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Best antivirus apps for Android: 8 to keep your device secure

Kris Carlon

Considering the frequency with which malware scams in the Google Play Store are being reported, we thought it was about time to drop a list of apps to keep your device protected. Whether you are looking to keep your phone safe from theft, or a trojan, these are best antivirus apps for your Android security needs in 2015. 

androidpit antivirus teaser
What are the best Antivirus apps for Android? ©  ANDROIDPIT


AVL antivirus won an AV-TEST best protection award in 2013 for its security performance on the Android operating system. While it doesn't include some of the more advanced anti-theft features that can be found in similar apps, for your basic protection needs, it is not only one of the most secure, but also one of the least likely to impact your battery or damage performance. AVL comes highly recommended. 

androidpit avl for android
AVL antivirus may not have all the bells anbd whistles but it's a lean, clean virus fighting machine.© AVL Team

CM Security

Another award-winning security option, CM (or Clean Master) security provides some of the best malware protection possible on Android. It helps that Cheetah Mobile is a research company in its own right, producing credible reports on the state of the Android platform with regard to all things "scam", but its dedicated app is fast and comprehensive too. 

androidpit cm security antivirus app
CleanMaster Security knows its business because they research malware for a living. © Cheetah Mobile

Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender's Mobile Security and Antivirus app comes with a wealth of security options beyond the traditional "virus scan" feature, and also integrates with current Android Wear smartwatches pretty nicely. It's not exactly cheap, as far as Android apps are concerned; after the initial 14-day trial period runs out you'll have to shell out 14.95 USD per year for the service. However, if you want a "future proof" Android security app, and a peaceful night's sleep, Mobile Security and Antivirus could be your best option.

androidpit bitdefender mobile security
Bitdefender may cost a few bucks, but it'll even protect your smartwatch. © Bitdefender

AVG Antivirus Security

AVG Antivirus is a free application that protects your smartphone in real time from viruses, malicious applications and other spyware. You can review your applications but also your files, settings and more. There's even an option to close apps that are significantly slowing your smartphone down or abusing your battery. Also, if you lose your device, you can block or delete your information and locate your device via Google Maps.

AVG is a well known name in antivirus, and you can wipe your device remotely if necessary. © AVG

Norton Security Antivirus

Norton Security Antivirus is a completely free application that removes malware and viruses before they can reach your device, thanks to a meticulous scanning your system and installed applications. You can also scan your SD card to ensure that your data stored there is not compromised. Finally, the application provides the ability to lock your device remotely via SMS in case of loss or theft.

Norton Mobile Security is a one-stop shop for, you guessed it: mobile security. © Norton Mobile by Symantec

avast! Mobile Security

With avast!, it is also possible to perform automatic scans of your installed apps, the contents of your memory card as well as apps that you are about to install. avast! also has SMS/call filtering and blocking and in the case of theft, there's also remote lock and wipe options, GPS tracking, siren alert and even a notification if someone attempts to switch out SIM cards. Other features present include a firewall, web shield and network meter.

avast! is literally jam packed with security features and options. © avast! Software

Lookout Security and Antivirus

In the free version of Lookout, you will find protection against malicious apps, spyware and Trojans. Before installation of new apps, Lookout can perform a rapid analysis to ensure that the app does not contaminate your phone and also that it won't infect your laptop or PC when you connect via Bluetooth or USB. Lookout can also scan your SD card and protects your device in case of theft. But what makes Lookout stand out from the bunch is the ability to backup and restore your smartphone data.

Lookout lets you backup and restore your precious smartphone data as well as protect it. © Lookout Mobile Security

Avira Antivirus Security

Avira manages all the basics like the others, with protection from malicious apps, malware, viruses and Trojans. You can also track a lost smartphone, remotely lock or wipe it and provide someone who innocently finds your device with a one-button ''report found'' option. Avira scans your apps when you first launch the app, then every time you install a new one or update an existing app but you can start a manual scan anytime you like. Virus definitions are updated regularly over the air. You can also block bothersome numbers from calling or texting you.

Avira even lets you blacklist bothersome phone numbers! © Avira

Special mentions should also go out to Dr Web, who recently discovered the self-replicating malware affecting over 300,000 smartphones and Panda Security who uncovered the premium SMS service scam that piggybacked on WhatsApp.

Have you ever suffered from a virus, Trojan or malware on your Android? What do you think is the best Android antivirus app and why?

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  • Sean Stockemer Feb 17, 2014 Link

    And is there a rank order? our a best of category?

  • Jules Affognon Feb 17, 2014 Link


  • àbe Feb 18, 2014 Link


  • Angel Ramos Feb 18, 2014 Link

    I agree with Sean. is there an order you would rank these? I'd like to download the best of them!

    • Master Dk 5 months ago Link

      AVG is best of them....... It is Free and works amazingly...... Using it for almost an 1 yr

  • drtheinmyintsoe Feb 18, 2014 Link

    360 mobile security

  • Suzanne Moyer Feb 18, 2014 Link

    I have been using Zoner antivirus on my Samsung Galaxy 3 for about 2 weeks now. I beginning to think it is slowing my phone down though. Going to look into these but would like to know what one is ranked first.

  • Ian Neasham Feb 18, 2014 Link

    Kaspersky Mobile Security is superb

    • John Feb 19, 2014 Link

      I'll second that.

  • Syed Shahbaz Ali Feb 18, 2014 Link

    Been using 360. Doesn't slow my device, is quite good at scanning. Scans each app on download... Good one.

