Did you really test these apps? How recently??

  • Asad Ali 1 week ago Link

    Go Weather for me.

    • Susan Diaz 1 week ago Link

      It would have been really nice to have had a comparison of accuracy, or even compare what gave more conservative information and what not. Weather accuracy is very important to me. I've been using The Weather Channel for the last year, but I'd be interested in how it compares in accuracy, unless they all get the same info from the same place.

  • Carolyn Flaherty 2 weeks ago Link

    Weather apps are very useful especially if you are always traveling. It helps you know the current weather in a specific place and therefore, have the idea on what to wear and what to do.

  • Jack Vickers 2 months ago Link

    Arcus gets listed twice? Must be really good.

  • Charles Huber 2 months ago Link

    Intellicast is my favorite weather app on my phone and tablet!!!! I like weather radar here in Florida!!

  • Lee 3 months ago Link

    I find looking out the window can give you a more accurate weather report 👍😊

  • Stuart Male 3 months ago Link

    In Australia I like weather Australia. Simple easy to use and links to the B.O.M.

    • Loie Favre
      • Admin
      • Staff
      3 months ago Link

      Thanks Stuart! Good to know what our Aussie friends like :-)