  • Tricia_TD Feb 18, 2014 Link

    I've used Avast for a couple of years and really like it.

  • Mukesh Harshaavarthan Feb 18, 2014 Link

    is there any virus in andriod???does it affect ur phn??

  • Miss Kat Feb 18, 2014 Link

    lookout is by far the best Android anti virus I have used to date

  • iMaC74 Feb 18, 2014 Link

    Been using AVG Pro with no problems or phone slowdowns, scans every App before install and after install, the anti theft built in is a great feature, I activated it to see if it worked, put the wrong unlock code in 3 times and it'll take a picture of you without you knowing and it'll send you a email with the picture and phone location which is quite accurate if you have gps enabled, plus more great features, My mates never had any Anti Virus on his and never had any problems, but at the end of the day it's each to there own, try before you buy.

  • Amat Mulisha Feb 18, 2014 Link

    avast slow down my using lookout and i thinks lookout is the best.but eats lots of ram than other antivirus

  • KevinE Feb 19, 2014 Link

    Dr. Web Light is my favorite. It only scans downloads and that's all I need.

  • Heidi Schlotfeldt Feb 19, 2014 Link

    G data and Lookout.

  • Suzanne Moyer Feb 21, 2014 Link

    I am using lookout and agree it is a RAM jogger. Maybe I will try Dr Web Light or Kaspersky. Will look into both

  • Armagedon Gurr Feb 23, 2014 Link

    You forgot Malware bytes, and to be honest, lookout is very crappy.

  • C King 11 months ago Link

    I had Avast for a while but ended up uninstalling it. The alarm went crazy one day. I called their supposed customer support for help. A rude man who I could barely understand dismissed me without even trying to help. I immediately uninstalled it. I've been using the free version of AVG for a while with no problems but am trying to find something a mite stronger. I'm looking for extra antivirus and SMS. protection.

  • Northernbaygirl 11 months ago Link

    I used to use AVG on my phone but when I got my tablet it wasn't compatible so now I'm running Avast on both phone & tablet with no issues at all.

    • Kris Carlon
      • Admin
      • Staff
      10 months ago Link

      Yeah i've switched to AVG because I tried to install Lookout on too many devices. I don't mind it at all. How's Avast? Do you prefer it to AVG?

  • Tom Cat
    • Mod
    10 months ago Link

    LBE Security Master

  • Harris Sid 8 months ago Link

    I would avoid using Avast though, in light of the crap that went down with them recently:

  • Zed 3 months ago Link

    Lookout Mobile Security sent me an email with the picture of the person holding my lost phone and the exact location.
    Lookout Mobile Security IS THE BEST.

  • Robin Scully 3 months ago Link

    The last thing you ever want to happen is to have your Android phone get severely affected with a virus. We are now living in the Information Age, where people are willing to exchange lots of bucks just to be able to take hold of powerful information.

  • Steve 3 months ago Link

    been using cm security for some time now with all its other android apps and can't praise them enough. would rank these first in any list!

  • AJ STA ANA 3 months ago Link

    IOS Does not need anti virus apps,just saying!
    Are anti virus apps worth using if they use up RAM and battery life?

  • Youness JZ 3 months ago Link

    Android not need an antivirus because it's linux system

  • Janusz 3 months ago Link

    I prefer not mentioned here McAfee. It owns a blocker of unwanted calls and sms-es.

  • Aywhy93 2 months ago Link

    Avast is the best on this list... That's what I'm using on my Galaxy S5 and it works great.

  • graham 2 months ago Link

    I've had no problems with lookout and been using it on multiple devices.

  • Madars 2 months ago Link

    clean master is the best app for smartphone

  • Risky Wahyu Nugroho 2 months ago Link

    i use avast and love the feature. maybe I'll try some of the above applications as well

  • Craig Lewis 2 months ago Link

    Besides being an effective anti virus package, where can I find out which of these packages is a resource hog?

  • Mehedab A. 2 months ago Link

    i have been using avg pro antivirus and i think its the best antivirus for android devises

  • oldzoom 2 months ago Link

    I've been using Trustlook AV since its release. It uses a new type of proprietary scan engine. The developer is continously improving it and adding to the definition files as malware variants emerge in the real world. The developer responds to problems and listens to suggestions. I've personally tried to put several viruses and other malware on my phones and so far it has always found them. Can't say that about the other Android AV apps out there. This is why I'm trusting it right now, but in the future who knows... Nothing is 100% and only as good as its definition files. It doesn't bog down any of my current phones, Galaxy Note 4, Note 3 or Note 2. It's free right now on Google Play Store. Has lots of different options and a widget with a LED flashlight. Give it a whirl, you might just like it...

  • glen lebarr 2 months ago Link

    CM is my choice, they also make the best browser

  • Dilip Kumar 1 month ago Link

    Armour is my choice.

  • Jimmy LightspeeD 4 weeks ago Link

    Guys, n Gals, get BitDefender, full version. There's a promotional Give-away for a licence for 12months. Search google and enter ur email addy, then *bam* in ur inbox be a CODE that will get you the best anti-virus/malware protection for Android.

  • Rasta 5 days ago Link

    Buddies get 360 mobile safe app. I have been using it for two years now on my tecno D5 mediaTek device.I call this app all package in one app. this app is not just antivirus but all in one app and work perfectly. Has the ff features.... checkup blocker
    ...system cleanup
    ...contacts backup usage manager
    ...power management
    I rank this app #1